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Introduction of NEW tank based APC; panzer wagon VII

06-12-2003, 03:23
Das Uber Deutschland recently introduced their new, top of the line, King Tiger III (PzKwX) main battle tank. This tank has already proven to be a commercial success, and therefor, we have decided to release our custom built, main battle tank, based armed and armored APC. As you can imagine, this APC is based on the chassis and drivetrain of the King Tiger III. Naturlly, this APC is the largest in its class, however, it also has amphibious capabilities. This allows the APC to act as a heavily armed and armored landing craft. Powering this APC is an advanced Diesel electric propolsion system. This system is far more fuel efficient than a gas turbine system. Heres an excerpt from the King Tiger III description of the propolsion system:
"An inherent problom with transmissions (especialy heavy equipment tranies) is that they generate a lot of heat. This on top of massive torque make them not as reliable as could be desirable, as in high maitanence cost etc. The deisel electric propulsion of our tank completely eliminates the need of a transmission. All it needs is a simple clutch to allow it to idle. Also, the power to weight ratio of electric motors verses any kind of internal combustion engine is far greater. Every pound saved in the power to weight ratio equation equalls more allowance for armor. These electtric motors that run the tracks are very low maitanence and produce little heat. Since the diesel engine runs a generator, you basicaly have a moving generator as well, allowing possible future artilery pieces that can recieve power from armored devisions." On top of these facts, the normally difficult and expensive process of making a military vehicle go forward in water is offset by the fact that this tank needs no extra accesory shaft to run a rotor to power its amphibious rotor. Power is merely switched from the tracks to an electric motor powering the rotor.

The armor for this APC system is depleted Uranium, which is far more dense than armor grade steel, creating a thinner less obtrusive armor plating. It can be orederd with active defense armor plating as well. This APC can accomodate up to 20 soldiers in full combat gear. It has a fully integrated NBC anti-biological/anti-nuclear filtration system, keeping the pressure inside the APC higher than atmospheric. It can be armed with many different offensive and defensive weapon systems, including an anti-mechanized defensive system, an anti-tank missle system (based on TOW 2), heavy caliber (.50) anti-light mechanized/personel/air minigun, and automatic grenade launcher. The entire APC and suspension is sealed against intrusion of water.

This APC provides a top in class performance, armor, and armament capabilities, along with amphibious traits that allow this APC to be a multi-role design for any army, navy, or marine corps that wants the best. It also, naturally, integrates with the King Tiger III for a trully unstopable base for ground assault. If any of you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

Price: 3.5 million
(7% discount on orders over 500 units)
Lost Hills
06-12-2003, 03:27
Are you actually charging $2 billion+ for this? I could understand around $20 million, but the sum that you're charging seems excessive.
06-12-2003, 03:29
OOC. my bad, my brain stopped working a long time ago.

The price is 3.5 million, I was thinking of another "project". 20 mill would still be way to much for a single unit.
06-12-2003, 03:43