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Military Enlargement

05-12-2003, 00:33
"Hello, this is Brett Payton reporting from the capitol city of Naz1s, Flowerville. We recently finished listening to the psudo-annual national adress presented by our lovingly insane dictator, Sigfreid Konig. There were several key announcements, especially some on the current state of our military. Let's take a look at those."

The screen swiches to a shot of a very tall and muscular man standing behind a podium. The picture freezes for an instant, then the video and audio begin.

Greetings, my fellow citizens. As some may have noticed, there has been a recent buildup in our nations military power. Namely, that we now have one.

However, while our land army is fairly well equipped, we have little to no navy and airforce. Not only that, but we have no anti-missile defense capability to protect against rouge nations with surface skimming Cruise missiles.

With this in mind, our nation has begun negotiations to purchase these items to enhance our military capabilities.

The shot swiches back to Brett Payton eating a sandwich.

"Oh ****, we're back on?" He quickly drops the food, and cleans himself up slightly "Well, as you can see, this is an unprecidented act for our nations. Before now, we have never had a significant navy or an airforce. In fact, according to my teleprompter, the largest navy we have ever had was a fishing boat with a shotgun on it. But with this new development, it is expected that we may soon be on our way to an efficient defensive navy. Back to you in the studio, Troy."

OOC: We're looking for a significant number of modern Airplanes, 1,000 fighters, 500 transports(if they exist, Stealth is definatly a plus) and 300 bombers in the Modern or just a bit beyond tech level. We're also looking for 5-10 aircraft carriers, 20-30 Destroyers, 20-30 Subs, and around 30 AEGIS type anti-air/anti-missile cruisers. If you can provide those items for a reasonable price, there's a pretty good chance I will purchase them.

Also, if anyone has developed a very effective anti cruise missile defense system, we would be interested in purchasing the plans, or enough of the defense sites to shield my nation.
05-12-2003, 19:35
fisaw ( may be able to provide the equipment that you need. specifially the fisable and fickle systems.
05-12-2003, 19:41
A-15 'Raiden'

F-42 ASP

F/A-41 and C-145 'Hauler'
05-12-2003, 20:05
I may beable to assist if you are attacked.

Rick Leader of Monkey-cracks