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Anti-terror Campaign by TCHE

30-01-2004, 03:35
Czar's Imperial Broadcast Network

"A recent terrorist attack in the Empire's largest city, Moskva, killing over one thousand innocent civilians in a massive attack in the Blue Octagon, has made the Czar announce his antiterror campaign, OPERATION:CLENSER, has made the islamic/marxist organisation that calls itself "Prophets of Carl Allah" claim responsibility. The Czar promises to "Seek and destroy every last terrorist that threatens peace." As a precaution, though, the Czar has ordered the round-up of all muslims and marxists for questioning. It is widely known that the Czar has an extreme dislike for these two groups, the hatred surpassed only by non-straights, it is doubtful that "humane" tratment will occur, although the Czar promises to treat them humanely and release them once they are cleard -- unless sufficent evidence is shown to the contrary. Unfortunately, that is all the information we have at the moment. We will fill you in when we get more information. Good night."
30-01-2004, 03:46
In the midnight hours in Eredron, hundreds of tired aides and intelligence officers monitored the radio, television and internet broadcasts from across the world, as well as the feeds from Eredron's surveillance network.

So it was that the Derscon Imperial Broadcast news was recorded, processed, and classified as Flash Yellow-Urgent; this coding meant that the message had been designated for immediate delivery to the Military Command.

Less than fifteen minutes after the broadcast was seen, Eredronian military strategists were compiling scenarios for a possible military response, while further intelligence was gathered on Derscon.
30-01-2004, 03:46
I'll help with 60,000 Soldiers of A.T.A.
02-02-2004, 01:56
Red Square, ******

As the Communist leader made his speech a single gunshot rang out, and the COTCP fell to the ground dead. A few seconds after that, the platform exploded, killing all of the top commitie chairmem.


The Jungles of ********

There was a stampede of animals crushing a nearby village, only two died, and five injured. In further investigation to see what caused it, what looked like the remains of a terrorist training camp was found. With over 150 dead, and all the buildings destroyed. In the Center of the camp, the remains of a makeshift mosque could be seen.


Derscon National Communists Headquarters, Moskva

A car bomb exploded outside the DNC headquarters, taking down the building. Unfortunately, emergency crews couldn't get there in time to save anyone.
08-02-2004, 16:55
Hound News Network

"Hello, I am Randolph Panther for the HNN. For our top story, the Great Holy Czar has recently stated that his antiterror campaign will now strech beyond marxists and muslims, but will now go to ALL terrorists and terrorist supporting countries. He also asks that countries aid in this effort to make the world safer, and thanks the ATA for its support. In other news. . . ."