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Azoka claims Trevelchanka must stop terror at the border!

25-01-2004, 12:41
To the political government of Trevelchanka and all world citizens:

Since the dichotomy of our two countries in the 1950's, Azoka has have problems with anarchosyndicalistic guerilla bands in the eastern regions of our country.

These terrorists has occupied farms and in 1987 they kidnapped the former minister of defence and killed him. In the last few months they seem to have grown stronger and their acts of terror is now concentrated on the suburban regions and immediate surroundings of our capital.

This week we have seen a major part of our infrastructure been shutdown by the terrorists. Innocent people has been killed during an attempt to occupy the National Bank of Azoka.

The glorious nation of Azoka will never surrender to communists, socialists, democrats, anarchists or syndicalists! We have no evidence for our suspicion; that our neighbouring country, Trevelchanka, is the basis for these terror organizations.

If Trevelchanka sees no interest in supporting Azoka's enemies, they must desert their unwillingness to stop the acts of terrorism. We demand that Trevelchanka comes to our aid! Together, as an united front against terrorism, we can thwart the guerilla bands forever.

If this not happens we must take action. Though we appreciate our fraternal relations to Trevelchanka we can't silently behold how the terrorists get moral support from our neighbouring country.

We now, in an act of friendship, reach out our hand for help. If Trevelchanka don't help us now the consequences will be... ghastly.
25-01-2004, 15:08
To the leaders of Azoka:

Let us express our condolences. The attack on the National Bank and the killings are inexcusable in every way. The people and government of Trevelchanka condemn the acts of terror your country has seen in censorious terms. The terrorists can't find any support from us for the atrocity.

Trevelchanka has a long tradition of successfull non-violent anti-terrorist programs. If you, Azoka, wish we can develop an educational programme together and exchange experiences, compare notes.

It is our strongest conviction that terrorism can't be defeated with violence and armed forces and thus we must dismiss your veiled threats. We can't join Azoka in a mission that will involve more killings and sorrow.

As we see it, the root to Azoka's problems with terror organizations is the lack of democracy. When the executives of Azoka is oppressing the people, the people strikes back since violence is the only means in your dictatorship. In despair they fight for their freedom and regardless that innocents are killed.

Trevelchanka's advice to you, Azoka, is to start rebuild democracy. Put human rights on the agenda and give the people the power.