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Exetonia seeks to repare rift between shildonia and herself

07-12-2003, 03:57
Official statement from Exetonia to Shildonia:

Dear Shildonian Leader,
It has come to my attention that we have yet to rectify this rift between our two nations. As a gesture of good will, i would like to invite you and your personal armed guard for a tour of our facilities here in exetonia including the Nuclear research facility. Any vehicle yoou use to come to our country will be treated as Shildonian Territory and not touched. Also, we would like to pay reparitions over our actions close to your waters to the tune of 50 billion NS dollars. If we had not been using that area in the first place, none of this confusion over that damned missile would have happened. We await your reply

Yours, Exetonian Minister of external affairs.
07-12-2003, 17:25
Our illustrious High Chairman welcomes the openness of the Exetonian Government regarding their nuclear facilities, and graciously accepts their offer to visit the facilities as soon as he has a gap in his schedule. He notes that had these actions been taken earlier, none of the resulting unpleasantness would have occurred.
He also welcomes the offer of reparations for the Exetonian actions in the Shildonian Sea, which will go some way towards paying for the alerts that were needed to ensure our national security during that difficult time.
07-12-2003, 17:33
Government of Shildonia. We will make preparations for your arrival and will immediately wire the money for the reparitions. We were foolish to even think about denying you access in the first place and are extremly sory for the trouble caused. The access pasess you will need to enter the facility will be given to you upon arrival and we will have our EEG waiting to take out any terrorist threat that could arrise. - Exetonian department of External affairs