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Annual Socialist Winter Conference

08-12-2003, 02:30
---The Capital began to show the first signs of winter, the grounds around the Kremlin modeled Statehouse were already under 6 inches of snow and the mighty Yethz river which lies due east of the building had been sealed under ice which children slid across laughing with Joy. Comrade General Magnus had already ordered the preparations for the conference to begin. The groundskeepers had scrambled from dawn till dusk for two weeks now placing lights in the prized mighty firs, bakers had been working virtually round the clock to assure that pastries and cakes would be abundant for the guests, and farmers had slaughtered and prepared beef, pork, and poultry for the mighty feast which will take place on the opening night of the conference. There was a moment in which things might not seem to go as planned when a shipment of rare bedding imported from the Moroccan coast (which was to be placed in all of the staterooms) became stuck in the Northern Harbor. This was short-lived, however, when a "Breaker" was sent out to aid the troubled ship.---

An invitation to all countries on Earth, come, be guests at the mighty Socialist Conference. You shall be put up in one of our 215 state rooms, be given full board, and be able to debate with other world leaders over important matters.

May Your Days Be Many With Your Brothers!

Comrade General Magnus
08-12-2003, 02:34
Krostovia wishes to attend and will send its head of state Comrade Chairman Vladamir Karakov to the conference. His jet should arrive shortly escorted by 4 Su-27s
08-12-2003, 02:37
Comrade Vladamir will be happily received, and as a gesture of good faith he may have the Old Czarist Chamber where he will have access to his own personal library and totally closed telephone line. Upon his arrival we shall open our finest bottle of Vodka!
08-12-2003, 02:43
Ahh, good to hear. Karakov's jet arrives in Socioreich. Su-27 procede home as Karakov steps off his jet.
08-12-2003, 02:44
Topics to be Discussed:

1.) Neo-Socialist Methods

2.) How to please all levels of society in a manner that will preserve our way of life

3.) How to prevent Rebellion

4.) The method in which foreign relations are handled


5.) Bringing Socialists and Capitalists to a uniform peace.
08-12-2003, 02:57
We have just been informed that Comrade General Bonar will be arriving tomorrow upon his returning from his tour of his countries military installments.
08-12-2003, 02:58
Comrade Vladmir, we would humbly ask you to join our small, but hopefully, growing region of "Global Socialism". A region with the intention of spreading the Socialistic word.
08-12-2003, 03:12
--- Even upon the UN resolution to ban the use of land mines the United States of Socioreich felt it necessary to employ several hundered near road blocks set up around the Statehouse. This measure was decided upon by Comrade General Magnus after several Rebels were caught attempting to enter the Statehouse through the sewer system. The rebels broke down and revealed their plans after promises of treasonous punishments were made. Apparently the original plan had included the bombing of the Socialist Conference, primarily targeting Comrade General Magnus himself. And then rushing the state building with trucks of rebels in the wake of the devistation. Over 500 soliders were distributed the bounds of the 4 square block road block. And another 50 were added to the staff already inside of the Statehouse itself. The Conference will be unaffected and will continue as planned.---
08-12-2003, 03:21
Emergency Address to the States of Socioreich:

Com. Gen. Magnus
RE: Recent Rebel Activity

In light of the recent rebel activity I am placing a curfew for all peoples effective from Dusk until Dawn for the duration of the remaining 3 days of the Socialist Conference. Any attempts against the government of the States of Socioreich will be futile and delt with accordingly. I myself believe that the rebels within our borders are not of local origin. I believe that they are a foreign peoples sent here by their capitalistic masters to disrupt our perfect world, out of hate, out of jealousy. It is time for our brothers to unite against this dometic threat and neutralize it.

May your days be many with your brothers,
Comrade General Magnus