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Replacement of Drozd and Arena Being Made.

04-12-2003, 22:16
Kazakhstania has been driven mad by Arena, or lack of it. Its low shot accuracy, let down sensors and hard to get rockets are bringing us down. It complete lack of copatability is awful also, and ammo is in low supply. So, we decided to maek our own, and we have got sources to prove it.

Well, we call it 防卫者, or Defender. It is a system that uses the latest technolgy, sensors, and of course our brand spanking new SuperComputers that are on all our military vehicles. To be precise, it is a laser.

It is a free rotating, quick and accurate laser, mounted on the turret of any tank. Currently, we are testing it as a replacement to Arena and the Drozd systems. More details follow, but it basically eliminates ATGM's, RPG's, LAW's and a variety of other munitions. Hell, if its pointed the right way it can take out or disintegrate tank shells. Has been done, but it was poiting within 10 degrees of the origin.

Anyway. The laser is powered by a magnified heat source, in this case powered by a mix of Hydrogen, Chloride and Cobalt base. It is hot and pretty melty, capable of ripping open an ATGM, tank shell or even the optics of an enemy tank. Great :D

Anyway, we hope to haev it installed on our upcoming tank and the M-15.
04-12-2003, 22:17
i already sell this with my other nation :lol:
05-12-2003, 08:38
Well, I am producing my own to combat Arena, and shatter the protective bubble of those using it.
05-12-2003, 19:31
This should be fitted on my 2 upcoming tanks, the latest version of the M-12 and an upgrade on the M-15.