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The Past Rewritten (UV takeover of PPS, open RP)

Unum Veritas
08-12-2003, 00:40
OOC-Okay Pink Pin Stripes is another country that a friend started but then got tired of, so they gave it to me. UV is going to take it over, but I'm going to let this one be an open RP, so any country that would like to jump in can. Just remember that this also happened in the past, so it won't affect anyone's current military (but please keep numbers reasonable).

IC: High Chancellor Thorin looked out of the chopper's window at the crater below him. It had been a week since the explosion that had brought Unum Veritas to a screeching halt and still rescue workers labored to find survivors. This was Veritas' first terrorist attack and it had shocked the nation into a state of withdrawal. This wasn't any single suicide bomber or anything as "small" as that; no, this was done in a large fashion, by no less than a sovereign nationstate. The only good news was that the explosion had been a conventional weapon rather than a nuclear one, however that was little solace to the families of the victims. Pink Pin Stripes would pay for this Thorin thought to himself as the chopped headed back to his official residence. The story hadn't broken just yet, but the first and second Armadas were already mobilizing and heading towards Pink Pin Stripes' shores with blood in their gaze. These fighters would settle for no less than the complete takeover of the bastards who had done this to their country.
Unum Veritas
08-12-2003, 02:29
08-12-2003, 02:31
I might as well. Tell me a bit about PPS and I might join. I tried a new RP, but this ( didn't do that well.
Unum Veritas
08-12-2003, 03:01
PPS has no real RP history. Its previous owner just did the issues and stuff then got tired and quit. She gave me the country and told me to take it over, so I've kinda RPed it as a region of UV, but now I'm going to RP the actual takeover. Its up to the players as to how exactly this goes.
08-12-2003, 03:26
((Mind if I have some spec ops have a little fun in the country? on UV's side of course.))
Unum Veritas
08-12-2003, 03:27
((Mind if I have some spec ops have a little fun in the country? on UV's side of course.))

Please go right ahead. I'd love for some people to begin RPing here and enlivening the thread.
08-12-2003, 03:28
ooc: Hmm... as much as I would like to be on UV's side, this looks a little unevenly matched. Would you hold a grudge if I backed PPS?

I wouldnt send in like 10 divisions of Über tanks and stuff. Maybe just some Spec Ops, elite troops and a lot of AIA operatives.
Unum Veritas
08-12-2003, 03:30
ooc: Hmm... as much as I would like to be on UV's side, this looks a little unevenly matched. Would you hold a grudge if I backed PPS?

LoL, no I wouldn't, but just keep in mind that this is in the past and that UV does win and PPS becomes part of UV's territory. This RP is purely for fun, so if you wish you can join in on their side (I just wouldn't commit to many forces since they eventually die/withdraw).
08-12-2003, 03:40
Is this going to take place back before April in real-life time? If so, President Michael would've been Special Forces Commander Michael and it would be a very interesting pre-President Michael, but post-Nanakaland-original-founding-date battle. I would then pledge Special Forces under Commander Michael to attack PPS. Otherwise, ignore this post.
Unum Veritas
08-12-2003, 03:45
Is this going to take place back before April in real-life time? If so, President Michael would've been Special Forces Commander Michael and it would be a very interesting pre-President Michael, but post-Nanakaland-original-founding-date battle. I would then pledge Special Forces under Commander Michael to attack PPS. Otherwise, ignore this post.

Ummm....a bit confused, but sure. We're using modern tech, but it just happened at some point in the past.
08-12-2003, 03:48
ooc: About how many years ago, I mean, like 5? 10? can you give me a rough estimate?
08-12-2003, 03:49
Is this going to take place back before April in real-life time? If so, President Michael would've been Special Forces Commander Michael and it would be a very interesting pre-President Michael, but post-Nanakaland-original-founding-date battle. I would then pledge Special Forces under Commander Michael to attack PPS. Otherwise, ignore this post.

Ummm....a bit confused, but sure. We're using modern tech, but it just happened at some point in the past.

Sorry for the wording. President - or at the time Commander - Michael is being sent to help you.
Unum Veritas
09-12-2003, 01:42
Unum Veritas
09-12-2003, 01:42
ooc: About how many years ago, I mean, like 5? 10? can you give me a rough estimate?

Umm...long enough that the PPS citizens don't resent UV control anymore....perhaps 10-20 years, but w/ modern tech. Let's go with 20 years just for safety's sake.
Unum Veritas
10-12-2003, 02:35
OOC-Okay, beginning the actual RP...

Commodore Theregrin stood on the bridge of the UVS Ravendhi, the command ship of the First Armada. He looked out in all directions at the vast array of ships at his command. He would be sending all of them into harm's way, against the bastards who had bombed his homeland. It was his job to make them pay, and he planned on doing so to the best of his ability. Theregrin sighed and stepped back into his cabin. The Armada was only 1 steaming day from Pink Pin Stripes' shores and he needed to get his battle plan in order.
10-12-2003, 02:51
President Michael decided to write his memoirs. He sat at his computer, thinking of a place to start. Then he figured out where. He started typing:

When writing my memoirs as President of Nanakaland, I must first start with the beginning of my military carrer. I was twenty-one. I was a Special Forces Commander when I was deployed to PPS. I was in charge of 59 other soldiers. We all were in six helicopters when we were deployed to help Unum Veritas' attack...

[OOC: For this thread, I will write my army's perspective from the point of view of my president's memoirs.]
10-12-2003, 03:02
The fleet of helicopters came in low, just over the treeline. While the Garibaldi class carrier they departed began its journey home. They were the last of the in-country men to enter PPS. Soon they would land in a small firebase further inland.

ooc: sorry, not in a very RPy mood tonight, will post more later.
Unum Veritas
10-12-2003, 03:22
As First Armada came nearer to PPS, the standing CAP increased and the fleet defense ships (Fleet Defense Catamarans, minesweepers, AEGIS destroyers, ASW frigates, etc) increased their alert. The fast-attack subs were sent out in forward-deployed screens and the Ohio SSBN's separated from the main group and disappeared off everyone's radar.

PPS's shore's were almost within striking distance so the armada slowed down, coming to a halt and forming a few concentric circles with a large open area at the center, where a massive amount of work was being done. In ten more hours a fully operational MOBO would be completed and ready for operations. Until then, the Ravendhi continued coordinating efforts and directing allied units into the protective bubble of the First Armada.
10-12-2003, 15:02
President Michael J. Smith continued his writing:

...and we took off in our helicopter, heading toward PPS. As Special Forces, we were the first forces of Nanakaland to arrive. Our six helicopters flew over PPS territory, in order to find a location for operations behind enemy lines. We weren't, however, counting on finding a secret enemy base.

The AA Guns shot at our helicopters. You must remember that this was during a time when the first models of the Standard Nanakan Army Helicopters (SNAHs) were released; the early models had low manoverbility compared to modern helicopters and even later SNAH models. When we were shot at, we were going at such a high speed that the sharp turn required to avoid the bullets was impossible. My helicopter came crashing to the ground of the forest....

[OOC: Just as a note, Commander Michael can't die because he is my current president. Everyone else could die in this RP, however. They won't all die now, but don't expect a crash to not claim any lives.]
Unum Veritas
10-12-2003, 23:19
OOC: I must say, these past RPs where you don't have to worry about the consequences are quite fun. Also, is there anyone who would be interested in RPing PPS' forces? I would, but then it'd be like fighting a war with myself. Agrigento, if you want to then you can, as can anyone else who is interested.

Finally the MOBO was complete, and the command of the entire armada had been transferred to its nerve center. If there was one of PPS' flaws, it was their vanity regarding their armed forces. They deemed their soldiers invincible and were overly proud of all their military conquests. Theregrin planned on using this to break the PPS spirit. Already his pilots were going over their plans for the first major strike against PPS. So far there had been no noticable change in the enemy's military routine. No ships had been massing, no large flights of jets, nor even a single reconnaissance bird. It was as if PPS was unaware of their presence, but that would all change soon. 6 F-117 Nighthawks were being given a final check on the MOBO's multiple runways, and on a separate wing 7 F/A-18 Super Hornets were being armed for ground attack duty.
Unum Veritas
11-12-2003, 01:09
Unum Veritas
11-12-2003, 03:59
Unum Veritas
11-12-2003, 23:59
So, anyone want to give Agrigento any help and RP PPS's forces?
Unum Veritas
13-12-2003, 00:49
Unum Veritas
13-12-2003, 02:48
Oh come on guys....somebody take PPS's forces for a fun, risk-free RP.
13-12-2003, 02:55
I would, but I'm already in this RP on the opposite side.
Unum Veritas
13-12-2003, 02:58
yeah, lol, i know
East Islandia
13-12-2003, 04:26
Mayb i'll RP PPS.

then i'll turn PPS into PMS..
(snickers evilly)

wut do i do? blow up stuff and become terrorista?
Unum Veritas
13-12-2003, 16:24
That attack has already taken place, now you're defending PPS's mainland from attack. Agrigento is helping you, while myself, Nanakaland, and perhaps others are attacking. You can make up whatever RL forces you want (within reason) and not worry about losing them because this is already in the past and isn't really your nation. Eventually our forces will win, but it ought to be a good fight first. Interested?
East Islandia
13-12-2003, 17:06
yes i suppose so. Alrite then, off to an RP we go. I assume i'll juss post as EI and RP as PPS?
Unum Veritas
13-12-2003, 23:00
Yeah, that's fine.

Let the RP begin!
Unum Veritas
13-12-2003, 23:18
There was an electric whir as the electromagnet catapults were activated and the 6 Nighthawks and 7 Super Hornets were hurled into the night's sky. The Nighthawks split into flights of 3 and headed in opposite directions while the Super Hornets continued in a straight path to distract any SAM batteries PPS might have set up. The Hornets would target any anti-aircraft set ups they encountered, while the Nighthawks performed a secret, deep-penetration strike (this is of course, secret IC).

A flight of Archangels providing CAP over the MOBO and the Veritasean armada saw the jets take off, lazily refuel, and then take off in the direction of PPS and each of the fighter pilots waited anxiously for the time when they would have the opportunity to send their countries' enemies to their untimely deaths in a ball of orange flame.
East Islandia
14-12-2003, 01:00
OOC nighthawks?? Super Hornets??? I thought this was a twenty years ago RP!


"Incoming fighters," Nakthunpas Krusang announced. A small man of Thai descent, he had been in the PPS Expansionary Defence Forces for some time, and remembered well the days before they had been reduced to...this, a small force barely capable of defending themselves against the Veritasean agressors and their imperialist allies.

"Missiles armed!" his operator replied.
"FIRE!" Krusang yelled.
Twenty SA-10s roared out of their launch tubes, headed straight for the UV fighters.
Meanwhile, fighters of the PPS Expansionary Ground Defence Force clutched their AK109s tightly. They were SDS, Shai-Ding-Su, or the PPS elite rapid response forces, about several miles in from the beaches, which were heavily wired with mines, obstacles, barbed wire, booby traps; the other day, three seagulls were blown up by mines before the stupid creatures got smart and left.

Offshore, six Akula class subs readied themselves. Four more Kilos were to join them, and the commander decided not to wait.

Wire guided torpedoes rushed out at the UV fleet.

Sixty Su37s, comprising 8 percent of the PPS EDAF rushed out to engage the UV fighters and probe their defences.
14-12-2003, 01:24
Firebase Gloria
Central PPS

The blackhawks landed next to a group of parked A129 Internationals and the soldiers on board quickly departed with their gear. They made the population of this particular base just over 300. It was home to two companies of the "Folgore" Parachute Brigade, and a small medical station.

The nearby adjoining airfield was little more than a dirt patch of flat land, carved out by napalm. It had 2 squadrons of A129 International Attack Helicopters and large numbers of support and transport craft. The largest plane it could handle were the 2 C-27 Spartans that it housed in mud covered hangars.

(I am not using some of my newer stuff, such as the VC-27 Parthian Gunship, V-22 Ospreys, Giavellotto's, Dragos, and Combattentes. So basically my airforce is severely downgraded.)
Unum Veritas
14-12-2003, 18:24
OOC nighthawks?? Super Hornets??? I thought this was a twenty years ago RP!

OOC-We agreed that its in the past but we're using modern tech for the fun and ease of it (mainly cause I know very little of past tech).
Unum Veritas
14-12-2003, 18:40
OOC-Are those SAM's engaging the Hornets or the Nighthawks?

*Aboard the MOBO*

"Sir, we're getting highly increased enemy action in the air and in the water," a young ensign reported before being interrupted.
"Incoming! We have incoming torpedoes at our 12 O'Clock. Unsure of their exact numbers, but they appear to be submarine-launched!"
"Are the ASW frigates notified?" Commodore Therin asked.
"Aye sir, they receive all of our sonar and radar take."
"Then instruct them to deal with the torpedoes. Move the Virginia class attack subs and the Los Angeles subs forward, have them hunt down these enemies."

These orders had just begun to be carried out when more sirens went off in the command center of the MOBO.
"Incoming aircraft! We have around 70 enemy aircraft of unknown type on a direction bearing for us, sir." a technician reported shrilly.
"Okay, get in touch with the carriers and have them launch Archangels, Sea Raptors, and X-29's. Have us launch our own fighters as well, and move the AEGIS destroyers and guided missile cruisers to interdiction roles. Have them expand our bubble of protection, and keep those jets away from us. Have some people double-check the CIWS systems, just in case. Henceforth Admiral Halsing is in charge of the ASW operations, and I'll be in charge of the AA campaign. Any reports regarding incoming torpedoes or enemy subs should not be reported to me. Now, get moving!" Commodore Therin ordered.

Minutes later fighter aircraft began streaking off their carriers and off the MOBO's airstrips. A CSA (the new AWACS) also took off to control any air battle that might ensue. The Arleigh Burke AEGIS Destroyers and the Ticonderoga Guided Missile Cruisers moved to intercept the incoming aircraft, and Oliver Hazard Perry ASW Frigates moved in the direction of the incoming torpedoes as they launched counter-measures, and 4 Virginia Attack Subs and 4 LA attack subs moved to attack the enemy submarines.
East Islandia
14-12-2003, 19:59
"Information coming in from the coast," an orderly reported to Commander Na. "Latest updates and target taskings are being downloaded as we speak."

"Very well, then Lieutenant," the commander replied. "Fire when ready."

Forty SSN22 Sunburn missiles roared out from launch tubes all along the coast, congregating towards the UV forces. In the east, twenty modified HY2XX7 Silkworm missiles rushed towards AG forces.

The Akulas and Kilos begin to fire torpedos at the attack subs. there are six akulas and ten kilos, all armed with wire guided torpedoes.



As the Sus come into range of the fleet, they quickly split by squadron, seeking to enter the fleet and penetrate their air defences. An elite group of five Sus head for the AWACS craft.

the missiles are fired at the Hornets.

and how do you "deal" with torpedoes on frigates? wut sort of countermeasures have you?
14-12-2003, 20:29
[OOC: The itallics are from the point of view of Preident Michael J. Smith looking back on the past and is from his point of view. Everything else is normal looking.]

The helicopter crashed to the ground. The hostilities had already started by the time my Special Forces team got back on their feet after the crash. The other helicopters and teams were long gone. We had only one choice - to keep moving.

When we scanned the helicopter for everything that was in it, we noticed that both the pilot and co-pilot were dead. We only had a few minutes before going on. A fuel tank leak made the helicopter explode. My team now had to move fast to aviod capture. The thirteen other survivors followed me as I lead them deeper into the jungle to avoid PPS capture....

Nanakaland was on a state of high alert. More Special Forces teams were being sent to clear the way for a Nanakaland invasion. Meanwhile, the five helicopters already in PPS (Michael's helicopter doesn't count - it was downed and is part of a totally different plot) were moving faster. They were sent to go to the largest fort in PPS and disable it....

NOTE: Commander Michael and his team were shot down upon entrance. The team (including the downed helicopter and the active helicopter) left before the war started and that's why they are already in. Commander Michael cannot die because he later becomes President Michael.
East Islandia
14-12-2003, 21:04
Several PPS troops from an SDS unit nearby advance on the crash site in APCs and IFVs. helicopters immediately circle over hte site, searching for the survivors, and machine gunning the wreckage randomly.

one of the privates from the SDS spots a movign shadow, so he yells and fires his AK109 in the direction of hte movement. PRetty soon, the jungle is ablaze as the troops empty streams of rifle fire in the direction of the retreating operatives form Nanakaland and chase after them.
Unum Veritas
14-12-2003, 21:08
OOC-My ASW frigates have completely modern countermeasures, mainly AN/SSQ-95's, AN/SLQ-25, NGCM's, and SSTD's. It also has some things of my own development (like a system that does something similar to cuts up wires or damages the torpedo by launching heavy, razor sharp metal pieces). Also, this is just out of my own curiousity, but in order to fire wire-guided torpedoes wouldn't you have had to be in close and you also would have to stay paying attention to the torpedoes you fired; you wouldn't be able to turn and engage my subs without severing the wires on your other torpedoes. Also AG forces are friendly to you I believe, so you might not want to launch missiles at them... :wink:

The Super Hornets have begun evasive maneuvers, while still attempting to drop their munitions. Jammers came on, however 1 Hornet was hit immediately and crashed to the ground, while the others fired off chaff and tried to maneuver out of the missiles radar lock. 2 Hornets got their full payload off, targetting major SAM batteries in the area, and 2 others got off most of theirs before being forced to pull off. 2 other Hornets were forced to drop their payloads to increase their maneuverability. 3 AGM-88 HARM anti-SAM battery bombs were launched, and several BLU-97/B submunition dumb bombs were dropped throughout the area. Two more hornets were shot down as they struggled to return to the MOBO and a fourth received structural damage but managed to escape.

The Nighthawks proceeded unmolested to their separate targets. The first flight of 3 "Black Jets" reached PPS's capital city and dropped 1 MOAB, 1 MK-79 Napalm, and 2 "bunker busters" on key government targets. The other flight of 3 jets reached a main power grid that helped redirect electricity throughout the nation and dropped 1 BLU-114/B "Blackout" each (these ravage electric infrastructure within a country). After the jets had launched their munitions they returned to their high altitude and headed back to the MOBO.

*Back at sea*
Commodore Therin had his hands full dealing with the incoming attacks and was quickly loosing the initiative. Thus far there had been no news as to the success of his air strikes on PPS's He now had incoming enemy jets, a sub battle going on, some ASW frigates in danger of death-by-torpedo, and now his radar operators were reporting incoming missiles.
"Well, two can play that game," he thought to himself.
"Order the arsenal ships to target heavy military concentrations and blast them with Tomahawks."
Five minutes later loud rockets were heard as the first salvo of 20 Tomahawks were fired at military bases coordinating the attacks against UV forces. Five minutes after that another 30 were fired.
"Now, what to do with the immediate threats?" he asked himself.
I've got a total of 30 Archangels, 30 Sea Raptors, 20 X-29's, and 2 CSA's aloft so they should be able to deal with the enemy aircraft which have now been classified by their radar signature as Su-37's. My AEGIS destroyers and guided missile cruisers should be engaging them now, to give the fighters a better chance.
And almost as if on command a communications technician reported a total of 20 Sea Sparrow anti-air missiles had been launched as well as 20 Standard SM-2's. Therin considered the CSA's to be rather secure considering there were 12 Archangels protecting each, and the enemy couldn't be sure which aircraft was actually the on-line vessel controlling the air battle and which one was up for looks. Therin turned to look at a radar screen and saw his fighters separate into flights of 10 jets each (4 Archangels, 4 Sea Raptors, and 2 X-29's each) and begin to engage the enemy jets that had beaten the ship-launched missiles.

Meanwhile Admiral Halsing was attempting to keep control of the submarine battle. Already ASW heloes had been launched to drop sonobuoys and coordinate their attacks with Veritasean subs in the area, but he was still waiting on news from his ASW frigates. They were attempting to break the wires of the incoming torpedoes, but Halsing was unsure of how successful this would prove. ASW missiles had been launched from his Perry class frigates and the Virginia class attack subs reported launching 10 MK-50 torpedoes at the enemy subs now classified as Akulas and Kilos. Halsing was tempted to throw more of his subs into the fray but was afraid of cluttering the battlefield too much so he chose to rely on his existing subs in the area and airborne and shipborne assets to back them up. The Perry Frigates had fired 4 RUR-5 ASROC vertical launch torpedo delivery systems which each held MK-50 torpedoes.

***I'd go on, but this post is long enough as it is and any more would not give you a fair chance to reply. Now where are the other nations involved in this RP?***

OOC-I love the way you're making the PPS soldiers out to be these crazy AK wielding guys, its hiliarious (no sarcasm meant either).
Unum Veritas
15-12-2003, 03:09
East Islandia
15-12-2003, 20:04
only five subs are engaging your fleet; four kilos and another akula are keepign watch to make sure there are no other sneak attacks.

And they're not ALL crazy AK wieldin guys... just because some1 wields an AK does not mean that they're crazy. Still, I think its funny too, so its all good.

Twelve Su37s have been downed or damaged by the missiles; whatever hte case, they are now out of the fight.

The remaining fighters fire off their missiles quickly and do their best to penetrate the air screen. THey shoot and run, not pausing to fire again or take challenges form individual fighters, but rather just conduct high speed raids...

In the east, Su34s fly in quicky, launching BVR attack missiles, Chinese made C801s and even a few Yakhont, one of about three hundred purchased from Russia before the war.

An Akula has been sunk, ruptured, and about fifteen crew members have survived. THe rest die, crushed beneath the depths, and the Kilos protecting the Akulas are enraged, firing off thirty torpedoes (not wire guided) at the attacking subs from UV.

bbl, i have to go somewhere now... mayb bbl tmrw.
15-12-2003, 22:34
We heard PPS' forces advancing on us. Even though they greatly outnumbered us, we had an advantage. We were ahead in the forest - the pursuers were long behind us. Also, the fort - a couple of hundred miles from us - was the target list for the five remaining helicopters. If we managed to make it to the fort and back up the rest of our team, we would have a fort that would be defendable against the PPS pursuers.

All we needed was a way to slow the pursuers enough. Colonel Bell had an idea. Bell was an honorable man of great intellegence and it was no surprise he had come up with an idea to rig the forest with traps. We had grenades, daggers, and wire. In the forest there was a seemingly unlimited supply of leaves and branches. The path we took was soon filled with pitfalls and explosive tripwire. The only catch was that there was no safe way back for any of us.

One of the helicopter's two gunners decided to investigate a noise we heard and he never came back. We assumed that PPS got him and we had to move on before we would fall the same fate as our poor gunner. We kept moving northeast to catch up with the others, who were far ahead, ready to assault the fort....

Meanwhile, the four (my mistake, only four still advancing) remaining helicopters kept advancing on the fort. It was not long before they reached the PPS fort that was on the border of the forest. They landed just outside the view of the fort and the fourty-eight Special Forces snuck through the forest to take out the fort secretly.

The sixteen crew of the helicopters were left to gaurd the helicopter landing area. A green flare from the fort would be their signal that the fort is captured and it is safe to move to the fort. A blue flare would signal that the Special Forces or a Special Forces member were moving back to the helicopter area for any reason. A red flare would mean that helicopter weapons support is needed to take the fort.
Unum Veritas
18-12-2003, 01:45
Sorry I haven't recently posted...I was busy OOC and trying to give others a chance to jump into the RP. I'll make a more detailed post in the next day or so (if not tonight).
Unum Veritas
20-12-2003, 00:31
OOC-EI, I wasn't implying that all users of the AK are crazy...

The missiles fired by the PPS fighters were immediately engaged by systems aboard the various AEGIS ships. Unfortunately not all were destroyed before they made contact, and 2 Arleigh Burke Destroyers were hit, 1 so repeatedly before it sank, and 1 Ticonderoga Guided Missile Cruiser was sunk as well. The fighters in the air were told of this over their radios and they angrily chased after the retreating PPS fighters, all the while launching Sparrows, Sidewinders, and Phoenixes at the enemy aircraft. Up to this point 4 Archangels, 5 X-29's, and 3 F-14E Ultra Tomcats have been downed, and only half of the downed pilots have been recovered. Rescue operations are currently underway to try and help out the crews of the sinking ships. Hospital ships are coming online to keep up with the medical needs of the injured men.

1 Los Angeles sub has been completely destroyed due to a direct-hit by an enemy torpedo. No survivors are expected. A Virginia class sub was damaged by a torpedo that exploded in its immediate vicinity and is limping back to a submarine tender. More noise makers have been dropped, and one could practically walk from sonobuoy to sonobuoy without ever getting wet. Sonar operators aboard the MOBO have a very good idea of what's going on, there just isn't much they can do about it. The ASW frigates are now firing anti-sub missiles at will, and a few heloes have begun dropping additional torpedoes. Another ASW frigate was hit by what was hoped to be the final incoming torpedo and has pulled back in the hope it can be repaired at-sea.

The 6 F-117 Nighthawks have returned to the MOBO and the success of their mission (previously described) was reported to Commodore Therin who greeted the news exuberantly.
Unum Veritas
24-12-2003, 02:56
24-12-2003, 16:41
I'm waiting for East Islandia to post before I can start the fortress assault with the remaining Special Forces and continue the fleeing of the downed Special Forces.
East Islandia
24-12-2003, 17:14
In the dim light of the early morning, the fortress stood stock still, a gray monolith bathed in translucent light. Dark figures stood on the towers, weapons held in one hand, and were it not for the occasional glinting of a light on their rifles, would nto have been seen.

Shadows flit in the darkness outside the fort. Several SDS troopers move quietly, searching for the Nanakaland SF troops nearby, watching, waiting....

not very heavily enforced for a border fort...
United Elias
24-12-2003, 17:25
:D cool RP, if there's any role for me, say so, if not I'll just read it.
24-12-2003, 17:27
The Special Forces scanned the area. The fort was mainly defended with the tallest tower. If they could destroy the tower, they'd catch the fort by surprise and start a diversion. They just needed a way to do that.

One of the soldiers signaled the others to go around back. He then assembled a portable missile launcher. The soldier shot a missile straight into the tallest tower. Then, the rest of the soldiers split into two groups. One group started climbing up the opposite wall and shot some guards by surprise. The Special Forces spread through the whole area.

Meanwhile, the other Special Forces group ran straight into a SDS patrol....

[OOC: Post the fort losses.

By the way, there are several things going on at once. The first group (not mentioned in this post) is the fleeing Special Forces that were shot down. The second group is the Special Forces that assaulted the fortress. The third group is the Special Forces that stayed around the outside of the fortress and ran into the patrol you sent out. The final group (not mentioned in this post) is guarding the helicopters.]
24-12-2003, 17:40
the battleShip Fiery Elias in her bluey green of the sea

a single mi-24 powered up and took off the flight deck,it was the middle of the night, andthe pilot flew with no lights, he reached the coastin minutes........

ooc edit: all done :D
24-12-2003, 17:44
The Mi24 flew barely 30 ft above the ground, about 5 mins later, it set down, 7 black cladded figures lept out, then the figures ran into the darkness, that was the last anyone ever saw them alive again....
East Islandia
24-12-2003, 18:23
As the tower exploded, several other places detonated also. Someone from Nanakaland probably hit the armory.
Strangely, none of the black clad figures seemed to move, and they were easily felled by bullets.

As the troopers from Nanakaland entered the fort, they soon saw why; the fort was empty, save for a skeleton garrison of five people, five men with tattoos of criminals branded on their arms.

the black clad figures were wooden dummies dressed in black SDS uniforms and armed with carved AKs.

The realization that they were tricked dawned on them right before the entire fort detonated as Commander Sang pressed a large red button on his console and ordered his troops to move in.

A division of SDS troopers, reinforced with tanks and IFVs, begin to move in. Helicopters drop more of the elite troops, and soon, the forest is alive with shouts and gunfire as the men search for the enemy.
24-12-2003, 19:33
they remained perfectly still, parachute flares were going off around them, the decoys thay had set up weren't so difficult, one of the black clad figures carrie a suppressed Dragonov sniper rifle, one by one he shot them down, another began setting up a PK heavy machine gun, the other held their bison's tightly, not long now.....
24-12-2003, 20:11
The entire team inside the fortress died. Five of the team on the perimeter of the fortress died before they fled into the forest. They shot a blue flare into the air and the forest swarmed with motion.

The people at the helicopter landing area were surprised to see that there were retreating Special Forces comming, many of them wounded. They expected the assault to be quick and easy, but it wasn't. The survivers got into the helicopters and prepared to evacuate the area. It was then that something happened....

We were still rushing through the forest when we saw a blue flare. We realized that it was the rest of the team. Excited, we kept running toward the flare. Our group ran into the helicopter landing spot. However, our excitement soon ended as we learned the losses. The helicopters took off and we retreated toward Nanakaland for reinforcements....
24-12-2003, 20:16
as the helicopter took off the PK machine gun opened fire, the bullets riddeled the chopper, it listed, but they were unsure as to whether it would crash
Unum Veritas
25-12-2003, 04:31
Midlonia, first of all a battleship has absolutely zero chance of coming alongside a ship that is part of a 400 vessel assault group (not counting the MOBO), so I'd suggest you revise that. Should you wish to revise it (and subsequently your other posts) then you may remain in the RP, if not you will kindly leave.
Unum Veritas
25-12-2003, 04:38
United Elias, the RP isn't very old so I'm sure we could find a spot for you if you wish. Have any particular places in mind?
25-12-2003, 07:55
ooc: Merry Christmas
Unum Veritas
25-12-2003, 18:01
And the same to you.
United Elias
25-12-2003, 18:04
United Elias, the RP isn't very old so I'm sure we could find a spot for you if you wish. Have any particular places in mind?

No i'll do anything you want you really, not bothered.
Unum Veritas
25-12-2003, 18:05
Well we're pretty easy. There are spots open for the invading force and for the defending force (which ultimately loses). Its completely up to you, this is just a chance to work on RP skills without really losing any forces or anything substantial.
East Islandia
26-12-2003, 04:40
yea i'll be gone tmrw thru monday.

Happy Holidays
27-12-2003, 22:49
BUMP out of boredom (I need a response to my previous attacks)
Unum Veritas
30-12-2003, 16:21
Unum Veritas
31-12-2003, 03:39
Don't tell me I have to BUMP again!!!!! Oh the horror!

*mock faint*
Unum Veritas
02-01-2004, 18:22
Where is Agrigento, East Islandia, Nanakaland, and everyone else in this RP?
02-01-2004, 18:52
I don't know what to do here anymore. I've got "RPer's block" (similar to "writer's block").
Unum Veritas
02-01-2004, 18:59
Hmmmm.....perhaps instead of waiting for EI to reply to my last RP post I should launch my own attack to "jump start the RP".
East Islandia
02-01-2004, 20:24
ehh sorry about that
i have a lot of work to finish
Unum Veritas
02-01-2004, 22:27
No problem, I know how that is. Would you prefer me to go ahead and make another RP post, and then you can reply to both whenever you get a chance? If there's no reply to this after a little while I'll assume you're too busy or want me to go ahead and will do so.
East Islandia
03-01-2004, 18:05
um yea i guess.. wutever seems most convienient for u... i mean, i was planning to conduct guerilla warfare.
Unum Veritas
03-01-2004, 22:42
Okay, but who was RPing the attacks on my naval forces and the defenses from my aerial/missile strikes? Wasn't it you? *thoroughly confused...* lol
Unum Veritas
05-01-2004, 03:50
A flight of 14 more F/A-18 Super Hornets jumped off their respective carriers and were immediately met by KC-150 aerial tankers who topped each of the Hornets' tank off. The Super Hornets met up with 6 F-35 JSF's, 6 F-23 Black Widow II's, and 6 F-22 Raptors. All 32 planes headed toward PPS's shore-based radar and AA batteries. The Hornets would be blasting the batteries as well as any airfields they happened upon, while the other aircraft cleared the sky of any enemy fighters.

At the same time, a Hellfire Class Heavy Cruiser steamed away from the main mass of Veritasean ships and moved closer to shore, but still within the MOBO's protective bubble. Once within range, the cruiser stopped and slowly turned amidship. Its many guns turned towards the shore and began taking aim at various other radar and missile battery installations, as well as any comm towers it could find.
"A guns on target, B guns on target, C guns on target and standing by," a young gunnery officer reported, sure that his voice was carrying over the water.
"Good, on my mark commence firing," was the ship's commanding officer's reply, "3...2...mark!"
As one, the ship's guns answered the officer's call and wrecked the stillness of the night as incendiary charges, depleted uranium rods, HE ammunition, and other projectiles were hurled at the shore's military installations. The flashes from the ship were a truly wonderous sight as the cruiser unloaded over 200 rounds per minute.
Unum Veritas
10-01-2004, 02:27
East Islandia
10-01-2004, 03:47
Hundreds of dummy bunkers, built of flammable material on purpose, exploded and were set aflame immediately. The fires were quikly put out after the bombardment ceased, and the real positions were quickly opened up and thirty SSN22 Sunburn missiles, sixty Silkworms and eighty Exocet projectiles launched at UV ships. Twenty Yakhonts were launched at extreme range from Tu22s of the Navy's Second Coastal Strike Division

further along the coast, two airfields were wrecked as the COs failed to get their planes into hangars quickly enough.

Meanwhile, SDS troopers and local paramilitary forces gird up for the invasion from UV that is sure to follow.

hmm i was juss wondering... wut exactly brought this war on anyway? Like waht was the story behind it?
Unum Veritas
10-01-2004, 17:37
EI--tricky tricky with those fake bunkers :x . I sorta started developing the story some, but then I let it go away, I need to get that started again...
*I can never remember the names of my people, so if it changes every post, please forgive me :oops: *

Commodore Therin stood leaning against a wall in the MOBO's CIC. The jets from his last raid on PPS' airfields were returning, and it had evidently been a success. He wasn't sure as to the result of the heavy cruiser's attack. He had heard the command for it to open fire and then had seen plenty of heat blooms on PPS' land, but then had come countless launch blooms. That cruiser was almost undoubtedly a gonner. The PPS leader must have thought he'd moved a large amount of ships to that location to respond with that much firepower. Some of the missiles were aimed at the main collection of forces though, and that was a cause for concern. Therin ordered his AEGIS cruisers and destroyers to a higher alert and had them fan out to meet any incoming missiles. Meanwhile his fighter jets in the air were still locked in battle with the enemy jets, but the battle had moved out over the ocean, and Therin had an Air Marshal who's job it was to keep on top of that fight. One of those brief silences enveloped the CIC, as all of the orders had been given and everyone just waited to see what the next moves would be. The momentary lapse in action gave Therin the opportunity to reflect on the reasons he was away from home and waging war on a nation he'd never even stepped foot on before.

It had all started with the trade negotiations. Pink Pin Stripes, a regional ally of Unum Veritas had just experienced a change in government. The democratic government had been violently overthrown by an upstart group of totalitarian rebels. PPS had been engaged in trade talks with UV at the time of the change and PPS had suddenly reversed its stance. The Veritaseans were about to win an important concession from PPS, when suddenly PPS backed away from all of their previous agreements and cut off all Veritasean exports to their country. Now, as a major trading partner, this would severely effect UV's businesses, so in retaliation UV adopted a mirror image of PPS' stance and blocked all exports from that country. Now there was a standoff, but it was hurting the new PPS government, who were still trying to consolidate their rule, more than it hurt the long-standing UV government. The PPS people slowly began to realize that this new government was doing little to help them and murmurs of recovering the democratic government began to circulate. The new dictatorship in PPS realized they must do something before they lost control, and their decision was a surprise, terrorist attack at the heart of the Veritasean business district. One large explosion caused several other, strategically placed, bombs to subsequently explode, devastating many of the largest businesses in Unum Veritas. This terrorist action caused the Veritasean High Chancellor to deem the government of Pink Pin Stripes a roque nation and to seek retaliation.

Therin didn't know any of the businessmen who had died in the several explosions, but he had seen the crater it had created on his way to his ship. He had been at a countryhouse of his when the decision to send in Therin's armada had been made, and a helicopter had come to collect him. After a hasty, but heartfelt farewell to his brand new wife, Therin boarded the chopper and raced to his warship. As the helicopter touched down, he could see the frantic activities of the port, as around 100 vessels struggled to put to sea. Therin would meet up with the other 300 or so ships stationed in different ports, once they had all cleared their respective harbors.

Twelve days later, and here he was, watching missiles attack his ships, jets engage in a huge dogfight, and trying to plan his next move. Up to this point Therin had exclusively targetted military installations, and he was wondering if he should change this tactic. Instead, he decided to fight fire with fire. Therin's voice suddenly broke the silence in the CIC and caused several crewmen to jump.

"Lightstreak. Engage Operation Lightstreak now."

The crewmen all paused for a second before frantically making calls to the various ships in the fleet. SSGN's surfaced to receive the operation designator, and other various attack ships suddenly reversed course and began moving in a new, purposeful way. Intel specialists began double and triple checking photos taken from recon satellites, as well as from HUMINT and other various SIGINT sources. Everything had to be just right for this operation. (Of course all of that was secret, but I'm sure you'd notice the sudden movement by all the ships)
East Islandia
11-01-2004, 03:36
"What do you suppose they're doing?" the radar officer asked High General Cwai.
"No idea," he replied. "But it's about time we made them react to our moves. Scramble the First Strike Detachment, Second Interdiction/Electronic Group, and Fifth Fighter Division, and have them converge on the UV fleet. Their air defences are sound, but we need to penetrate them and destroy them. Refit the Tus and have them go on another strike."

Cwai paused for a moment. "What is the possibility of amphibious assault?"
"High," his sat-int coordinator replied. "Probably at the beacheads on the Eastern Coast or the flat, sandy dunes on West Isle; we have five divisions of SDS, six divisions of paramilitary troops at each, with three regular Line Divisions within three minutes backup, with heavier armor and artillery of each location. effectively, those two areas are walled off."

"What about the Southern end?" Cwai asked. "We have valuable docks and facilities there."
"Five divisions of Sea Tigers are stationed there," his troop coordinator replied. "With four divisions in backup, ready to respond. In the North, we have tried to get our trading ships, loaded with civilians, out of the country, but the Paramount Leader has forbidden that, and ordered us all to fight."
Cwai muttered to himself. That was certainly not the best move, but it seemed their best chance was at ground warfare.
So much for winning.
Unum Veritas
11-01-2004, 19:32
"Sir, all Lightstreak ships are in position," an ensign reported to Commodore Therin.
"Good, are our communications patched in?" Therin asked before receiving a nod in answer. Therin then picked up a headset and slipped it on his head. He adjusted the microphone and spoke into it,

"Operation Lightstreak is a go, I repeat, Lightstreak is a go. Initiate!"

These words echoed in the Combat Information Centers of nearly every offensive ship in the armada, and Therin's order was immediately answered by crewmen scattered across the bay. Almost every surface to surface missile launcher opened and began a launch sequence. Within two minutes, 50 Tomahawks, 40 HyStrikes, 40 HyTechs, and 50 JSSCM's were streaking towards various targets within PPS at supersonic speed. Military command and control centers, government buildings, key infrastructure points, industrial facilities, ship ports, major airfields, as well as troop concentrations on the Eastern Coast were among the targets. A few SSGN's that had moved in close to the shore launched a total of 30 Harpoons at more troop concentrations and C&C bunkers.

"Commodore Therin, I'm seeing highly increased aerial activity, and it appears to be headed in this direction!"
"Before or after our strikes?"
"It started before and slowly picked up during."
"Shit! Get more aircraft up! I want F-23's, F-22's, F-35's, F-14E's, and UV-00's in the air ASAP. Launch from the carriers, assault ships, and the MOBO and any other craft that has fighter jets. Have the AEGIS ships put on alert, again. Where are my Operations Officers? I want plans drawn up for dismantling those blasted airfields immediately."

Aircraft began scrambling into the sky, and command and control was immediately transferred to the CSA in the air. Tankers were aloft topping of fighters' fuel tanks. But suddenly, following an order from the MOBO, all radars were switched to passive, in the hope that the enemy fighters might become disoriented without something to aim for. As a timer ticked the seconds by in the MOBO CIC, the operations officer watching the stopwatch breathed one word which was then relayed to every ship and plane in the fleet,


As one, every radar in the armada lit off, and the incoming fighters were painted by a massive amount of high powered radars. Weapons went active and were fired. AEGIS ships went to full-automation and salvos of AA munition were launched. Half the Veritasean fighters streaked in behind the opening wave of missiles and each targetted their own enemy to take down, while the other half climbed to high altitude, prepared to swoop down on the enemy at a moment's notice. The charging Veritasean fighters were pushing the battle out to sea, rather than over the fleet's figurative head.

Back aboard the MOBO, Therin received some news he had awaited for the past few days.
"Sir, High Command reports the CBG's you requested are now in the theater, on the opposite side of PPS."
"Excellent, relay them the coordinates of targets we had a high likelihood of missing or ones we just didn't target and ask them to please take care of them for us."
"Aye sir."

Ten minutes later a technician reported picking up about 50 missile launch blooms of the opposite coast of PPS.
Unum Veritas
17-01-2004, 18:50
Boredom BUMP
East Islandia
17-01-2004, 19:15
sry i havent been replying

"Sir we have heavy losses!" a technician shouted. "Half the strike force is gone!"

The General swore. "The damned Veriteaseans wont get away so easily," he said. "Fire more missiles! Prepare for concerted surface combat!"

As he spoke, nearly thirty catamarans and missile cruisers moved into position about eighty km north of the UV fleet. Missiles blossomed out of launch bays, experimental long range torpedoes dropped intot he water, and sea skimming sunburns and Yakhonts were launched.

"Thank God for the Russians," Cwai said grimly. Only they would sell weaponry as if theycould not run out.
17-01-2004, 23:06
When news of the failed assault hit Nanakaland, the people were enraged. The Head Senator immediately ordered over an assault team - 5,000 Special Forces deployed via paradrops, including me. In these days, Nanakaland was part of the UN, but there was no ban on chemical or biological weapons. That meant that Nanakaland had a backup plan if the Special Forces had to retreat. The backup plan involved launching a cocktail of sarin and VX.

On a side note, I must mention that Nanakaland was then capable of chemical weapons. Nanakaland has since then lost the ability and then regained the ability to produce chemical and biological weapons.
Unum Veritas
24-01-2004, 19:10
"Multiple launch blooms!" a radar operator aboard the MOBO reported suddenly, "Appear to be launched from naval surface assets and are headed this way."

"Transients!" a sonar operator practically echoed, "Multiple torpedoes in the water and actively pinging."

"Damn, I thought we'd targetted their friggin' surface ships!" Therin swore before going on in his brisk, businesslike leader-voice, "Move the AEGIS screen forward to intercept missiles. I want ASW assets forward as well. Bring all MOBO systems to full-auto and place every surface combat officer on full alert. Launch the North Wing's decoy assets. Get a full squadron of F/A-18's armed for air-to-surface and another squadron of F-23's armed for escort duty aloft immediately. Have a CSA vector them in on the surface ships. Move the Sea Shadows (a stealth assault ship) and Visby's (a stealthy corvette type ship) forward, along with the Weathered torpedo boats. I want those surface ships gone, so have another flight of fighter-bombers on the decks, ready to launch at any moment."

With that order came the first major sea battle of the contest. Fighters roared off their catapults, formed up, and zoomed towards the PPS ships under the protection of their Black Widow II escort. Slower, but more deadly assault ships followed in the jets' wake, turning on their radars and getting targets for their chirping weapons. Meanwhile, defensive measures were also being taken to safeguard the main flotilla. The AEGIS screen once again went up, and the Perry class frigates prepared to either sacrifice themselves or take out the incoming torpedoes in some other fashion. On the North Wing of the MOBO active countermeasures were launched from missile tubes and from ship dockings under the superstructure. The missile-launched devices sank and released sonar signatures similar to submarines, a very enticing target for torpedoes, while the other countermeasures were a new device of the Veritaseans. These small, remote-controlled craft had noise makers on them that broadcast the sounds of a destroyer or even a carrier throughout the waters, to confuse torpedoes.

As the officers and crewmen aboard the MOBO awaited the arrival of the aerial strike force, Therin had an idea.

"How many of their ships are on our scope?" he inquired of a radar technician.

"Just the outlying ships, sir, none of their interior vessels, at least not without pushing our equipment some," she replied.

"Alright, relay the coordinates of those ships to our missile cruisers and have them take those ships out ASAP. Comms, tell the CSA to have our jets skip the outlying ships and aim for the interior of the formation," Therin ordered.

Missiles began firing off a few minutes later and all on the MOBO and the various other ships waited, with baited breath, the outcome of the battle. Unfortunately they were unable to wait very long as the incoming munitions occupied their attention.

AEGIS systems began firing off salvo after salvo of anti-air munitions at the incoming missiles and already a call had gone out to Veritasean High Command requesting an increase in the supply ship convoy. ASW frigates dropped more countermeasures and by now there were probably as many noisemakers as ships in the water. All ships now had their Prairie Masker systems operating, so the decoys were more enticing targets than the actual ships. Most of the torpedoes that made it all 80km hit random decoys, however a few made it through and Therin was horrified to look out a window and see a fleet oiler go up in flames before slowly beginning a descent to the bottom of the sea. Search and Rescue helicopters lifted off of various craft, but Therin couldn't focus on their mission, it was his job to prevent them from having any more work. The AEGIS crews were definitely being overworked in this operation, but it would provide excellent training for them and would more than validate their expensive systems. More torpedoes and missiles made it through the Veritasean nets and by the time the attack was declared over several patrol craft as well as a cruiser and a frigate had gone down, but Therin managed to forget this as he focused in on the surface battle taking place 80km's to his north.
East Islandia
24-01-2004, 21:23
Um im gonna be out for a few days, wit midterms and other RPs going on, so dont wait up for me....