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Joint nuclear development program involving Sixpacistan

15-01-2004, 03:49
Sixpacistan along with its new possesion, the Commonwealth of The Liberatarian Natio, together with the nation, the Kingdom of Duffistan, have begun a joint nuclear weapons program.

The program involves funds from all three entities, with uranium from Sixpacistan and the Liberatarian Natio with technology partially supplied by the Kingdom of Duffistan.

Sixpacistan and the Liberatarian Nation both have large uranium industries, and the Liberatarian Natio has a fairly large economy. The Kingdom of Duffistan is endowed with an advanced technology sector, so through their cooperation, Sixpacistan and Duffistan hope to attain nuclear capabilities in the near future.

Duffistani technicians are already working on a centrifuge in Sixpacistan for refining the uranium mined there and in the Liberatarian Natio.

The first weapons will be relatively simple gun-type atomic weapons. As our technology advances, however, we will begin the design and testing of more advanced bombs, starting with implosion type atomic bombs. Then, it is planned that the design of a thermonuclear bomb will be tested.

The Republic of Sixpacistan and the Kingdom of Duffistan intend to use the weapons as deterents only. The Republic of Sixpacistan is a peace loving country and means no harm to any other lands, as does the Kingdom of Duffistan.