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Let The Games Begin (Private)

25-01-2004, 01:05

Recently, TROUSRS had built multiple military bases in Grays Hill, all located near GH military bases or near major cities, weapon suppies, etc. The intent was to have the forces there to help in times of war. Grays Hill was also allowed to keep some of their naval forces off the coast of TROUSRS. Unfortunately for the people of TROSURS, Adrian Monk fell out of power and Muhammad Al Mufassa had risen.

The entire military was rebuilt. Muhammad kept no one, not one single person from the former military. Instead, it was filled with his followers, terrorist goons that demanded nothing but blood.

Unknown to Grays Hill, Al Mufassa's followers reoccupied the bases in their country. Little by little, the new came in, and the old were sent back home. Now, with the new era in full throtle, and a sychotic terrorist at the throne, let the games begin.
[Al Mufassa's office]
.[All Secret]
..[Arabic Voices]
"Muhammad, Commander Al Saheef has just faxed over the reports." he paused to glance down at the paper to reread the stats, "There are a total of 2,538 of our men on bases in Grays Hill. Shall we execute?"

Al Mufassa nodded. It was a rareity to hear him speak at all. One of his goonies usually made public speaches for him.

"You have been briefed on the recent riots south of Mahar Valley?" Mohammad Shereef was Al Mufassa's top advisor. The government was a very small one, and a powerful one. It controled every action from trade to military movements. There could be anywhere from 2-4 other advisors. It just depended on the day. If one of them inturruped Al Mufassa while he was in a bad mood, that man was shot. If one messed up at all, he was it just varied by the day.

He nodded again. "Send de tanks," he grumbled out in his low, dull, slow, and monotoneous voice. He had a slight russian accent mixed in with an arabic slur. "Shoot tem, crrash tem. Joost kep tem oat of my vay.*"

Shareef produced a radio out of his back left pocket, and commanded a few words in Arabic. He nodded to Al Mufassa, and Mufassa did the same in return. 30 Minutes later, the 6: 30 news was running a special on the recent "Government ordered massacure" as it was called. In which, hundreds of government protesters were crushed or gunned down.

Muhammad grinned and killed the news. "Now," he said, "Onto grass heel.**"

Al Shareef produced the same radio again and ordered a few more commands: "Put operation take out into play."

"We will commence in 30 seconds," the radio responded.

[Grays Hill]
Troops stormed out of their bases and executed Operation Take Out. It was simple, kill everything within a 5 mile radius of your base, and steal supplies you can. Then get back to your base and hop on the C-5 that was waiting to bring you home to TROUSRS.

Foot soldiers and tanks stationed near the cities stormed in, breaking down shops to steal ammo, guns etc. Banks were robbed so when the got back to TROUSRS, the could exchange the money for Trousinian cash. As many civilan and law enforcement personel were killed, many run over by tanks.

Soldiers near weapon storage facilities paraded in, grabbing box after box of grenades, ammo, and some brand spanking new rocket launchers, carrying them nextdoor, and loading them on their plane.

Men near Grays Hill bases walked in casually, like they do every day to chat on breaks, except this day was different. Today, the men pulled out uzis and .45's and blew the place to smitherines.

[Al Mufassa's Office]
*Click* *Click* The radio sounded off.

"Yes?" Shareef questioned as he pressed 'Speaker'.

"Operation success and we are returning home with all 2,538 men. We had to leave out tanks behind, though."

"Not eh ploblem. Hoh ded ole de min survive?***" Muhammad cut in.

"Then didn't, sir. We lost 42, but we recovered their bodies."

"Den vee vill hov de ceremony to hunour de min dat did so much for des country.****"

"Yes, sir," the speaker said.

*Click* *Click* Al Mufassa killed the call.

*'Shoot them, crush them. Just keep them out of my way', in Al Mufassa's accent
**'Now, onto Grays Hill', in Al Mufassa's accent
***'Not a problem, how did all the men survive?' in Al Mufassa's accent
****'Then we will have a ceremony to honor the men that did so much for their country.' in Al Mufassa's accent
25-01-2004, 01:11
[Mufassa's office]
"Muhammad, I just had a thought."

Al Mufassa stood blankly, this meant carry on.

"What if the GH govnerment orders their ships to attack us?"

Muhammad considered this for a moment, then said "Cut off all communications from the ships to anywhere. Screw up their navigation, and send out the 14th, 20th, and 2nd airborne divisions to destroy them all."

..And so they did.
Grays Hill
25-01-2004, 01:47
The president was in a dead sleep. Just then, his top military advisor Hiriuki Saki, rushed into the room.

"Mr. President wake up, wake up Mr. President!!"
The President rolled over and groaned. Hikiuki ran over to him, and shook him. Then he screamed, "MR. PRESIDENT WAKE UP!!!!" The president jolted awake. He scratched his eyes, and yawned. "What seems to be the problem Hiriuki?" Hiriuki then replied "Sir! Its TROUSRS!"

The Presidents eyes widend. He could hear explosions and gun fire. "Sir! We have to take you to your bunker!! Right Now!!! Its for your saftey!"
The President said, "We must strike them now!!! Call forward the air superiority fighters! Get our GIs out there and kill the sons of bitches!! Get our Navy alerted to launch a strike on their Capital!!"

The sounds of jet engines roared, as 150 F-16 Fighting Falcons nation wide took off to disperse the fighting. They fired upon every enemy tank and fighter that they had out fighiting. The GI's stormed the bases of TROUSRS. All in all, TROUSRS only lost 42 men, and a total of 100 T-96U tanks were captured with out resistance.

In a commications office, it was radioed to the navy off the coase of TROUSRS "TROUSRS has attacked!! Begin the bombardment of....." Then a fuzz came over the radio. At least the Navy knew to attack.

Here is my navy:
25 Nimitz class Aircraft Carriers
250 Spruance Class Destroyers
350 Seawolf class Subs
300 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers
200 Oliver Hazard Perry class Destroyer/Frigate
765 F/A-18 Superhornets
680 AV-8 Harriers
680 Typhoon EF-2000 Eurofighters

The Ticonderoga Cruisers began launching Tomahawk cruise missles at building in the capital of TROUSRS. All 300 of them began to fire simultaneously. 200 F/A-18 Superhornets were launched from their carriers to patrol the skies over the navy. 100 AV-8 Harriers were launched to begin the bombing of TROUSRSian military bases.
25-01-2004, 02:02
"We're picking up something on the radars, it appears to be an entire fleet of enemy fighter jets."

Muhammad nodded. This nod meant, not one of them gets through. Shareef flipped a few switches, toggled a few more and pressed some shiney red buttons. T131 AA missiles were locked onto the approaching enemy planes and fired at Mach 6. 25 Su-47s took off to intercept any survivers.

"We've also got over 300 missiles headed for the capital."

Yet again, he nodded. Keeping such patience that suggested it was insane. Then again, he got away with looting billions of dollars in goods. He was insane. Air defense missiles were fired from the ground. First locked onto a specific missile, then another blast that shot the missiles up in a flock. In the meantime, sattelite air defense missiles were fired. Those missiles wouldn't hit.

"I've goht it." Muhammand said, "Temporarily turn the signal back onto the boats but so they can only recieve from us. Tell them that we just got word that someone hacked into Grays Hill radio system, and sent a faulty message and to cut stop firing." He paused, "I want you to coordinate with the air squadren headed for the naval fleet of GH's. 1 second after you send that message to them, I want all 450 planes to strike. That includes all the bombers and fighters in the 14th, 20th, and 2nd divisions, understood? If anyone survives, they will continue to fire.

"Just to be safe, load up 120 more fighters as back up to comb through the scene after the current squadrens strike. They can finish off the rest of them."
Grays Hill
25-01-2004, 02:42
With the ships now not attacking, nothing was being done to attack TROUSRS. Nobody back in Grays Hill knew that the transmission, and the ships believed that it was Grays Hill telling them to hault the attacks. But just for a precaution, the F/A-18's stayed up in the air.

The fact was, that Grays Hill wants the new leader of TROUSRS's head on a plate. The President of Grays Hill, José Juarez, wasnt going to take the matter lightly. 200 B1-B bomers were taking off from Woodsworth Airforce base just outside of Beaufort. The intercontinential bombers were exected to reach the TROUSRian within a couple short hours.

With all 300 cruise missiles shot down, and all the harriers shot down, José was furious. He requested to meet with the President of TROUSRS to prevent a catostrophic war between the two countries.
25-01-2004, 03:27
[Al Mufassa's Office]
"Git meh grass heel's leedeh on de video phone."

Shareef boots up the master computer and opens clicks on an icon called "International Leaders Lounge". Convieniently enough, Grays Hill was present.

"Scoot aside," said Al Mufassa as he bumped Shareef off the chair.

*Click Click*

Al Mufassa opened up a one on one with Grays Hill. Bothe leader's faces appeared on eachothers screens:
"Meestor President, coll off your bombers now or dey weel beh shoot down. Afteh you do so, we cen negotiate.."

He then clicked "Send Voice Clip" and waited for a response.
Grays Hill
25-01-2004, 03:33
"Very well. On my command the bombers are turning around and headed back to Grays Hill. We want not to loose another life in this war. We do though, request $2.2 Billion dollars as compensation as to what you did to my cities. Thank-you, President José Jaurez of Grays Hill."
25-01-2004, 03:38
[Al Mufassa's Office]
Muhammad chuckled. Then a grin spread accross his face. "Hoh dose this guy think he is?"

"I am nice enough not toh shot down eh you're air craft and all yoh do is ask foh money? Pfft. I am here toh negotiate yoh full surrender to us."

Grays Hill
25-01-2004, 03:45
"Our planes did not make it to your nation. You should thank me for calling them home! Now, we request the damages asked for to pay for the damage done to my cities!"

The president then slammed the send button. Damned Russians....Damned Middle Easterners. They both should be shot for creating such a horrible accent.
25-01-2004, 03:51
[Al Mufassa's Office]
Muhammad began to become a little irritated. Aha! An idea struck him: I will have someone dress as me and pretend to wire the money. We will meet on a ship off of the coast of TROUSRS, 10 miles to be exact. The person will be accompanied by 5 other men, all holding the suitcases full of money, then the suitcase nukes will go off..

"Mr. President, we surrender to yoh. Tere is noh way we cen defeat yoh. Please met us on a ship offshore of TROUSRS. Myself and 5 other men will deliver the money toh yoh and yoh only."


[2 hours later]

The imposter Al Mufassa and the 5 other men were waiting 10 miles offshore for the arrival of the GH leader. At arrival, the plan would be excecuted.
Grays Hill
25-01-2004, 04:00
"Our planes did not make it to your nation. You should thank me for calling them home! Now, we request the damages asked for to pay for the damage done to my cities!"

The president then slammed the send button. Damned Russians....Damned Middle Easterners. They both should be shot for creating such a horrible accent.

The president was flown on a F/A-18 Superhornet and landed on a carrier. He we then put on an Oliver Hazard Perry Destroyer/Frigate, and in the horizon, the ship that had the leader of TROUSRS crept closer and closer. The President then was lowered into a smaller boat which he then got off, and met with the President of TROUSRS.
25-01-2004, 04:19
"Greetings," said the imposter as the president boarded the ship.

Then he pressed the button, the button that would set off the suitcase nukes. But they didn't work. Nothing happened! He glanced over his left shoulder, then started at the GH leader. The imposter dropped the suit cases and pulled out his uzi and began to empty his clip into the leaders chest and the guards that surrounded him.

Blood spattered on the wall behind where the leader was standing. Immediately, the imposter ran to the front of the ship and hit full speed towards a battleship, throwing the suitcases overboard.

When they got to the ship, the boarded. It was a GH battleship. He curtly said to the captin: We need your ship. But him and the other 5 crew members refused, so they were shot.

The men immediately took positions in the ships and fired off a few cruise missiles at the ship that transported the president here.
Grays Hill
25-01-2004, 04:36
The country of Grays Hill, now in charge of the Vice Preident Vladorov Bronowski was very outraged. The Grays Hill was ordered to blast the ship to hell. 100 Cruise missles were fired at it and 15 Eurofighters took off to bomb it, if there was anything left. Before the all the Eurofighters took off, they were called back, because the ship had gone off of radar. 3 of the F/A-18 Superhornets flying air superiority grouped up and flew to where the ship was. When they got there, the ship was confirmed destroyed. Parts of it were all over, and there was a small oil fire in the water. That was all that was left of the ship.

The Vice President, Now President. Sat in his bunker in frustration. His top advisor entered, and said "Sir, shall I give the confirmation to begin the launch sequence?"

Vladorov looked up in discust. "You must be joking! The last thing that we want here is a nuclear war. Besides, our intel. tells us that we know that he has satalites. Whos to say that he cant use the satalites to shoot down the nukes?"

Hiriuki responded, "Yes sir! Of coarse sir, we dont want to waste our nuclear weapons."