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I look for a new region

13-12-2003, 13:50
As my region is whiped out (I am the only member :( ), I am looking for a new region. My demands are:

-Left-winged (!)
-at least a few experienced members
-not violent, players with interests in the economic and the politic factor

13-12-2003, 13:53
i have a riegion yu can join me if you pay me 500 million
13-12-2003, 13:54
Warsaw Pact I
13-12-2003, 13:54
we are elitist peoples and you will be expected to follow
13-12-2003, 14:05
I am sorry, you are all very youngand positive country's, but the problem is:

You are small and young. this wouldn't bother me, but in my experience, those regions aren't that secure to stay, and I want some security.

I hope you don't mind.

East Europe
13-12-2003, 14:23
You can join The Kingdom of the Midlands. We have many members with populations over 1 billion. Trust me, i am the smallest nation there.
13-12-2003, 14:34
You can come to the Canadien Hemisphere its safe with peace loving but protective and powerfull army's that we use only to defend ourselves or protect other country's in international theatres. Here we only have 4 nations so if your a small nation you are greatly welcomed!
13-12-2003, 14:35
I am done looking, thanks for your interest.

East Europe
13-12-2003, 14:38
Which region did you pick? ( its okay if you didn't pick ours)
13-12-2003, 14:48
Which region did you pick? ( its okay if you didn't pick ours)

I have chosen for the region 'The Kingdom of the Midlands' minuts before you typed you typed your message, but you woul've had a good chance.

East Europe