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Liangites seek relations with the world.

Northwestern Liang
03-02-2004, 20:48
The Mighty Liangite people have sent envoys out across the world, seeking to establish ties with any and all nations. Our technology is still in the medieval sphere, but any and all efforts are being made to modernize. Only just recently arriving in the NS world, the Liangites are currently established on an island to the west, controlling the eastern part and as of now expanding into the central part. The island is contested by several armies, one of which is in a temporary alliance with Liang.
The Liangites cannot offer much in the way of manufactured items to trade, but gold and horses are currently in huge supplies and willing to be traded. The island on which they are settling also has a large amount of diamonds, and with the proper prompting the Liangites could acquire some. Hello!