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MANTICORE I Software for sale

01-12-2003, 12:38
Following a complete upgrade to the CARNIVORE II system, the government of Uroburos has declassified the MANTICORE I Digital Defense Network Entity, and is offering it for sale to other nations. MANTICORE I is a monitoring/crawling/database populating eavesdropping program. The principal behind the software is quite simple, and in early iterations performed quite well on single systems, but when our Science and Technology Directorate attempted to crawl the entirety of the Uroburos internet, performace flatlined. Quite simply, even our most powerful analogous supercomputers were not able to monitor all nodes on the network. MANTICORE I was modified to use anonymous, user invisible installations to 99% of network nodes to create what is essentially on gigantic keystroke logger.
The software is self-teaching, so it adapts to all transfer protocols, networking schemas, and operating systems. Data is gathered every 60 seconds and send in 40 bit enrcrypted frames to the master database, where a sophisticated and aesthetically friendly interface allows for parsing and sorting of the data. The data never requires second party manipulation, so any attempted spoofing or disassembly and repackaging of the frames in a hacking attempt will be automatically rendered null and dropped from the information stream.
Using this software, we were able to successfully eliminate between 90 and 97% of all nodes that were broadcasting illegal, copywrited, or dangerous information.

The software is being offered at a package price of $ 540,000,000.00, which includes the rights to the source code and on site support for up to 3 years by our technical experts.

This software is a must have for any government concerned with protecting itself and its citizens from dangerous information and the legal morass that can arise from use or browsing of illegal sites. Act now! Protect your people from themselves.
01-12-2003, 12:49
Try that again in English :? :shock: :?
01-12-2003, 16:04
It reads every single email, browser request, or internet connection on your entire countries internet, and then in turn forwards that data to the intelligence/police agency of your choice and lets you see who you need to arrest or have disappear.

Better? :twisted: :?