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Neo-Wu Plans to Strengthen.

03-02-2004, 03:07
OOC: As some of you probably know I have come out of hibernation.

Today Kane Gurloukivich today announced a plan in attempt to strengthen the beautiful nation that is Neo-Wu.

The proposed plan is as follows.


Ground Forces
Rifle Infantry: 27 Million
Rocket Infantry: 10 Million
Flamethrowers: 5 Million

Vehicle Operators
Heavy Artillery: 100,000
Medium Artillery: 75,000
Light Artillery: 50,000

Regular: 20,000
Specialists: 7,000
Kane Gurloukivich
Emperor of Neo-Wu
03-02-2004, 15:37
Bumpity, for possible enemies fright will arise.
03-02-2004, 15:38
Need weapons? Use my storefront:
03-02-2004, 15:58
Great i also plans to strenghen my nation buy....

Planning to build a laser cannon
Military spending increases
Make allies with naboring nations
And to increase spending in the
Hyperproton defence systems
04-02-2004, 04:04
Need weapons? Use my storefront:

Ah, thanks, I was lookin for one, I will go look at some of your stuff.
05-02-2004, 03:30
05-02-2004, 19:48
As of now our great country has the following forces.

27,000,000xRifle Infantry
10,000,000xRocket Infantry
100,000xHeavy Artillery
75,000xMediun Artillery
50,000xLight Artillery
20,000xRegular Techinicians
7,000xSpecialist Techinicians
10,000xFixed Wing Operator
7,000xRotary Wing Operator
25,000xShip Officer
18,000xShip Enlistee
2,000xShip Techinician
1,200xAircraft Techinian
Jorge Gautier
Arms Coordinate