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Parlim Finishes Construction of Space Fleet!

30-01-2004, 11:12
In a military factory located deep inside Earth’s moon, construction on the 1st Parlimian Space Fleet was completed. The facility is located directly underneath the moon colony, which was established twelve years ago, during the old Democracy. Originally set up for scientific purposes, the colony was converted to a military base and production facility a good three years after its initial formation, and has been working on the fleet since.
A picture of the Parlim Moon Colony When Established 12 Years Ago, Now Pictures of the Colony are not allowed.

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The Parlimian Government has released the following pictures and statistics:

'Coyote' Class Light Patrol/Customs Craft

Crew: 12 and 6 Marines or passengers
Defense: 12" 'Adaptive Armor' (Uses energy from enemy weapons, disperses it, and uses the energy to increase power to vital systems).
Weapons: Two light autocannons, two torpedo launchers.
Powerplant: Single Fission Reactor

'Warthog' Class Light Cruiser

Crew: 150 + 25 Marines
Defense: 24" 'Adaptive Armor', Light Shields
Weapons: 1 Medium Laser Turret, 6 Light Laser Cannons, 1 Medium Laser Cannon, 2 Torpedo Tubes.
Powerplant: Twin Fission Reactors

'Turtle' Class Light Cruiser

Crew: 75 + 30 Marines
Defense: 24" 'Adaptive Armor'. Medium Shields
Weapons: 1 Heavy Laser Cannon, 2 Medium Laser Cannons, 1 Torpedo Tube.[/b]
Powerplant: Twin Fission Reactors

'Prowler' Class Anti Capitol Ship Cruiser

Crew: 300 + 50 Marines
Defense: 36" 'Adaptive Armor', Heavy Shields
Weapons: 4 Super-Heavy Laser Turrets, 8 Anti-Fighter Turrets
Powerplant: 4 Fission Reactors

'Force of Nature' Class Heavy Cruiser

Crew: 350 + 50 Marines
Defense: 48" 'Adaptive Armor', Heavy Sheilds
Weapons: 4 Medium Laser Cannons, 1 Heavy Laser Cannon, 2 Anti-Fighter Cannons
Powerplant: 4 Fission Reactors

'Great White' Class Battlecruiser

Crew: 1500 + 250 Marines
Defence: 72" 'Adpative Armor', Multi-Layer Heavy Shields.
Weapons: 2 Heavy Laser Cannons, 4 Medium Laser Cannons, Four Super Heavy Torpedo Tubes.
Powerplant: Classified (?)

'Hive' Class Super-Carrier

This ship is the first of it's kind, and it is gigantic. The government of Parlim still hasn't released where this was built, but it wasn't on the moon base. This ship is several kilometers long, and, if moved into the right position, can eclipse an entire planet. It caries a huge compliment of fighters, bombers, and transports.

Crew: 3500 + 1500 Pilots + 750 Marines
Defense: 144" Inch thick 'Adaptive Armor', multi-layer heavy sheilds.
Weapons: 16 Super-Heavy Laser Cannons, Numerous Anti-Fighter Cannons
Powerplant Classified (?)
Other: 1000 1 Man Fighters (Wasps), 250 2-Man Bombers (Orcas), Assorted Transports and Shuttles

'Wasp' Fighter

Crew: 1, plus assistant driod
Defense: Light Armor (Not Adaptive), Light Shields
Weapons: 2 Fold-Out Torpedo Racks (Low Yeild), 1 Autocannon.
Powerplant: Rechargable Nuclear Battery

'Orca' Class Bomber

Crew: 2
Defense: Light Armor, Medium Shields
Weapons: 4 Medium-Yield Torpedo Tubes, 4 High-Yield Torpedo Tubes, Autocannon, Rear Turret.
Powerplant: Rechargable Nuclear Battery
Swedish Dominions
30-01-2004, 11:14
how cute.
Crossroads Inc
30-01-2004, 12:24
I rather like them, especially the last ship, They all have a nice 'Look' of what you'd expect first generation ships of a New space power to look like. Most nifty.