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OC-7 Groza II Carbine Released

Soviet Bloc
12-12-2003, 04:42
The OC-7 Groza II Carbine was produced to fulfill the role of a special forces weapon in the ARSB's arsenal. THe OC-7 Groza II also acts a paratrooper weapon.

Caliber, mm: 7.62x39 M43
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt with 2 lugs
Length, mm: overall: 560 barrel: 300
Sighting range,m: 500
Weight, g: 2000 (base config., unloaded)
Magazine, 30rds (7.62mm)
Rate of fire, rds/min: 750
Max. range- 600 meters
Max. effective range- 240 meters (in ideal conditions)

Other Features- Carrying handle is outfitted with a movable sight, mounting points for a scope or visual aid.

Note: Forward sight is mounted on carrying handle. Auxilary forward sight is mounted on tip of barrel for when carrying handle is removed. Equipment can be added to front hand grip (although, most likely, it would stick out aways from the end of the barrel).

Cost: $850 USD