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War on The Armed Republic of Krascht

03-12-2003, 02:19
I declare war on the Armed Republic of Krascht. As he resides in my region (soon to be exiled) he made threats upon the region which swore itself to be an allied group of people. Since the beginning Krascht has done nothing but bully and insult the nations around him. The people that wanted to befriend him.

And then, despite an attempt of hospitality, Krascht decided to make war on the region out of BOREDOM. This I am sure he will freely admit to once he responds to this. I can no longer provide you with any solid evidence of this, it was all posted in the regional message lodging section. This area has been taken up by replies to his threats of regional destrution. If you are still unsure of his guilt, contact those in the region The Flying Nation in the Sky. They will tell you. He has bio weapons, threatening to use them as well. Please stay out of this war unless you are UAAOT or a member of the region/regional ally.

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03-12-2003, 02:26
OOC: Even though I asked to stay out, you can still post comments. In fact I encourage them.
03-12-2003, 02:27
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Pheonix 1
03-12-2003, 02:31
Rioki the MC combine is once again at your side obviously becase we are apart of the region, I have word also that my colonies governors are willing to protect and destroy krascht. My rival Ragol II also has informed me of his involvement in the war under my commmand.

We await you orders...
Pheonix 1
03-12-2003, 02:43
A shadow creeps across an empty clearing...another. At a weapons depot in Krascht two Pheonix ghosts infultrate...The charges are set...they leave as silently as they came...soon there is nothing left of the building except rubble and strewn gun parts.
Another pair of ghosts sneak in on a radar facility a couple of sleapy guards are caught un awares and throttled in a flash another set of charges are set...Krascht's radars are the quiet before the storm....

03-12-2003, 02:43
The governemnt of Rioki sends the following into the exiled nation of Krascht:

5 Valiant 7 Class Battle Cruisers loaded as follows:

Lead Hail
30 Cobra T-7 Battle Tanks,10 Nighthawk 700 mechs, 10 YF-14 Pulsar III mechs, 20 Nightshadow 7 support fighters, 1’900 troops, 100 Spec Ops, 10 vehicle landers, 2 troop landers
Escort of 20 Nightshadow 7 Support fighters

the Shadow,Solar Flare are both loaded/escorted the same.

No Reply, Blue Sky
same, except no YF-14 Pulsar IIIs, 20 Nighthawk 700s instead

They are on a course for the capital of Krascht.

Approx. NS 20 hours until contact to capital.
Pheonix 1
03-12-2003, 02:49
Pheonix 1 sends 10 pheonix pure air Battle crusiers loaded as such under the cover of there recently destroyed radar black out...

Armed as such: (top-side) 7x300mm double-barreled rotational cannons(on the spine); 6x 400mm rotational fragment cannons (on wings); 2x rotational mini-gun (on the upper-gills)
(under-side) 2xUltra-cannon di-barreled rotational bombardment weapon (can launch Explosive slugs or five small half-ton guided bombs)(on the wing tips); 9x300mm di-barreled rotational cannons(on the under-neck);1xMega-cannon di-barreled small rotational bombartment weapon can launch 3 half-ton guided bombs(on the nose);1x150mm mounted machine-gun (armour-peircing rounds(around bomb-bay door)
(Ship-to-ship weapons, all located on the sides)8x200mm di-barreled small rotational cannons; 4x400mm rotational fragmentation cannons; 2xshort ranged plasma launchers (launches gallon-sized glass tanks of Burning plasma at enemy hulls(called Pheonix phyre))
(Bomb-bay)Cargo capacity 5000 tons of bombs
Escorted with: 80 Pheonix Scouts

03-12-2003, 03:06
The fleet has reached Krascht. Occupation has begun and will be totally complete in 18 RL hours.

(or until Krascht has replied)
03-12-2003, 03:10
03-12-2003, 03:11
03-12-2003, 03:25
Krascht has gone to far. We welcome them into our region with open arms and what do they do they declare war on us. And whats worse yet they are threatening to use biological weapons. A menace like this is a danger not only to Urraca or the FNS but the ENTIRE world.
Uracca sends their army into Krascht to end this menace once and for all.

5,000 M-730 Guided Missile Equipment Carrier (Chaparral IR SAM)

->2,000 M-1A1/A2 Abrahms Main Battle Tank

This is the famous M-1 Abrahms in A1 and A2 variants. Both have a 120mm main cannon, 2 7.62mm machineguns, 1 .50 cal machine and grenade or smoke launchers standard. The M-1A2 comes complete with advanced targeting systems and 8 HellfireMMW surface to surface/surface to air missiles.
Max speed is 45mph
Crew is 4

Infantry standard battle suit in Urraca’s amry.
10,000 DS-4 Death Scout

Mass: 210 kg
Armor: Light
Top Speed: 68 kph (sprint)
-Standard heating/cooling
-Communictations equipment
-Suit status HUD
-Thermal vision
-Night vision (light amp/infared combo)

Standard weapons:
2 Small Lasers
1 Submachine gun

Primary issue:
Standard assault rifle (.30 cal) (shown in picture)
Laser sniper rifle
Light plasma grenade launcher
03-12-2003, 03:28
I declare war on the Armed Republic of Krascht, as well.
03-12-2003, 19:48
OOC: I have notified Krascht in the RW of his predicament. We should recieve response soon.

IC: I warn all nations who have begun to help the cause. Krascht will not hesitate to use biological/nuclear weapons on our nations. Anyone getting involved in this war is taking a risk of this. Krascht also says he has allies, no doubt also having WMDs wat their disposal. So once again, I warn you. If you fear such an attack back down now.
03-12-2003, 20:03
The republic of Kazaakisthan, although not a nation in this region, will gladly send our specialist decontamination units to all nations fighting the war.

This will link you to information on our decontamination units. (

Please tell me if you would like some for you nation. They will be fown and shipped to your countrys on request. We do request that once the war is over you pay to restock the equipment you have used(cheap).
03-12-2003, 20:37
Thank you, thank you very much. Disease is what made me uneasy about this war. You have greatly reduced my worry. The help is greatly appreciated. I will tell you when I need them if the time comes. You will be repayed immediately after use.
04-12-2003, 00:54
"Commander occupation of the Capital City is complete."

"Excellent, well done. Little resistance has been met along the way, the people here seem to be more than happy to welcome us. It seems almost obvious the torture he's put them through."

"Yes sir. We now have the entire city under our control sir."

"Very well. Get me commanders Ikioi and Ash. It's time for Operation Overthrow."

"Yes sir."


Mitchell Ikioi and Jade Ash walked into the cruiser Lead Hail, where it's commander was waiting for them.

"We have a job for you two."

"Just name it," said Ikioi.
"We can take it," said Jade.

"Good, we need you to lead a team into the capital itself. Once there, your job is to take control of the place and install our people as leaders of this country until it is stabalized. Upon that time the people will elect their own officials. Understood?"

"Yes sir."

"It should be no problem for people of your experience. Can I count on you?"

"You bet," said Jade.


Special Ops teams are entering the capitol. One led by Jade Ash and a team of 20, another by Mitchell Ikioi also with a team of 20.
Pheonix 1
04-12-2003, 01:40
Commander Lexington Prongs himself on board his flagship 'FLaming Sword" (in private known as Smiter) at a height of 70,000 ft prepares to bring there most deadly weapon to bear...the buster cannon on a large military instalation and air-base.
"The calculations are set Sir...Bringing the weapon online now!"
"Good" Prongs smiles inwardly at the thought of the destruction and mayhem below, but his outward apperance was that of someone who is about to squash some ants...that was all they were he had kept telling himself...medlesome bothersome ANTS!
The ship whirred and shuddered as the weapon opened up at the nose of his converted Pheonix Battle crusier. It now resembaled a glowing flower of metal...and death!
Pionts of Light appeared at the 'petals' and a large ball of flaming swirling energy right in the center...The ship shook and rumbled, the energy required to fire the weapon played on the Battle crusiers hull.
"...Soon...It will all be over...." Prongs stared at the firing mechanism...all he had to do now was push a simple button...and end lives...but save lives...could HE deal this judgement!

He was prepared...
"We shall smite down the unholy and wicked with the flaminng sword of might, so the just and rightous may florish and live...It is so! "~Battlefeild prayer
Neo Earth
04-12-2003, 01:50
I wil join if this war commences (the founder of the UAAOT, though now a ex-member, can still join in, right?)
04-12-2003, 02:19
Of course Neo Earth, you may join the cause. As founder of the UAAOT (I'm still not sure why you resigned), and an ally, I can see no reason why you cannot be involved. I said that allies of the people fighting here may join. But heed my previous warning, severe losses may occur.
Pheonix 1
04-12-2003, 03:04
Neo Earth
04-12-2003, 04:12
Of course Neo Earth, you may join the cause. As founder of the UAAOT (I'm still not sure why you resigned), and an ally, I can see no reason why you cannot be involved. I said that allies of the people fighting here may join. But heed my previous warning, severe losses may occur.

I resigned because of a number of things:

1. I thought the inactivity of the alliance was because of me (call me beyond modest)

2. I wanted to start my inquisition, and I wanted to play a more non-UAAOT type nation.
Reformed Norway
04-12-2003, 04:45
The Nation of Reformed Norway (and at the risk of speaking in third person) is disgusted with this hanus series of events that karscht has propsed it is with that that i send in the following:

144 Rapier Class II fighters:

Designation: Assault Starfighter
Armor Thickness: 15 cm
Dimensions: 7 x 6 x 3 meters
Armaments: 2 Bi-particle Cannons, 2 Phased Assault Cannons, and 2 Shatterstar Missile Tubes
Top Speed: 16,580 kph

144 Stinger Class Theta upgraded bombers

Designation: Heavy Bomber
Armor Thickness: 20 cm
Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 4 meters
Armaments: 4 Bi-Particle Cannons, 4 Phased Assault Cannons, 4 Shatterstar Missile Tubes, and one Apocalypse Missile tube
Top Speed: 15,390 kph

And of course the crown and glory:

The flagship "The Triple Esspresso"

Designation: Assualt Flagship
Armor Thickness: 35 inches
Dimensions: 600 meters x 200 Meters x 300 meters
Armaments: Pheonix buster cann and 50 bi-barrelled plasma cannons
Top speed: 14,000 kph
Houses: a crew of 2,000,000 as well as 3,000,000 Troops (armed with semi automatic shotguns, sniper rifles and hanguns) 44 assualt Mechs (15 ft tall x 7 feet wide x 4 feet thick) and 40 tunnel making Katt class IV reavers.

God Have Mercy.
04-12-2003, 05:41
While I appreciate the help, will Reformed Norway pleas re-evaluate the numbers onboard the Triple Expresso? 5 million is way too unrealistic + vehicles.
Pheonix 1
04-12-2003, 18:21
Ghosts sneak in and out of a militarized Krscht capitol...They are searching for kraschts esteemed leader...Their orders are to kill upon sight...They are Uncatchable, unfindable...deadly!

04-12-2003, 22:08
Ikioi's team entered form the back, Jade's from the front. At the same time, they broke down the doors and flooded in, automatic pistols and katanas at the ready, sniper rifles over their shoulders. They watched through walls carefully with infrared tactical gear. They could see nothing, but they knew they at least had allies in here already. Pheonix would have ghosts surroundign the place. Ikioi didn't expect to find anything, he knew the leader of Krascht had to be long gone by now. At least they could find his pupetts. The search continued, ever so cautiously through the building but they found no trace. Eventually the two teams met up in a small corridor with another team of Pheonix's ghosts, conveniently reappearing. They checked maps with each other. Only one room left. They slipped to the upper floors until they reached the large door. The Ghosts were to enter first cloaked. Then the special ops team would follow. Life forms were detected on the inside, soldiers or not. The door was smashed down, but the shocked occupants inside saw nothing come through. They only sniffed about and could catch but the faintest trace of the cloaked men. Once clear, the special ops forces entered to find Kraschts puppetts standing around the room.
04-12-2003, 23:16
We are a FNS member.
1,000 Guerillas armed with random weapons such as sniper rifles, A.K.'s, swords, other machine guns, pistols, and plasma weapons.

We will maintain most of the non covert foot troop warfare-

May The Prophets smile upon you.
04-12-2003, 23:19
Although 1,000 is a small amount to give an all out ground warfare, I will provide the transportaion for them. According to my calculations it will take 10.25 NS days (41 RL min) for all of your troops to reach Krascht.
05-12-2003, 00:48
-The Elvish Soldiers Divide and spreadout.-

-200 Start the offense
-500 Create Barricades and make lines in preparation for enemie troops.
-200 AA gunners are setup
-100 Snipers are in position
05-12-2003, 00:53
My people have not been tortured and have been semi-brain washed.
05-12-2003, 00:56
Final choice people. I declare peace as Rioki declared war, immediately and obeyed. Any attacks on my nation is an act of mutually assured destruction(a.k.a. Armageddon). Now I have given you the choice, only you may decide now.
05-12-2003, 01:50
Krascht I do not trust you. Seeing as we totally occupy your nation, you need to surrender. I would rather do this with minimal bloodshed. Your threat is a last ditch attempt. As you have read, these people have been warned of what may happen if they go to war with you. But you have gone too far. We do not care. As long as you are no longer a threat to the world. Seeing as the damage you are willing to do to innocent civilians now is massive, I hate to see what you are capable of in the future. We will not back down. I suggest you surrender.
Pheonix 1
05-12-2003, 01:51
In orbit above FNS Several man made satalites spring to life branded with the mark of the pheonix. A Barrel extends itself and the device starts glowing awaiting any posslible Nuclear atttack...You are witnessing FNS's (pheonix 1's) Orbital anti-Missle lasers defense system.

(good luck) :)
Pheonix 1
05-12-2003, 02:18
With a decision and swift hand motion the world was torn in two with noise and light as the buster cannon fired a salvo the 'Flaming sword' shudderd and pitched as the light faded and the noise recede...It was done...No More ANTS
...Smiter quietly asended into the stars to aid his brothers in the patroland possible regruop and attack...

General Lexington Prongs
Pheonix 1
05-12-2003, 02:47
Pheonix 1
05-12-2003, 02:48
"And doth it was smote by the mighty hand of Pheonix!"
Pheonix 1
05-12-2003, 02:49
Pheonix 1
05-12-2003, 02:49
maybe three times
Pheonix 1
05-12-2003, 02:50
Pheonix 1
05-12-2003, 02:50
sorry got repeated twice
05-12-2003, 22:08
The world seemed quite motionless to all involved in the war. A silence settled over the nation of Krascht. But it was not a calming silence, closer to that of the silence before a large storm. The relative inactivity, or so it would seem to any observers, seemed almost peacful. But the tension was that of which could be cut with a blade, as fragile as a spider's web. One small motion is all that it needed and the true war would begin. And so they waited, waited for someone to make a move. To start the beginning of the end.


Ikioi stood silent in front of the leaders, or puppets, of Krascht. As he looked at their odd expressions, alien to him, he felt that they were not surprised at all, nor worried. Almost a look of calm and security. Some would call it relief. What to do now, the special ops teams didn't know. They hadn't expected it to be so easy to find them. After checking each one over for weapons and bombs after xrays showed no signs of bombs in their bodies or hidden in clothing, they were brought to a decontamination facility and vaccinated and cured of all illnesses and carried diseases. Upon this, they were transported to Rioki for detainment and secure housing facilities.
05-12-2003, 22:12
The Steel Feather has been sent to space with 10 Nostarus Elves Mechanic/scientific Technicians to retrive and re-activate the defense system of the Black Space Pirates. It will be online in two NS days.
05-12-2003, 22:22
Re-activation is complete, Black Space Pirates' missile defense system online.
05-12-2003, 23:04
05-12-2003, 23:15
Now here I go. My infantry flood out of tunnels and manholes, all across my nation, many of which are in my capital, (3 million G.I. infantry, 900K battlesuits, 1 million crow corps.) w/ supporting tanks (900K tanks) coming out of hidden access tunnels. I launch 300 King Mk. II M.I.R.V. (20 rockets per warhead, 40 megatons a rocket) detonate in the middle of your anti-missile shield satellites, destroying many (86%). The rest, the E.M.P. will hit, turning them into useless floating scraps in space. 8 200K pound missiles hit each and every battle cruiser ( effectively destrying them, as they explode inside the ship :D ). Now.... what to do about the "Triple Espresso".... we board it. 35 Octoid frigates use their boarding tubes (the tentacle part of octopus) to effectivley board your ship, the Marines using Pancor Jackhammers(a type of shotgun, only told to you idiots who didn't know what it was). My citizens now begin going to my now opened hidden armories and arm themselves to fight the UAAOT-whatever. My secondary and tertiary radar sites turn on and begin directing SAM's enmasse at enemy fighter groups. The geurillas are deployed, harassing enemy supply convoys. My own fighters are all launched (over 850 fighter-bombers) in the counter attack. Now, Rioki, you have NOT been forgot, OH NO, you shall endure the horror YOU awoke. In 30 NS seconds after this message has been posted, 900 King Mk.II M.I.R.V. shall launch and hit your largest population centers, W/ overlapping blast radii. The same shall occur to Pheonix 1. Now, as for Nostarus elves, they don't deserve a quick and easy death. I send to them 400 VX poison gas rockets, hitting your largest population centers.
Welcome to hell....
Welcome to ARMAGEDDON!!!
05-12-2003, 23:15
I should lend you guys a quick note about these things. They do carry a type of ECM suite that makes all defenses against these only at about point defense range. Also, they do have some quite thick armor on them, so, it takes about 3 laser hits to effectively destroy them. M.I.R.V. are basically multiple independent rockets that go and seek their own targets after being released.
05-12-2003, 23:16
A shadow slips through the night. Others do so as well, but you don't even see the difference. The Ghosts, which other nations believe to be powerful, don't know that they are dead when a Blood Corps. member attacks. The Ghost in the night wonder why he can't hear orders from the base, but before he knows what might have happened, he dies, and more blood is to be had by the blood corps.
05-12-2003, 23:16
Now, also, 1 million specialist troops come with my infantry, along with 200K Geurillas. Now my space program comes into play. 200 Aerospace fighters zip off of my carriers to harass any enemies they encounter. My mechs (200 of them) trundle out of deep caverns, digging tunnels up and to attack.
05-12-2003, 23:23
Also Rioki, I should let you know my answer on your first post of me "declaring war" on the nation. The truth: I did NOT declare war on this region. Now though, Rioki, you have paid the cost.
Pheonix 1
05-12-2003, 23:56
Firstly I just took out you military installation that would have SOME impact on how many troops and tanks you can pump in. Secondly The defense lasers were armed and destroyed your aproching missles taking minimal damage but destroying three...Thirdly My pheonix class scouts who were escorting the Battle cruisers destroyed whatever the heck bombs you launched at them It only hit one (the 'retributor' It took a fatal hit but was recalled in time (repairs are underway))and destroyed 7 scouts(there souls will be avenged). Fourthly did it occur to you all your electronic equippment is aslo down due to your foolish EMP Radar and any sort of guided Nukes you might of had, I would re-think that part unless you want your nukes to come back down on you in a state of confusion...Sorry but its true!

Prongs 8)
05-12-2003, 23:59
Ha ha ha ha. Krascht before you decide to do this I suggest you read how to engage in warfare first. You can find the sticky in the main part of the forum. As soon as you find out that you can launch the attacks, but not decide whether or not all of our stuff dies you may proceed in reposting.
Pheonix 1
06-12-2003, 00:10
yes about your 'thick aromur' on your missles I would like to descibe to you how these lasers work...They fire a directional beam of charged anti-matter at what ever there target is and due to the abundance of antimatter it never has to reload what ever it hits goes *fizzle fizzle* *splutch* (over heating is a minor if not non-existant problem). They are not 'lasers' to speak, more like a plasma line.

Prongs 8)
Pheonix 1
06-12-2003, 00:11
Pheonix 1
06-12-2003, 00:12
06-12-2003, 00:27
About the declaring war, I believe you said somehting about "The flaming tears of my enemies, and the blood of their families...ect. This "nation" will fall." Sounds like a declaration of war to me. Ask anyone in the FNS. They all saw what you posted. Why do you think you were exiled by our UN member?
06-12-2003, 00:40
OK... The stuff you like must be powerful....I mean, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? The stuff you are snorting must be incredible because the only person that would say "EMP Radar" must either be a mentally deficient person or must sniff crack in 10 pound quantities. OK... radar works by bouncing waves off objects and having them bounce back. E M P is created by large explosions or by a specific weapon. Now thank you, I shall reevaluate my missiles targets. You wanted this remember.... 8,500 King Mk.II M.I.R.V. shall strike your nations' largest population centers and military targets. These numbers are accurate and are only 45% of my nuclear weapons. You are right. 3 million GIs are very little when you struck my military bases. 6 million is a more accurate number. The 200K bombs I shot at your battle cruisers create enough of an EMP to wipe out their ALL of their electronics, making them crash. It is true, I forgot my own battle cruisers, all 5 of them have taken off. Off course you are right Rioki. Since you're laser defence satellites were close to the blast, as 6000 40megaton rockets were speeding at them, the EMP there can leave many and all electronic systems as nothing but silicon that can do nothing.
And, last but not least, I shall send 65% (900) of my fighter-bombers at all of your wonderful little battlecruisers.
So good night to those Pheonix 1 people who smoke crack, and to the citizens of Rioki who are intelligent enough to know what would happen
Good night.
06-12-2003, 00:40
OK... The stuff you like must be powerful....I mean, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? The stuff you are snorting must be incredible because the only person that would say "EMP Radar" must either be a mentally deficient person or must sniff crack in 10 pound quantities. OK... radar works by bouncing waves off objects and having them bounce back. E M P is created by large explosions or by a specific weapon. Now thank you, I shall reevaluate my missiles targets. You wanted this remember.... 8,500 King Mk.II M.I.R.V. shall strike your nations' largest population centers and military targets. These numbers are accurate and are only 45% of my nuclear weapons. You are right. 3 million GIs are very little when you struck my military bases. 6 million is a more accurate number. The 200K bombs I shot at your battle cruisers create enough of an EMP to wipe out their ALL of their electronics, making them crash. It is true, I forgot my own battle cruisers, all 5 of them have taken off. Off course you are right Rioki. Since you're laser defence satellites were close to the blast, as 6000 40megaton rockets were speeding at them, the EMP there can leave many and all electronic systems as nothing but silicon that can do nothing.
And, last but not least, I shall send 65% (900) of my fighter-bombers at all of your wonderful little battlecruisers.
So good night to those Pheonix 1 people who smoke crack, and to the citizens of Rioki who are intelligent enough to know what would happen
Good night.
Pheonix 1
06-12-2003, 00:42
Pheonix 1
06-12-2003, 00:58
Mine and the elves nucler laser defense system defended alll nuclear atttacks made upon the FNS!
And note if you choose to play this way will can play too...

Do you really want to go there because 4 of the nations involved involved have nukes and are prepared to use them...Including myself!

Reformed Norway
06-12-2003, 00:58
::Fires the Ignore Cannon::
Walther Atkinson
06-12-2003, 01:24
Not to be butting into business that isn't mine, but aren't both sides doing quite a bit of this 'godmodding'? The 'Allies' are posting all this 'my ghost killed this and this' and 'my troops have occupied your capital'. The 'Axis' is teetering on the border between explaining to you idiots how the world works, and telling you what died. Scratch that, Krascht just fell into the latter. But you guys are getting a little rediculous. Plasma is a superheated gas, therefore it is matter. Thus, your 'laser sattelites' are acually ammo dependant. Krascht has you on that whole 'blowing up the missles before they get to you' thing. The resulting EMP would very easily fry every circut in your battleships, leaving them nothing but giant metal coffins. That, and he has so freaking many MIRVs you couldn't even dream of shooting them all down. And if you did? Your sattelites would be disabled from the EMP (permanently, unless EVERY electronic part was replaced), and the second wave would hit you at full strength. :twisted: Now don't assume I'm on Kracht's side, I'm just defending this poor guy you seem to enjoy bullying. Oh, and Reformed Norway: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! *mumbles assorted expletives*
Pheonix 1
06-12-2003, 01:32
Umm yeah! and for the record he started it and reformed norway is apart of our region and my friend! If our war seems foolish to you i apologize for this is my first war and Kraschts also...And I only said i defended my satalites under the pure fact he is god modding I mean he has launch at least one hundred nukes within a span of a day....come on!

P.S. I said the satalites were LIKE plasma it is hard to describe antimatter to its fullest so i left it at that! :|
06-12-2003, 01:36
So... is the war over then?
06-12-2003, 03:55
I agree with that other dude there is A LOT of god moding goin on here. ON BOTH SIDES. I mean I entered this war on the side of the Allies as stated earlier but so far all i have seen happen in this war is a bunch of people playing cowboys and Indians. "Boom your guy is dead. Nu uh he dodged your gun and your guy is dead." :roll: I have been playin this game for like less than four months Rioki a little more than four And Kraschet has been playing for even less than me. How I ask does he come up with theese thousands of missles Nukes Biological Lazer defence systems EMPs. I mean come on where did u guys get all this stuff. 3 Million infantry 85 hundred missiles dozens of gigantic battle cruisers SNEAKING into capital cities and PALACES. please guys you are making this ridulous. I believe we should start from the begining. there is way to much godmoding going on. You guys are taking this "war" way to personal.
Walther Atkinson
06-12-2003, 04:01
If you'd ever even bother to listen to Krascht, you might understand a little better. According to Krascht himself, his nation has been prodcing nuclear weapons since he had the technology. With a GDP as high as his, how could he not have a whole lot of nukes. As for launching hundreds at a time: due to the high price of weapons of mass destruction, each missile is housed in it's own silo. Thus, there is no limit to how many can be fired at once. And the sattelites? Anti-Matter is still a substance... or sort of. You you still need the Anti-Matter to fire it at a target, so my statement stands. My apologies to Reformed Norway, but I didn't really see him involved in this.

Even if WMDs were set aside, Krascht still has you greatly outnumbered. His people have been so brainwashed, they'd think the sky was falling if they were told to. This would be an interesting fight... A few high tech troops, or many more slightly lower tech guys. My money's on Krascht, if you'll even give him a chance to defend himself. I don't see godmodding on Krascht's side at all, aside from bluntly explaining what his weapons are capable of.
06-12-2003, 04:56

Alright. Here's what has happened so far.
1. Krascht inadvertantly declares war on the FNS.
2. Rioki takes first step, attacks Krascht.
3. On same night, allies begin occupation of Krascht. Rioki TG's Krascht on invasion. No reply from Krascht.
4. Next day, Rioki informs Kracht IN PERSON of attack.
5. Rioki furthers attack by occupying capital city. Allies do various stuff. No reply from Krascht. Rioki discusses unrealistic numbers with allies and reminders not to godmod (AKA Ghosts destroy radar system).
6. Next day, Rioki and Krascht PERSONALLY discuss war.
7. Rioki moves into capitol and finds executives of Krascht. Allies do various things. Krascht reponds with threat of Armegeddon if attackers to not back down. Pheonix 1 attacks Krascht military compound.
8. Next day, Rioki and Krascht AGAIN discuss war IN PERSON.
9. Rioki and Elves reactivate Elves old defense sattelite (from his deceased nation Black Space Pirates.) Rioki detains and holds safe Krascht executives.
10. Krascht counter-attacks with unrealistic numbers and evaluates enemy damage FOR THEM.
11. Krascht enemies explain why unrealistic.
12. Krascht ignores arguments.
13. Some Riokian Allies get upset, also resort to godmodding.
14. All out argument occurs, requiring mediator that will be coming. Hopefully. Experienced nation.

Let me explain my position on this as nicely as possible for me. Please no flaming afterward. Here goes...

I attacked Krascht in fear of war on the region. After several days of no reply of events I took the initiatve, figuring Krascht didn't care much about what was going on, and occupied/took control of capital city. After more delys in response, I once again, assuming the same as before, decided to go deeper into the capital and finding executives.
Now Krascht replied saying that he wanted me to back down, and if I didn't nuclear war would occur. Well I didn't back down and Krascht attacked.
This is 100% ACCEPTABLE. I do not, by any means, object to Krascht defending himself. That's the point of war. However Krascht's attacking force and war play is far too unrealitic. NOW LET ME EXPLAIN WHY BEFORE YOU GET ALL UPSET AGAIN!

You cannot decide how much damage you do to enemy forces. I don't care how much you THINK it should do. Explain all the reasons you wish, but ultimately I decide. It has to be, of course within reason. As you can tell, my forces killed nothing. They only occupied the city, thus I was not assessing any damage to Krascht's forces. He only neglected to defend it.

Here is what should have occurred, oin a shortened version.

Krascht: I am launching 10 nukes at both Phoenix 1 and Rioki. I also send an EMP to disable the Defense sattelites as well as whatever missles you called them.

Pheonix 1: The surrounding fleet of cruisers took out 1/2 of the missiles heading for the sattelites, and the EMP got 6 of the sattelites down. The remaining missiles hit two more. The remaining sattelites, as well as the second Defense system, fire upon the nuclear weapons.

Krascht: The defense system took out 14/20 nuclear weapons. 6 nukes hit, 4 on Rioki, 2 on Pheonix 1.

Rioki: The damage my people suffered was immense, a total of 5 million deaths. You will pay.

Pheonix 1: The other two nuclear weapons killed 3 million of my people. You murderer. Prepare to feel my wrath.

You get it.

Secondly, a force such a size is unrealistic. Krascht your nation was around for two months less than mine. Every time I have gotten the issue, I have increased military spending. I don't even have a total of 900 aircraft, and you say you have just that many bombers. And somehting like 30 million militarymen? Not possible for a nation your size. Not even mine. You still need to think of your work force which builds your great economy. Elderly. Children. The people in your presumed testing facilities.

Thirdly, your amount of nuclear weapons. I don't care if you have been researching nuclear technology from the beginning. It would take at least 3 years. That means you have been able to build nukes for approxomately 60 years. You may be able to have that many nukes if that WAS ALL YOU CONCENTRTED ON. You would have no other military. None. All funding would have to go toward military weapons, especially those world-to-space missiles.

We got the godmodding thing at the beginning out of the way. I tried explaining to you why it wasn't possible for certain things. For example, deciding another's buildings were destroyed. Carrying 116x the population of a large city on a ship 1/100th it's size plus vehicles. After I rexplained this we did fairly well at refraining from godmodding, or so I believe. Until tempers were lost and more godmodding from our side began.

That's all I have to say. Thanks for reading.

That's my take on it. Hope it provided some insight.
Reformed Norway
06-12-2003, 05:16
Here Here Rioki, and i formally apollogize for godmodding at the beginning of the fight with Karchst. However, if this porblem persists, i will have to retalliate with my full amount of militaristic force.... (im not the best speller in the world please excuse any errors i may have)

James Katt, Commander-In-Cheif
Pheonix 1
06-12-2003, 18:01
I would like to also apologize for the GODmodding. And at the same time I wish to recede from this war...casualties...lives lost for NO REASON. What are we even fighting for...he didn't attack us we attacked him I wish to stop the fighting for it is foolish! Please cease this war lives are being lost because 'he said this!' 'But he said that!' we are acting like children And When this war is over I would like to invite Krascht Back to the FNS I'm sorry if this statement causes my allies any problems....But be aware Krascht just because I've stopped fighting dosent mean I won't be watching! Don't attack me again or else I will be forced to engage you.

~Let the Storm stop so the sun may shine and the green return the the Earth :|
Pheonix 1
06-12-2003, 18:09
As Pheonx's Battle Crusiers leave the sky a calm is returned...And for a moment the whole war stands still and looks at the empty sky...but one ship remains...Smiter, the 'flaming sword'...floating omniuosly as a reminder of Pheonix's ever watching vigilance...Quiet, deadly but peacful and caring...But a large rememberance is the scorching crater made by it. Nothing will grow there for a decade, but when the time is right it will florish again. The deadly silence of the ghosts recede as they take there exits from the city...
06-12-2003, 18:11
"Well, I think it is the end my lord." the aide put simply to the leader of Krascht.
"Yes, well, these people do not know what we can do." he plainly admitted. " It is time for it..."
"Sir! You cannot be serious?!!"
"Yes, Vacilli, I'am very serious." The aide looked away from his leader in astonishment, unable to comprhend what his leader was about to do... As the leader of Krascht took one last look out at his capital, he sighed, and pressed a small blue button on his desk. What the blue button did, he knew what it did. And he watched all of the last of his rockets take off, heading towards those fools of Pheonix 1, he knew that all over his nation that more scenes like this would appear.
As the 7 Tri-D bombs set off, in the washing of white light, he said " May my son forgive me..." , then the blast hit them....
Pheonix 1
06-12-2003, 18:16
You have destroyed my nation................Do you wish to be congratulated...............

~Final Transmission from 'The Flaming Sword' before its departure

'All you do is folly, ALL OF YOU" :cry:
06-12-2003, 18:21
I, the founder of the nation Krascht, now am dead. This was not the UAAOTs doing, but my own. Each of the 7 Tri-D bombs I set off had a 700 magaton blast, and I still launched approximately 2000 rockets at the nation of Pheonix 1, each with a power of 50 megatons (go to Mr. Englers Modern America History room for a diagram of what a 20 megaton blast does). As for my possessions of my nation, I give all technological data and GDP to the nation of Walther Atkinson, for his undying support for this entire war. Copies of this information are also being sent to the nation of Enginseer. All of my chemical warheads are to be given as gifts to the nation of Dragonsire.
My nation is now dead, and a barren wasteland at that, with anything that was there is now a black crisp in the wind.
My nation is now the wastelands.
06-12-2003, 19:08
From orbit after an attempt to re-activate the laser defense system, the Steel Feather sat in space, lifeless of all but the little life support that remained within from the EMP. The crew, knowing they must be doomed, watched the nation of Krascht below. Suddenly it lit up, two large points of light flared. One in Krascht, another in the FNS. Pheonix 1. The commander fell back in exasperation. "Has the world gone mad?" he whispered siletly to himself. "This has to be a dream. Some horrible dream..."
The shocked crew, growing low on oxygen from the emergency system, watched the whole scene helplessly.



"Hey Jim, what's the point of this war? I mean, we were threatened sure, but did Krascht really ever do anything? Did the leaders of our countries know something we didn't?"

"I really couldn't tell you Max. All I know is we're here. And we need to- oh my God. We need to evacuate, now!"

"What the-holy shit!"

"Board the No Reply now! Go go go!"

"There's no time!"

The nuclear blast in Krascht went off, decimating the Riokian forces in the camp.


"On our way home for a vacation from this thing. Three years is way too long to be away from home eh captain?"

"Yeah. The return will be nice."
A loud explosion occurred, partially deafening everyone on board. They could only watch in horror as the light engulfed the Solar Flare, killing everyone onboard.



"Good evening everyone. A breaking report from Krascht and Pheonix 1. A great tradgedy occurred just moments ago. For reasons unknown, and will never be known, the leaders of Krascht still remaining in the country detonated their supply of nuclear weapons. But not before launching an attack on Pheonix 1, decimating the country. Attempts to contain the radiation have been dealt with, the country was ejected from the FNS. Sources indicate the population, many millions, were killed in the attack.
In Krascht, where many of Rioki's finest troops still sat in war, the nuclear blast was devestating. A great deal was lost an estimated, 11,720 soldier lives. One of Rioki's battlecruisers is currently stuck in space, another battlecruiser is being sent to it to retrieve any survivors onboard. A plan to enter the sureface of Krascht is being set in motion to find and help remaining survivors in Krascht's underground cities that may have been uneffected by the blast. This is Julia Hettner, good night."

OOC: A memorial session for all lives lost in the war will be held within this day.
Walther Atkinson
06-12-2003, 19:47
Holy... [static]
Reformed Norway
07-12-2003, 06:25
As the "representative of Krascht bored The Triple Espresso, all i can say is "oh my god they boarded the shi-*squealch*" as my commanding officer of the ship is gunned down all i can do is pray that all has gone back to normal on the surface, but i was far from correct, the blast from the bombs set of in the nation left none of the 3 million original soldiers alive. The only ones that did survive the blast were the 40 assault mechs that were underground, they boarded several transport vessels and were moved back into the nation of reformed norway. The men and women who lost their lives in this fray will not be forgotten. We bow our heads in memory of them..... Karchst although you have lost your leader i believe you have won in the long run.

James Katt, Commader-In-Cheif
Pheonix 1
08-12-2003, 15:25
Pheonix 1 is silent...A desolate wasteland...The 'Flaming sword' lands on the desert-like surface. The crew, All in 'high pressure deconamination suits' search for suvivors, knowing exactly what they were going to find.Prongs staggers out of his ship, He had obviously tried to drink away his sorrow. Completely unprotected to the harsh radioactive winds and searing heat he walks out alone. He clearly had the intent to die. Two nations he had watched rise and many dead! He Prayed, he droped to his knees and begged for an answer. It was the first timehe had prayed sincee he was a child, he prayed for hope and for death. But then, a flash blinds him as all of Pheonix 1 is bathed in light and a holy silence and Prongs remembers no more.............

~To be continued...
Pheonix 1
09-12-2003, 02:41
...Prongs awakens in his Palace and looks around...A few seconds ago Pheonix 1 had been nothing but a smoldering wasteland...Maybe it had all been a horrible nightmare...because there it was Pheonix 1 in its prime...except it hadn't been a nightmare, The 'flaming sword' in his front lawn and the crewman in full de-con suit in his kitchen told him so! Then what had happend! Here it was clear as daylight Pheonix 1 They should be gone, The postman, his wives, his children, everyone! And yet they remember nothing of the war! Only himself and his crew know what happened...He must confirm that he and his men simply weren't dreaming...he called James Katt....................................
Prongs:"James....Is that you!"
James:"Yes, its me what do you want...its early you know...Hey where are you calling from...It regesters at Pheonix 1 but...."
Prongs:"I know! I'm here, right now in my office!"
James:"Oh...Prongs! Dont you remember anything...It must have been the nuclear blast..."
Prongs: "I am NOT delusional...look at your radar! Everything is how it was Pheonix 1 is shining and in its prime again"
James:"..................Holy Newton! Your right! There it is clear as glycerin! Right where it used to be! How!?"
Prongs:" I dont know how it second me and my boys are doing scans, the next we were at my governmential palace full gear an everything! And thats not the half of it. Everyone is alive...everyone!"
James:"Hmmm...That is, well....wierd!..Yet good, So everyones alive again!"
James:" I will have to go notify FNS's leaders"
Prongs then proceeded to have the greatest day of his life in Pheonix 1 not to include making love multiple times to his three wives!

09-12-2003, 05:14
I am overwhelmed to here the good news! We will need to celebrate!

OOC: What...Pheonix, what the...although I am glad you aren't going to let all those people die please come up with an explanation for all this...