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AFRP Designers Create the "Myopic" Harpoon Missile

A Few Rich People
10-12-2003, 06:26
Press Release

Missile designers for AFRP have created a new type of missile, not for destruction measured in explosions, but in chaos and disorder.

The "Myopic" missile varient is quite simple and many researches have said, "I'm kicking my self for not thinking of this sooner." In effect, it is a simple design, yet the processes (patented) is the trick.

For the missiles works as such, removing the explosive warhead, making more fuel room and adding side chamers to fall off at a perscibed time, this missiles does not destroy, it blinds.

Yes, by releasing dust sized particals of (glass, aluminum? (not such which work best)) into the air over a enemy encamptment it falls into eyes and lungs, slowly ripping away at delecate tissue till blindness or sometimes death occures. This weapon is made far more effective in the fact that harpoon missiles are low flying so most ground anti-missile systems are not designed to deflect those (I maybe wrong but hey).

Mass production has allready begun and plans of using it in current conflicts are being considered. More to come as more is released.