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A list of Armed forces.

30-11-2003, 18:57
I wish to make a list of the worlds armed forces in men and more detale if you wish.
Austs Armed forces.
400,000 Aust Troopers, armed with AK47 and in squads of 10 with 2 hevey weapons each.
20,000 ASS our elite troops highly trained and armed with pistols, sniper rifles and silanced sub-machine guns.
6,000 Panther Mark 3 tanks.
2,000 Jeeps.
4,000 APC's (Moderfied panthers)

Air force.
6,000 Harrier Jump jets.
3,000 Spudnics long distance fighter/bombers.
2,000 B52 bombers.

Those are our fighting troops.
Royal Engeneers.
2,000 bomb dispostle experts.