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KN-12 Long Range Multirole Aircraft

25-01-2004, 15:14
Kazakhstania has decided to continue its range of civilian transport products into a new sector of export. The newly created “Kazakhstanian Civilian Transport” sector is bringing to the world a new range of products reaching from cruise ships to passenger aircraft. We have recently released the HISETT Fast Train, and have received several requests for more products. Therefore, we have poured money into the development of this new aircraft. This project has been a combined development between the Military and Civilian Sectors.

We have produced a multi role Aircraft.

We give you, the:

KN-12 Jet Cargo/Passenger Aircraft


A thoroughly original design created by Kazakhstania, the KN-12 is the first in a next generation wave of passenger aircraft. Designed thoroughly to carry as many passengers in as much comfort as possible. But we have created a two faced aircraft. There are in fact, six versions on one airframe. These include:


Cargo Aircraft
Aerial Refueler
AWAC’s Aircraft
Aerial Gunship



These versions allow this aircraft to be the world’s most multipurpose aircraft. Lets go through the versions.

Military Cargo

A huge aircraft, it is more capable than most any other cargo aircraft tint he world. Capable of carrying a full 450 Paratroops. This is a huge load, larger than any other Cargo in the world, minus the huge An-225. Alternatively, 3 Main Battle Tanks, 5 Light Tanks, 6 IFV’s or 45 pallets. This allows large aerial movement that was not possible before. There are three doors on each side, and a single large rear door.

Aerial Refueler

Filled with huge fuel tanks and with a total of 5 booms. These are located on the outer wings, inner wings and rear of the aircraft. The fuel tanks are a new design, easy flowing and the fuel is fully pump able. This may be the most capable and brilliant tanker of all time. Capable of carrying a full 110,000kg of fuel. The computers included in this version allow for the meet up of two aircraft as easily as possible, and the crewless boom maneuverers.


This aircraft is almost a totally different aircraft from the Cargo Version. There is twice the fuel in this aircraft, which allows for double the range or loitering time. There is a huge rotating dome on top, which contains the most powerful radar of all time. This has a huge range of 320km. The rest of the aircraft is filled with fuel and computers, which include the most advanced JTIDS-3 system. This system allows the quick transfer of information, and can even guide weapons from other craft.

Aerial Gunship

This version is the latest and greatest gunship ever built. It is crammed full with computers, men and guns. The latest JTIDS-2 ground artillery systems are installed, as are the latest auto targeting systems. The arnament is huge. It includes two left facing 105mm cannons, one right facing 105mm cannon, and a single rear facing 90mm cannon on a turret.

Also attached are four 30mm GAU-8 cannons on mounts, two on each side. Also, there are six 20mm Super-Shot Cannons, and finally 8 12.7mm NSVK Machine Guns. It is one of the worlds most fully armed Gunships, and can provide fire support for anything on earth. Its unique targeting systems can prove accurate firing, even at the max speed of 0.92 Mach.


This version is very much a luxurious and brilliant aircraft. Its military style flight control system and HUD allow easy flying, and the passenger compartments have large legroom and various toilets and galley areas. It’s interior is designed by the same designers as the HISETT Train. The space inside has room for 390 passengers, in economy spaces.

It is truly a next generation passenger aircraft, and allows a new level of comfort for passengers. Its safety features are second to none, and include slides, doors and auto pressure machines. The safety features are completely autonomous and surpass anything done before. We are proud that this is a new safety level achieved in aircraft.


This cargo is essentially a cheaper version of the military cargo, without the military features. The control system is fly by wire as a pose to optics. It has safety features for the crew, and an autopilot system off the military version.

All these versions are top class. Now, details:

Flight Systems

All the versions of this aircraft have the same flight systems. It is run by Fly-by-Optics and the control systems have complete autonomy. Multi Function Displays with touch sensitive screens, and military style HUD’s. On the military versions, supercomputers run the entire system.

In the AWAC’s version, the large supercomputer and JTIDS-3 computers sit in a special enviroment, and are liquid nitrogen cooled.


The engines on this aircraft are one of a kind. They are brand new, 6th Generation Counter Rotating KZ-27 Engines. These provide huge amounts of thrust, enough to lift the entire airframe with the power of any jet engine. They are also fuel efficient, and allow for maximum range and durability.

This aircraft is one of the most cross-developed in the world, and we hope you like it. Stats now:

Power Plant: Four KZ-27 TurboJets
Thrust: 43,000 pounds each engine.
Length: 93.35 meters
Height At Tail: 24.55 meters
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 953,560 pounds
Maximum Wartime Takeoff Weight: 1,041,600 pounds

Wingspan: 84.196 meters
Stabilizer Span: 20.8 meters

Range: 6,800 miles empty.

Speed: Mach 0.87
Load: 162,334 kilograms maximum wartime payload.
Accommodations:450 Paratroopers
400 Passengers
3 MBT’s
5 Light Tanks
6 IFV’s
45 pallets

Crew: Six
Refueler Fuel Max: 110,000kg
AWACS Radar Range: 320km
Gunship Armament: 3 105mm Cannons
1 90mm Cannon
4 GAU-8’s
6 20mm Super-Shot Cannons
8 12.7mm NSVK MG’s
Countermeasures: 4 Flare pods
4 Chaff Pods


Military Cargo: $140,000,000
Aerial Refueler: $160,000,000
AWAC’s: $150,000,000
Gunship: $145,000,000
Passenger: $145,000,000
Civ Cargo: $135,000,000

25-01-2004, 15:38
25 Military Cargo Versions

3,500,000,000 wired upon confirmation.
25-01-2004, 16:34

Please, come back for more later :)
25-01-2004, 18:40
31-01-2004, 11:20
31-01-2004, 12:46
Could I puchase 50 KN-12 Passenger jets.
total= 7.25 billion
Money wired upon confermation. Thankyou for your services.
31-01-2004, 13:42
Order Confirmed.

They come preloaded with seats and all needed accesories.
31-01-2004, 17:22
A GUNSHIP based on the An-124? Uh.... Itll get blown to pieces as soon as it makes itself seen.
31-01-2004, 18:36
Gah, We dont use them.

We just made it as both an afterthought and to please AC-130 junkies.

I also seem to remember you using an An-225 gunship. I'd like to see that get shot down. Fireworks!!!
31-01-2004, 18:42
Gah, We dont use them.

We just made it as both an afterthought and to please AC-130 junkies.

I also seem to remember you using an An-225 gunship. I'd like to see that get shot down. Fireworks!!!
Though, it doesnt go near the battlefield, it instead uses 203mm guns to fire from a safer distance.
31-01-2004, 18:46

We just use it lightly, to kill rebels and the like. :wink:
The Zoogie People
01-02-2004, 03:00
The Zoogie People
01-02-2004, 03:02
Kaz, I'm disappointed in you. You never told me about this! :P

200 Gunship 145m
150 Aerial Refueler 160m
150 Mil Cargo 140m
100 AWACs 150m

$89 billion.
01-02-2004, 11:34
Sorry :(

As far as I knew, you were developing your own. Didnt want to discourage you :wink:
01-02-2004, 11:41
time to retire the cessna

I'd like 5 millatary caro style 700 mill
01-02-2004, 11:45

The cessna could fit in these aircrafts engines :wink:
01-02-2004, 11:47
Very interesting plane.

How many Tanks can this Carry?

M1A1 Tanks?
Challenger 2?
12-02-2004, 20:47
The Andrehervian military would like to buy:

100 military cargo KN-12's
70 aerial refueller KN-12's
50 AWACS KN-12's
30 gunship KN-12's

The total cost should come to AH£37,775,000,000.

Money will be wired upon confirmation of delivery.
12-02-2004, 21:05
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
12-02-2004, 21:13
The ASAA would like to buy the following:

320 Military cargo planes
500 KN-17 Passenger/cargo planes
240 Gunships

These products will be very helpfull to my military! Is this superplane capable of bombing runs? Anyway I would like these goods to be delivered to my nations capatle New Providence of possible. Of you silply can't that is ok. I will pay for this service. Please Telegram me when my new areial equiptment arrives. Thank you! Money will be wired now.

*money wired*
Swedish Dominions
12-02-2004, 21:18
I want 750 Military Cargo Planes.

Can you rebuild them so i can use them as an High Altitude Bomber?

$140,000,000 X 750 =1 000 500 000
17-02-2004, 10:28
Orders Confirmed!

This can carry, as stated, 3 M-1A2's, T-90's and the like.

SC, we use a version with larger 190mm cannons for longer distance firing, but 105's prove to be valuable for up close air support.
28-02-2004, 23:43