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Corporate Taxes, ships and guns

26-01-2004, 17:07
Dear Sirs and Madams,

Please note that my country, The Republic of Tir Dannan, has recently passed the "Corporate Incentives and Competitive Strategy Bill (2004)". This bill will allow corporations a free tax period of seven years, followed by an additional periof of a low tax period of seven further years at a rate of 5.8% annual income.
The bill also allows for the improvement, immediately of the countrys infrastructure and educational output. This means a high number of qualified university graduates. Another strategy outlined in the Bill is the provision of necessary services to areas of land set aside for corporate developement.
More information can be recieved by request.

Also as a new state, my government has requested that a basic shipping fleet be bought, and we also seek a delivery of new military rifles. Any offers may be made here or if you wish to keep it private you should PM me.