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23-12-2003, 18:12
I don't know how this whole 'RP' buying and selling thing goes... But!

I'll try my best shot at it. I've got some Iraqi Desolater's I'd like to sell!

I'll sell 1 for 2,500$ Each!

They include nuclear radiation spewing devices, NRSD's. And they are resistant to all nuclear and radioactive substances. They are also highly resistant to electricity, and have but a slight weakness to gunshots. The only weak points in my desolaters are being shot in the legs or the nether regions. The arms are slightly vulnerable too.

Here is the picture.
23-12-2003, 18:15
23-12-2003, 18:17
Ummm, does your nation even have nuclear power? I mean, you have hardly any posts. You can't sell technology you don't have.
But if I am wrong I would like to buy 1. Money wired upon confirmation of my first statement and your acceptance of my order.
23-12-2003, 18:19
Ok, i know, i am a "n00b". So I need some help on this one. How do you do that?

(i'm sorry for my 'n00b'-ish ways)
23-12-2003, 18:26
OOC: I like the idea of getting stuff from Red Alert. Maybe I'll have one of my countries make Black Eagles.
23-12-2003, 18:26
Well, first you cannot get nuclear power until after the first week you are a member(note-this means power, not weapons). You can get nuclear weapons the first month after you've joined. Also, I would suggest that you join the New Nations Alliance. It is in the International Incidents forum. I'll post the link for you momentarily.
Swords of Chagal
23-12-2003, 18:27
Wait until you are older. When you are about a month old, start researching nuclear power. When a month and 2 weeks old, you can start producing these.

Oh, and maybe you might want to raise the price. uranium is pretty costly.

But thats just my 2 cents :)
23-12-2003, 18:29
OOC: Yeah one of my nations is exactly a month old on CHristmas so I'm looking forward to making nukes.
23-12-2003, 18:29
THe post is entitled "New Nations" alliance. come and join for military protection.
23-12-2003, 18:32
yah, that is Red Alert 2 technology, but I would like 2 please

Oh yeah, I know eagle red and I can get cameos and stuff like that from them, as well as halo stuff :-) :D
23-12-2003, 18:35
Halo's great but you can't get a lot out of it other than guns. Or at least it seems that way.
23-12-2003, 19:14
Thank you, I appreciate your help. And I will stop the selling of these things as to the fact my nation isn't old enough! But, when a month comes around, WATCH OUT! Because these will be available. =P

Don't Steal My Idea Until then!
23-12-2003, 20:09
I've already got Apocalypse tanks for sale, and I'm working on Kirovs.