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Open RP: The Omnscient message

The Scarecrows
30-11-2003, 17:48
Sunset on the glassy surface of the long burnt desert was always spectacular.
Because of continued testing of outdated weaponry out this far in the desert, the sands had literally turned into meter thick glass.
The glass over time had resolved, and the surface was extremely smooth. So smooth that one could yell from one side of the 3 km wide area, and his echoes would be detected by another on the other side.
This natural (or unnatural, depending on the outlook) property had simply created the perfect surface for interception of signals.
In dead centre stood the monolithic spire known only as Omniscia. It extended up into the sky for around half a kilometer.
Below ground Omniscia consisted of huge computer banks and terminals devoted to the continued observation of the rest of the world.

It had picked up something rather worrying that night.
Something terrible.

Ten minutes later, a data packet was sent on every bandwidth, encrypted. Five minutes after that, a distress signal was sent on all emergency channels. Ten minutes after this, Omniscia was bombarded from orbit, the tremendous power of the bombarding shattered the glass radome, kilometer long pieces of blackened smooth glass lifted into the air, before disintegrating. No further Communications were recieved from Omniscia.

The assaulting forces attempted to jam all communications channels.
However, a few errant signals escaped the jammer net, and one such signal was intercepted by a nomad tribe currently settled in the hills due 200 km east of Omniscia.

All they knew was that the data packet was heavily encrypted, and that there was a momentous flash of light to the east ten minutes after the last signal from Omniscia. Then, incredibly, pieces of glass no larger than golf balls began to rain from the sky, those not quick enough to seek shelter were ripped apart. The survivors immediately packed up camp and proceeded with all due speed towards the epicentre of the blast. The way was precarious, massive towers of twisted black glass loomed over them like glittering sentinels of a dark ominous secret, and the ground itself was littered with fires and molten glass. Once they came within five hundred meters of ground zero, the heat was intolerable, and they ventured no further, not that they could.

Ahead of them, the ground dropped steeply away, and the heat and molten fury from the area extended downwards in a near perfect hemisphere.

After confirming that there was nothing alive near the listening station, they departed due west, towards the nearest town, approximately 1500 km away. At top speed it would take them a day.

But who knew what would happen?

OOC: Okay, this is basically going to involve the leader of the tribe, Jaren, and any other characters, specifically, characters of different nations that he meets along the way. Please, no godmodding, and I'll only allow one Big Bad Villain, and various allies. This is a struggle. This is an advanced technology Rp.
My msn addy is if you wish to discuss tactics or the story.