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Pit Moles Close Nation to Immigrants

26-01-2004, 05:54
The recent election of hardline Zinkerite factions to the Parlaiment of The Community Of The Pit Moles has begun a serious change in the nation's dealing with outside nations. The first actions of the new Zinkerite government has been to close immigratation to non-Mohelmot immigrants. This includes people who are of partial Mohelmot heritage.

Prime Minister Mengwe Bocca, in an open letter to the world's governments stated, "Since the founding Zinkerite Movement by Kula Bocca many years ago, we have seeked a land for Moles, and Moles alone. We have become so much closer to that goal today. The closing of our borders to non-Mohelmots will strengthen our purity as a race.

"Let it be known that we are not doing this out of hate. We are doing this out of love for our God, and to strengthen the work ethic of our people. Kula Bocca, despite his mixed heritage, noticed that those who are not full-blooded Mohelmot are lazier. Work is its own reward, according to the ancient religion. The mixed-bloods will only bring upon the wrath of the God Of Darkness. This is for strength, not spite."

Legislation is pending to revoke the citizenship of non-Mohelmots in the Community of the Pit Moles.