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Super soldiers proto type

03-02-2004, 16:13
This type of soldier is a mini mech warrior.

It has Steel plates around the body giving it armour
and has high powered mini guns on each hand able to
shoot through nearly any thing.The head is made to look
like a real soldier but has a plasma m41 laser cannon inside
capble of melting metal.The system has a self destruct system
incase in a extreme situation.There are still in the making of
it.The wieght is 10 tons of steel ang hieght is 4 metres.This has
a extreme crushing power on people.

The cost of the proto type was 10 milloin and is expected more
on the final design.This will be availible to buy in the future
03-02-2004, 16:26
i find it too expensive for anything that can be killed with a bazuca!
03-02-2004, 16:44
i will bye some of you
03-02-2004, 16:59
OOC: If you want people to respect you, use CORRECT spelling, capitalization, punctuation, ect. So your post should read:

We will buy some off you.