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Dryd storefront

03-02-2004, 21:59
Welcome to the Kingdom of Dryd storefront we are offering one thing as of now more things will be added

this is not a weapon it is a mining machine that uses sonic waves to break through huge pieces of rock it does this by sending waves that are the exact opposite of the rock matter pattern or whatever i know this is valid physics so this thing will destroy the rock but not any other kind of thing in the range of it.


weight=10 tons
size= size of an 18 wheeler
top speed=it uses hover technology in part with treads that can be converted to wheels the hover capabilities allow some weight to be taken off the wheels and therefore allowing for a top speed of 30 MPH

it is selling for 10 million per unit this does include a warrenty and some other things and also if you buy more than 5 you get a 50% discount on your next purchase