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First Air Cavalry Division Envisioned

23-12-2003, 19:25
The start of a wonderous chellian division has begun plans to be put into operation. Visions of soldiers who move at speeds of over 200 miles per hour, handle multiple machineguns and explosives, and cannot be armed by most other infantry handguns, is a wonderful vision, which is to come true.

Therefore, the Sturmovik division is to be set into place soon. An airbourne division, compiling 8,000 Ilyushin-2a Sturmoviks, made from plans stolen from korea(Russia gave it to them, and we have always been a nation who rebelled from korea at the start), and modified for modern fuel efficiency, easier maintenance, etc. However, the plane will have mostly the same capabilities, Instead of 12.7mm guns, it has chellian 7.92 Qute machine guns, instead of 23mm guns, it has chellian 20mmx138mm Maus guns. It can carry either a load of 135 Light explosives(As opposed to 135 PTAB anti-tank bombs), or a number of high-explosive rockets, for taking out sam sites and what-not. This division is to be a fast attack division, able to take on militaries prepared to fight multi-million dollar fighters and multi-billion dollar bombers. They will, theoretically, always have a number of casualties from SAM's and whatnot, but in very large numbers, and supported usually by chellian jets in protection, they will always have more planes supplied to them.

Factories have been retooled to make the Sturmovik alone, and if production goes well, we will create more divisions... 4,000 aircraft are already ready for service, and the rest are to be there in time for the division to use them.
United Elias
23-12-2003, 20:03
souns sucidal.
23-12-2003, 22:12
It would be if they were used as fighters. However, they are primarily anti-infantry, and are supposed to be used when chellis has air superiority, which it usually does.
23-12-2003, 22:21
The IL-2 is a flying tank that was designed to take hits from AA guns.
New Empire
23-12-2003, 22:24
The IL-2 is a flying tank that was designed to take hits from AA guns.
23-12-2003, 22:26
Stinger + 3,000 IL-2's = 1 dead IL-2, 2,999 living.

No army employs enough tactical anti-aircraft defenses in general to take out such mass numbers.

ALso, the Il-2 was made to be a mass-produced plane that could carry out ground-attack missions, and the extra armour helped. The Il-2 had weaker armour than even the weakest tanks, so that analogy is incorrect.