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Aid needed

05-12-2003, 16:44
The former colony BanaGe has broken out of the Kelsh empire and is now trying to become a induvidual country instead of just being a turist resort for Kelsh's citizens, Kelsh had other matters and decided that they would give the people of BanaGe their island if we promised to still let Kelshs citizens come to the country and we was made to mounthly pay a tax to Kelsh for our freedom this would countinue atleast 2 years forward, we thank Kelsh for this freedom but as our freedom was given we have lost some of the turism as the citizens in Kelsh has started to travel to many diffrent places, this means that the only large industry we had earlier is geting smaller and alot of social reforms must be done but the budget is yet not large enought for that.
So our nations gouverment heeds out to the international society in hope to get aid in the building of the islands social welfare.
Thanks to evry one who heed this call in advance
05-12-2003, 16:55
I am willing to sacrifice$ to your country

*Money sent*
05-12-2003, 17:37
Wow, we thank you greatly for the money sent and we promis you that the new social welfare will be built out as much as possible