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Nation looking for new trade agreements

04-12-2003, 17:02

Following the successful implementation of our new nuclear power plants, Dynatech, Inc. is preparing to start Nuclear Weapons Research Program.

In order to better funding to this ambicious program, as well as suplement our economy, we are willing to expand our trade relations with foreign countries.

In doing so, we are offering a broad range of products for sale, specially automobiles (ranging from popular to luxury cars and all sizes of trucks)and weapons (any kind of infantry weapon, ground vehicles and aircrafts). Please contact our Sales Department for details on products you'd be interested in.

On the other hand, we're highly interested in acquiring suplies of uranium for our new plants and research project. Any kinds of raw materials are also welcome, since our growind industry are always in high demand of those.

Thanks for your attention. Awaiting your contacts.

Dirk Shelsher
CEO - Dynatech, Inc.