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Carrier sea trails underway. (Comments Welcomed)

08-12-2003, 02:40

The Charles de Gaulle light aircraft carrier (nuclear powered) has been put to trails, the ships is still not fully equiped, and is not due to enter service for about 1.5-2 years (1.5-2 weeks) next step of the program is the Rafael M fighter.

It will be avaialbe for sale when operational status is achived and larger docks are build.
08-12-2003, 02:59
forgot the price will be about 1.2-1.5 million, and takes about 1 year to build. it can carry 40 aircraft.
08-12-2003, 02:59
Looks great. :wink:

900th post!!! 8)
08-12-2003, 03:11
Can we reserve some so that they're ready as soon as its made?
08-12-2003, 03:17
We would thank more spechifications about this carrier, engines, crew, cargo, etc..
08-12-2003, 03:19
We'll take 16 of the carriers @ $1.3 million.

$20,800,000 will be wired when construction of the carriers is complete.
Autonomous City-states
08-12-2003, 03:27
$1.3 million for an aircraft carrier? That is far, far too cheap.
08-12-2003, 03:28
Indeed, you are right! Price is way to low..
Maybe it's a paper-plane carrier.
08-12-2003, 03:38
replace the m with a b and I'll be happy. otherwise, I'll say it's a paper mache carrier.
08-12-2003, 03:40
Yeah, the modern Nimits class carrier costs around 4 billion
08-12-2003, 03:40
Heck, the F-22 costs around 90 million to build in RL.
08-12-2003, 03:48
check again. more like 184 million, latest cost as of 2002.
08-12-2003, 03:50
check again. more like 184 million, latest cost as of 2002.

Well, his carrier price is still way too little.
08-12-2003, 04:32
Forgive us it is a typo, that should be 1.2-1.5 BILLION, not million.

Currently, no purchases can be made but you can reserve a spot, and the price is not finaly, it may fluctuate eighter up or down depending upon tech dificulties in the production.

There will be a limit, currently none is set, but when production begins a limit will be set.
08-12-2003, 04:47
Here is some basic info on the ship.

Displacement: 36,000 tons full load
Dimensions: 780.8 x 103 x 27.8 feet/238 x 31.4 x 8.5 meters
Extreme Dimensions: 858 x 211 x 27.8 feet/261.5 x 64.4 x 8.5 meters
Propulsion: Steam turbines, 2 K17 reactors, 2 shafts, 83,000 hp, 27 knots
Crew: 1350 ship, 550 air group, 800 troops (2150 total)
Armor: none
Armament: 2 16 cell SAAM SAM VLS, 2 Sadral SAM, 8 20 mm AA
Aircraft: 40