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von Klompen Dept. Of Mining: Authorized to sell Uranium.

27-01-2004, 03:21
Earlier this week a large deposit of Uranium was found under a rainforst in The Armed Republic of Von Klompen. Mining has begun, and a significant amount has already been extracted in this short time.

Department of Mining Chairman Hellmut Westham had this to say:

"We believe this find is going to be a great economic boost for our country... uranium is selling at all time highs!"

Prices start at $25mil USD for 1 Metric Tonne of Uranium.

This is top-grade uranium, perfect for powering large powerplants or nuclear powered vehicles.

Uranium delivered by cargo plane once funds have been recieved.

OOC: I'm very new to this whole thing really... should I have not posted Uranium for sale? I'm quite confused. Oh, and how does one "pay" for and "send" things?