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Anyone selling Nukes?

30-11-2003, 14:59
A shady gentleman with sunglasses and a briefcase who never meets anyone in person has started shopping for one...
Civil Disobedients
30-11-2003, 15:12
I advise against this course of action.
30-11-2003, 15:14
I also advise against this course of action. This "shady gentleman" you are referring to may have the counter-terrorist units of several nations on his rear (and one of those nations may be mine).

OOC: nice name...
30-11-2003, 15:16
looks like it's time to break open another can of either whoopass or destroy terrorist

anybody have 1 spare???
30-11-2003, 15:32
OOC: This looks like it'd be an ICly very descrete action, with no way to track it back to the original country unless you actually captured this guy and got him to talk. He could even be part of a rouge element.

Just because you can OOCly see who's posting doesn't mean you ICly know, or even find out what's going on.

IC/OOC seperation, people.
Chao master
30-11-2003, 16:11
glad you sorted that out.