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The Hill (Closed RP)

14-12-2003, 00:31
OoC : Alright, this is a fun, non-effecting RP. Use what you have, but it wont really be effected as it wouldve been in a real War RP. I control the hill, the person who joins will have to take it from me. Please, dont join unless your active.

No helicopters, naval ships, or airplanes. Just ground forces.

So, who's gonna join?
14-12-2003, 00:35
id like to but considering my army is about the size of your motor pool i think im a bit outa luck :p
14-12-2003, 00:37
Yeah, Id like someone older, thanks anyways.
14-12-2003, 00:39
I'll join you. Am I too old?
14-12-2003, 00:39
well, i would Jax but that blasted civil war means all my armed forces are currently helping the civilian populous to rebuild the country.
14-12-2003, 00:40
Exetonia, as I said, this doesnt affect other RPs. This is just a fun sorta battle.

Ameraka, your pretty old... If Exetonia doesnt then itll be you.
14-12-2003, 00:41
Great, count me in :D
14-12-2003, 00:41
14-12-2003, 00:50
Ameraka, after this one, Ill be making a new one. I like the hill type RPs. So Ill reserve the next one for you.

BTW, we have fairly large forces and this is a fairly large hill, Exetonia.

IC :

~~~ Jaxusism Hill Headquarters ~~~

"Alright, send out 100 GT-2 tanks to the rear of the hill! I also want our 1st Infantry Division guarding the left hillside and 2nd Infantry Division guarding the right hillside! All armed with XR-2s!"

"Yes Sir! Carrying out orders, sir!"

The troops moved into position.

"I also want 10 ADATS at the rear! I want 10 MLRS systems on each side of the hill, and 2 more in the front! Fire at will!"
14-12-2003, 00:52
i have to go to bed sorta like right now so, i shall reply when i get on tomorrow jax. and then we can rp about this time tomorrow.
14-12-2003, 00:54
i have to go to bed sorta like right now so, i shall reply when i get on tomorrow jax. and then we can rp about this time tomorrow.

Alright, meanwhile, Ameraka, Ill make another thread and we'll RP there. Since its non-affecting any other RPs, I could do 2 at once.
14-12-2003, 00:57
The Hill ( with Ameraka.
14-12-2003, 19:14
BUMP for Exetonia.
14-12-2003, 19:35
BUMP for Exetonia.
14-12-2003, 19:51
Exetonia, are you BLIND?
14-12-2003, 19:56
ooops, sorry. give me a few
i'm tryin to get a girlfriend
i'll post my movements soon. I still got a lot of artillery.
14-12-2003, 20:05
ooops, sorry. give me a few
i'm tryin to get a girlfriend
i'll post my movements soon. I still got a lot of artillery.

14-12-2003, 20:19
14-12-2003, 20:25
"Sir, we are approaching the hill. Intelligence says it has been heavily fortified. Do we continue." a young man stated to the general

"I don't give a damm how fortified it is, we need that hill. We are going to focus on one side. Bring up our artillery and shell the northern side." replied the general

"But sir, that's the side furthest away from us!

"I know but, it's not te side we are attacking. We're going for the south. Hopefully this diversionary tactic will work. i want the whole of A company:

[10 commanders armed with glock 21's combat knives and full combat armour, 20 snipers armed with full combat armour and SV-98 Sniper rifles, 300 machine gunners with M-60 machine gums and full combat armour + combat knives, 500 grenadiers armed with grenades, full combat armour, walther ppk's and combat knives and finally 1000 normal men with m-16's, combat knives and full body armour.]

and 12 tanks [2 leopard MBT's, 7 m-15 lbt's and 4 m48 medium tanks] to the south side. Lets see how that does.
(ooc: in reserve at the moment i have 12 more infantry coimpanies comprising exactly the same and 10 mmore tank regiments. The artillery is composed of the following: 200 x SNAL-1-B, 25 x 152mm MSTA-S Self-propelled Howitzer, 1000 x Gaz-3937 Mortar Carrier, 1000 x Upgraded GRAD MLRS, 200 x 120mm NONA-SVK Self-Propelled Gun/Mortar System and 200 x DIANA 25mm AA Cannon0

The artillery opened up as the infantry and the tanks advanced to the south. The first casualties were about to be taken but, what about the jax forces on the south. How would they bear with the forces bearing down on them.

ur turn jax.
14-12-2003, 20:37
The 10 MLRS systems on the North Side started firing at incoming enemies. At the south the same thing happened. The soldiers at the South started being fired on. With permission to fire at will, they launched a full defense at the enemies. 100 GT-2s, 50 MLRS systems, and 2,000 loose troops started firing at the incoming enemies. 20 groups of 2 carrying anti-tank launchers went onto the battlefield, firing their rockets at the enemy tanks.
14-12-2003, 20:45
ooc:Dude, there is nothin to shoot on the North. Your only being shelled there. Where are your casualties.

IC: Oh shit yelled the forces advancing on the South as they were pummeld. They knew they coulsd not retreat. They began to dig in and return fire but, all were in disarray as men fell all over the place. The tanks blew appart as they were hit, losing the entire platoon. The Generaal was furious and threw in another 3 tank platoons and 3 infantry companies. He also ordered the artillery to reconfigure there fire for the south side where the infantry were hull down and returning fire. The grenadiers were just in range but alkso taking heavy fire. A company has suffered heavy losses and was at 45%. They ahd to take the hill.

(ooc: more casualties)
14-12-2003, 20:50
OoC : I was waiting for this next post of yours.

IC : They were winning the battle. Although they lost 20 of their tanks, and 19 MLRS systems were down. The soldiers were doing fine, only loosing a mere 90 compared to what they had there. The rocket launchers were half taken out, the other half were then revived when 10 more groups came in. All MLRS systems from all sides started to the south, and bolted their firepower. The enemy had brought in more infantry.

"I want 2,000 more loose men at that south! Double time!"

2,000 XR-2 armed men came into position and shed out the bullets. More artillery was being used against them. They brought in 10 more MLRS systems to revive the next 10 that were destroyed.
14-12-2003, 20:51
OoC : BTW, I took of the look here thing.
14-12-2003, 20:57
"INCOMING" yelled the artillery commander as shgells started landing all around them They started to move of as 50 mlrs and several mortar systems were ripped to shreds. they sped off as did the other companies and the tanks to the west leaving the slowly depleting forces on the hill being blown appart. They were begining to advance slowly now with their re-enforcements. although 25 tanks had been destroyed, the mbts and medium battle tanks continued to advance. The grenadiers were marching forwards with the 12% remenants of A company with B, C and D companies each at 45%, 50% and 55% coapacities accordingly. Heavy loses were insuing but they wern't gonna loose. They were noe within 250 meters of the enemy position.
14-12-2003, 21:03
"Sir, enemies incoming!"

"What are they?"

The man looked back into his binoculars and then went back to his com link. "Tanks, sir!"

He then ordered, "I want 100 groups of anti-tanks firing at their position! I also want 500 more loose soldiers to reenforce the South. 20 more GT-2s. 100 more MLRS!"

The orders were carried out, as 50 more tanks were destroyed, 29 more MLRS were destroyed, and a heavy loose of 200 soldiers was reinforced with the 22nd Infantry.

A communications building was destroyed by artillery. 10 more MLRS systems were ripped to shreds.
14-12-2003, 21:11
The advance was halted by heavy fire but, the attack was working. The tanks were all blown to shred s bow well, at least the ones adavancing up the hill nad the ingfantry dug in again 200 meters from the positions. The artillery sat down again, set up and fired on the western side which is where the new forces were preparing to advance. the remaining 6 companies began to advance on the western side with complete tank support from the remainming tanks. (approx 120 varied accoeding to original platoon make up.) That made approx 8000 men and 120 tanks advancing with heavy artillery support. They approached and opened up with all weapons at the western front of the hil whilst cfharging. They would take this hill or die trying. Tiotal casualties stood at 80%.
15-12-2003, 01:20
OoC : Sorry, Im sick and needed some rest.

IC : The attacks started again and 20 MLRS, 300 soldiers, and 10 ADATS were ripped up. The rest of the MLRS pounded on the artillery, giving it no breathing room.
15-12-2003, 22:09
Bump for Exetonia.
15-12-2003, 22:46
"I don't give a damm, throw the other 6 companies and 10 tank platoons up that western side. I want that Hill. Do not stop, do not falter. All forces engage. CHARGE"

*Ride of the valkeries over loud speaker.*

As if on cue, with the sound of the music, the Exetonian lines all advbanced at full pace. The artillery opened up full spread on the western hillside trying tro confues the enemy. The tanks opened up and 13,000 men opened up, spread accross both sides. Bullets, sniper bullets and grenades were going everywhere and a clud of dust was rising. The incoming fire however, was massive causing damage as it went. Total casualties were now up to approx 35%....
15-12-2003, 22:54
But what they forgot about was the 10 MLRS systems at the westside. Jaxusism also sent 30 more MLRS to the westside. Pounding on the enemy position.

The 4th Anti-Artillery Division was sent out with their specialized weapons to take out the artillery. 20,000 loose soldiers came into position, but were taking heavy damage, suddenly down to 118,799. 2 MLRS were destroyed. 80 GT-2s went into position, 12 being destroyed.

"Send ADATS!"

10 ADATS came out to get the tanks. 1 was destroyed.

"Send in more tanks!"

"We only have 10 more available for the west, Sir!"

"Send them out!"

10 more tanks were sent to take out the enemies.
15-12-2003, 23:02
15-12-2003, 23:02
A telegram was sent to command:


He hoped they could make it. The artillery began to move when it came under fire.

"SHI...." came over the comm a lot as many pieces went up. The mortar units returned fire but, all the MLRS were noe destroyed. The a-a cannons were turned on the enemy and used as flak cannons ripping forward at high speed. they were bogged down and about to be overun. Where were those forces (2 of ur posts away)
15-12-2003, 23:19
15-12-2003, 23:22
20 MLRS systems, 100 anti-tank/artillery groups, 20 ADATS, adn 2,000 more loose soldiers were added to the battle.

"We're pounding on them, sir!"
16-12-2003, 00:56
16-12-2003, 01:00
16-12-2003, 01:05

Thats... Nice... Now how about posting?