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OOC: Screenshots for RP here (PICS!!)

06-12-2003, 22:38
If you want to use any of my screenshots please place the following text below them.

Copyright, Ross Bearman (AKA Kazaakisthan)
06-12-2003, 22:38
You play empire earth. Just a guess.
06-12-2003, 22:40
Yeah... lol i'm getting Art of Conquest expansion in a few days.
06-12-2003, 22:40
You got that from Empire Earth
06-12-2003, 22:41
I know i have said it twice. I took them in the map editor. I made the whole of Kazaakisthan.
06-12-2003, 22:43
Those are some nice pics. I suck at empire earth
06-12-2003, 22:50
I'm quite god at it but i like making maps more.

You can use any of these for you RP's I will make them on request aswell and more are coming. Including Subs, sea battles, wars, secret ops teams.
07-12-2003, 11:41