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ITN forces mass near Dying Camels

02-12-2003, 21:29
In a small cube of space, ships were massing. This space looked just like any other space, out between the stars, but the instruments on the spaceships said they were less than three lightyears from the home world of the desert world of the Dying Camels.
More than two thousand warcraft were gathered in this cube, with more coming.
"In what appears to be the end result of Thunderstraat's mass-production and conscription campaigns, 2,500 warships of the Star Empire have massed near the homeworld of Dying Camels. The military has not yet released a reason for this, though we did recieve this comment from Vice-Admiral Tomas Al-Marquette of the imperial navy."
Vice-Admiral Al-Marquette:
"We are not about to attack Dying Camels. Sure, they're a blot on the civilized world, with poor grammar, cheap goods and an inferior culture, but this is just an ordinary military exercise. We *snigger* FEAR Dying Camels. Yeah. We just have that fleet there to... uh, show people. Yeah. Fear our awesome power and might."
"The Vice-Admirals announcement has brought sarcasm into the newsroom here today, and we think it will bring some comments from the general public as well."
Scratchy telephone voice
"If you think we aren't about to go to war, you're an idiot. I have lived in this country for more than fifty years, and we've never passed up the chance to attack someone."
Scratchy telephone voice, music in the background, female
"I believe the Vice-Admiral. He's already told the truth a couple times, at least when I've seen him speak. Why would he start lying now?"
"The government has not responded to a flood of inquiries about this totally inexpected movement. Stay tuned - when the news breaks out, we break in."
02-12-2003, 21:35
((OOC: OK everyone, I am not being bitter, godmodding, or in any way beating the purpose of FREE-FORM ROLEPLAY. I am simply looking for a war. Dying Camels has agreed to this.))
Dying Camels
02-12-2003, 21:39
"sir, one of our exterior sensors has a huge amount of ships massing nearby."
"do a deep scan to make sure."
"HOLY SH*T! that fleet is the biggest i've ever seen besides ours!"
"put all forces on high alert"
in the DC system, around Arribastania, 250 AA platforms (1,000 AA guns each), 360 Mjolnir cannons, 250 DC power cannons (anti capitol ship), and 3 fleets begin to cruise. the fourth-sixth fleets would drop out of hyperspace within the hour.
DC's official response to the universe:
"We don't know who that is, but if we or our system allies are attacked, prepare to die."
-the camelhand in GDA
02-12-2003, 21:41
we will come to the defense of our system. fleets are mobilizing.
02-12-2003, 21:48
Private First Class Martin Holmes shivered. He was in a small room that would have been too good for a convicted murderer. Less than twenty feet away lay the vacuum of space.
For more than a week he had been there. Food was piped to him in an IV from the center of the ship. He was in the ITN Sweet Marie, a major paratrooper dropship.
He itched. He was cold. He was bored. He was homesick. He was itching for action.
Suddenly a glowing red sign appeared in front of him.
"Hello, Private Holmes. You have the privelige of being one of the first soldiers to recieve the Friendly Hallucinations program. Your boredom will be relieved and you won't care about the FREEZING COLD, AWFUL ITCH and HOMESICKNESS that you are feeling.
Suddenly the cramped metal room dissapeared. He found himself on a snowy plain. His gun was in his hand. Faceless soldiers surrounded him. Out of the darkness, a horde of monsters came. He raised his gun. A battlecry rose to his lips.
As quickly as it had appeared, the hallucination was gone. He knew that if he thought this thought and moved his arms like this he would be in a place where his months of training would be useful.

In the command ship, a captain was being promoted. He was hailed as a hero, the man who'd solved wartime boredom...
02-12-2003, 21:50
((Sorry to leave so soon, class is over, I'll get back to this))
03-12-2003, 03:30
In the command ship, Admiral Jacob von Lostraat issued an order.
"Don't do anything. Move, to spread our fleet apart, but don't go nearer than we already are, and above all, don't shoot. Anyone who fires will be dishonorably expelled. We want them to fire the first shot if possible."

In the massive asteroid belt around Poxint, massive shipyards churned. Ships were being produced at an unprecedented rate. This was Thunderstraat's first real war, and they would do anything they could to win it...
Dying Camels
03-12-2003, 22:50
men, don't fire. we can't start it, but we can d*mn well finish it.
-the camelhand in GDA
05-12-2003, 19:47
An order came from the capitol on Cathedral (finally you get the name of my capital world!).
*Situation at Ribos critical. GDA set to attack Klonor/Jimathon alliance. Initiate Operation Catch-22. If OC2 does not work, wait three days and attack.*


A lone fighter burst from the fleet. Flying erraticly, ((meaning probably dodging anything you shoot at it)) it opened fire with full guns and missiles at the DC defenses.