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Terror in Hutu

11-12-2003, 00:54
As of December 9th the government of Hutu offically released information that the now plan to send a team into outter space and also have a considerable ammount of Atomic Bombs(You know the kind with out missles behind them.) also the rumour on the streets is that the government could have successfully hidden nuclear bombs they may also have chemical weapons and even... UFO technology.

Once word made it to the area in Hutu that used to be Shimdah, the local neighborhood hot spot in the nation, small bands of terrorists slowly start to mobilize again. Now a little more ahead in technology than they used to be have contacted terror cells in the north and south-west of the country. Finally at roughly 1:30 PM a group of 3,000 terrorists leave a camp 60 miles south of Sobakagrad.

At roughly 2:45 PM the first conflict errupts just 15 miles South, South East and South West of Sobakagrad. The terrorists hit a fresh group of Spetz Natz forces moving to the border to reinforce the current troops there. In just moments the 2 Divisions of highly mobile Spetz Natz are divided into many small groups by the guerilla terrorists. The 4th Spetz Natz Division commander finally rallys enough men and busts through a line of terrorists and goes South while the 2nd Division commander heads North.

By 3:40 PM the Terrorists have regrouped, mopped the remaining Spetz Natz up and continued towards Sobakagrad. By 3:50 PM the Spetz Natz commanders along with battle seasoned soldiers, and tank groups incircle the remaining 1,200 or so terrorists. With in 7 minutes the rage of the Hutu Armed Forces rains down on the terrorists. A patrol runs through uickly after the battle to round up survivors.

The death toll is estimated at.

300 Spetz Natz
54 Regular Army Soldiers
1 HAK F-1
18 Jeeps

As for the terrorists.

2,890 Dead
90 Injured
20 Captured.

The injured terrorists were sent along with the captured to a section in the bunker system under the cities. The 20 Captured are immediatly interrogated and the coordinates of all terror camps in the nation a quickly and easily found and AWACS planes are sent with close air support to verify the locations. The Injured terrorists will be given full medical aid until they are healthy again. At which point all 110 POWs will go on trial for treason and likly sentenced to death.

As for the locations of the camps, 3 of the 7 reported were true and while searching the area another 2 were spotted. The 5 camps were targeted and went under air strikes at 6:35 PM. The 3 camps neerest cities were carpet bombed into oblivion. The 4th camp was far enough away to have one of the nations new Atomic Bombs tested on it. The bomb did considerable damage and the effects aren't thought to be very long lasting for nuclear bomb standards. The 5th camp, which turned out to be on a small island off the coast of the nations which had never been touched by anyother person befor. By finding this the government thought it quaint to test a weapon that was till earlier just rumoured about. At 7:32 PM, the Hutuian Air Force HAK B-1C tail number "B1C X3357" nicknamed "Peggy Sue" dropped a number of small canisters that impacted on the surface of the island covering a 300sq ft area and releasing a mixture of chemicals which makes the oxygen count in the air minimal and slowly kills everything in a 450sqft radius, or more depending on the wind. Which in this case there was a slight north east wind which would only carry the toxins further across the island.

By 7:45 PM all hostilites had ended and peace was brought back to the nation, the world veiws on the nation may have changed, yet the government could seemingly care less.
Ozymandias IV
11-12-2003, 15:18
The Republic of Ozymandias IV condems Hutu's use of WMDs upon its own citizens (even if they were suspected of terrorism).

We find it to be incredibly short-sighted to destroy every living thing on an island just to root out a suspected terrorist camp. While the Republic recognizes Hutu's lack of concern about the international reaction to these terrible events, we urge them to remember that they are still part of the world community.

We are also shocked and concerned at the death-toll in the conflict with the 'terrorists' and we would urge an international fact-finding mission to be established to investigate this massacre. Reports that 2,890 were killed and only 90 injured would lead most reasonable nations to suspect that this was nothing but organized murder.

Merek III,
SecState (
Republic of Ozymandias IV
11-12-2003, 15:20
As soon as the Exetonian elections fiasco has been sorted out, we would gladly send a team of investigtaors as part of an international team and hold an international warcrimes court should foul play be discovered. That is all. - Exetonian Temporary government.
12-12-2003, 01:30
We would love to have you in our country, yet as this was our matter and our ways of handling things, you will not be allowed into our country. You handle your public affairs, i shall handle mine. We also believe that your coming to this land may tarnish our peoples into a way of sin and capitalism.

President James Roach.