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Empire of Benicius calls Navy back into territorial waters

29-01-2004, 04:28
---News at 7---

The provisional government of Benicius today announced the return of all Naval power to territorial waters for reaons undisclosed to the Benician media.

In total, all 5 CVBG's (carrier battle groups consisting of 13 vessels each) and offshore aircraft shall be returned to their respective bases in Benicius within the next 24 hours.


In other news, the provisional government test fired the nation's National Missile Defence network for the first time since the fall of the dictatorship. The test was successful, and according to one government source: "in the event of invasion, Benicius is prepared to defend itself against missile attacks and a potential sea invasion".
29-01-2004, 04:30
Present Naval Forces:

* 5 CVBG's (carrier battle groups), each includes:

(a) 1 Augustan Class Aircraft Carrier
(b) 1 refueling tanker
(c) 4 Constantine Class diesel-electric submarines
(d) 3 Tiberian Class destroyers
(e) 4 Julius Class frigates

* 10 counter-mining vessels
* 12 Agrippan armed naval helicopters
* 435 Icarus F-25's

Present Coastguard Force:

* 20 light armed high speed patrol vessels (protection against people smuggling and illegal fishing)

Present Airforce (land based):

* 150 Joint Strike Fighters
* 100 Icarus F-25's

Present Army:

* 30 troop transporting helicopters
* 120 Antony IV heavy armoured tanks
* 500 army vehicles (jeeps, trucks etc)

Total military personel at present: 3,060,000