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Sanjoprepsian Archepiliago - ADHD

27-11-2003, 05:55
With this the nation of Malakan calls the first general conference of the Alliance for Defense of Hemispheric Democracy in Sanjoprepsia.

Current members of the ADHD include: (will be edited as come and go)
Democratic Republic of Badme
Holy Empire of Ingentis
Republic of Malakan
Republic of Tauton Lake
Republic of Vertiplex

The current charter of the ADHD is as follows: (again, will be edited as is updated)

1) Membership is open to all nations in the Sanjoprepsian Archepiliago who are classified by the UN as a democracy

2) An attack upon one member nation will be considered an attack upon all member nations

3) No member nation shall make an attack upon a nonthreatening nondemocratic nation in the region, this shall be for purposes of giving clear incentives to those nations to keep thier tempers in check. Violation of this shall be met with expulsion from the agreement.

4) No member shall make war upon any democratic nation in the region unless the nation they are declaring war against has already made a clear act of war against them (in which case the Alliance will have already leapt into action). Violation of this shall be met with expulsion and immediate military action.

5) Ammendments to the charter: all ammendments to this charter must be approved by all member states in order to take effect ("And ironically," notes the Malak delegate to the assembly and Malakan's Secretariat for Defense, Mordecai Aneilewisc, who is delivering this statement, "this is the part I expect to be ammended first." He chuckles at his own rather lame aside.)

We open up the floor to all proposals, votes, applications for membership, and whathaveyou.
27-11-2003, 08:17
We fully agree on all of the above terms, but we would like to make a suggestion toward section 1 ( 1) Membership is open to all nations in the Sanjoprepsian Archepiliago who are classified by the UN as a democracy). Although we fully understand your intent, we believe that this cannot conform to nations who are bouncing back from a dictatorship, etc. It will take a while for the UN to classify a well known liberal dictatorship that is growing into a democracy as a democratic nation even if dramatic steps have been taken by the government to uphold the wishes of the people. We need an article 1.1 to explain exceptions such as this.
27-11-2003, 09:35
I [this is Aneilewisc speaking again] would have to dissagree regarding the proposed ammendment to clause 1, for two reasons: One, the process of emerging from a dictatorship to a fledgeling democracy is one proceeding in steps - the reward a catepillar gets for metamorphosis is wings, but only after it has gone through being a cocoon. Of course we do believe every effort should be made to help nations make the transition from a military or autocratic form of government to one of democracy, but a clear commitment - the increase in political freedoms - would have to be required to recieve entrance into the Alliance itself (think stick-and-carrot psychology).

Secondly, the UN is actually quite responsive. Notice our colleagues here the Democratic Republic of Badme, which changes UN classifications every other day, or, for an even more apt example, the Holy Empire of Ingentis, whose military government had very recently (and peacefully, thank the heavens) collapsed, right around the recognition of the Sanjoprepsian Archepiliago as an autonomous region.

However, there's a good deal of truth to what you're saying, and it's nessecary to ensure that those countries that wish to make this important transition feel safe in doing so. We can, without ammending the charter, mock up a form of graduated membership, formed by a seperate treaty ("promise of protection during time of transition"?) between the fledgeling democracy and the ADHD as a unit.
27-11-2003, 16:36
Greetings Freedom-Loving peoples of the ADHD. Ingentis proposes the following as an attempt at ADHD

Delegation Proposal:
1) All nations in the ADHD shall accept, willingly and without issue, atleast 2 diplomats from other ADHD countries.
1.1) These number of delegates allowed is determined by ADHD based on UN classification and number of citizens.
1.2) Failure to accept diplomats (whether it be entrance into the country or the ability to voice opinions) will result in probation from ADHD. A second offense will lead to the Suspention of the stubborn country.
2) These said diplomats are allowed to have one (1) small report made per week on the country they are in.
2.1) One (1) report shall be given to each diplomat. Each report to the same country must be different. EX: Malakan has 2 diplomats in Ingentis. Ingentis gives two seperate (SMALL) reports to Ingentis by telegram per week.
2.2)Failure to miss a report three times in a row (three weeks in a row) without prior notice or excuse will result in probation from the ADHD and a second offense will result in Suspention.
2.3) Things to be included in a report would include atleats three (3) of the following:
a) public health
b) military report
c) Issues Decided on
d) economy
e) civil rights
f) politcal freedoms
g) other
WHEREAS: Upon passing diplomats shall be accepted within two (2) weeks. Suggestions are accepted to the Proposal before a vote, if needed.

Thank You and Pax,
The Ingentis Senate for The People
[Signed] Senex Hominis
Speaker for The Senate
28-11-2003, 05:58
I msut say that it is quite unfair to restrict this to Democracy only. Yes, I DO change classification nearly every day, becuase my political ideas are all over the place and don't correspond with any party lines!

Anyway, I enjoy having such a powerful country, being how its older than all you n00blets :D

Hmmm...anyone up for a 'preemptive strike' against Crawford? His leader looked at me funny the other day, I swear it!
28-11-2003, 06:39
Now here is the question. In the case of Greater Crawford, would we attack as a group or only defend as a group? Also, the charter of this organization needs to be changed regarding the section about not attacking any country that doesn't attack you. This is wrong because if I feel that I need to attack another country in the alliance (for the right reasons), then it should not be condemned. My proposal is that the decision of attack needs to be approved by a majority of the members of the organization. Then the only problem left would be the stance of the group itself. My proposal would be that the organization as a whole would not have a stance. The nations would support each nation as separate countries. I am open to comments or suggestions.
28-11-2003, 18:20
Fellow Nations:

Badme's ruler, the Rather Omnipotent Badme, has decided to aide you in a quest for a regional map. There are, however, several important questions:

1. What resources are we to have?

Actually...yeah, that's just 1 question. The Rather Omnipotent Badme apoligizes for this slip.
29-11-2003, 04:07
We here at Ingentis are a bit upset that our proposal wasn't really even recognized. Any form of suggestion or critisism would be very helpful.

Remeber this is an attempt mainly for Unity, something that we believe the ADHD currently is lacking at the moment.

Augustine Nuntius
Spokesperson of The People

Ingentis would like to make known that we are persuing a small Advanced Weapon Systems Development Campain (AWSDC) in an attempt to further our protection from corrupt countries. Our development includes:
1) Cruise missle defence systems (RRadius 1 Mile)
2) Oceanic Defense Systems (ODS) to Supply our Navy
3) Stationary Gun Systems (SGS)

We here at Ingentis are as much as pacifists as possible. We, if needed in time of war, prefer old methods of chivalry and more classic weapondry (dating back to our Ancient Materterra, Rome) however, times have changed and we are a new even MORE peaceful "empire" (which seems to only now be a title). Swords and arrows cannot defeat Crawfords machine guns, and our shields will not stop his bombs. WE ASK YOU TO SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS. We have started Trajectory Research for our Missles and have added a SGS in Luna, the closest city to RNGC. Our ODS is far above our budget and we ask you to support our funding. We have pretty much worked out the kinks in our SGS's and offer them now for sale amongst ADHD members, especially those in the UN.

We hope that you do not look on these productions as agressive and wanton. Quite the opposite. We are using this to scare our enemys into submission, so that they never agress. Peace is the most crucial element of our Ingentae Creed.

Thank You and Pax
Julius Mortus
Ingentis Arx
02-12-2003, 04:13
There has been seemingly no positive new movements or diplomatic talk within the ADHD. I believe e need an immediate reassurgance of activity. We here at Ingentis fear a war without the ADHD's support, but have found none yet. Please respond to propositions of ingentis either yea/nay or suggestions.

Also, let us intruduce ourselves to the union.


We are a beautiful country consiting of one large island (Pulchra Ingentis), an island 1/8 the size of P.I. north of PI (Circum Insula), and a bit of scattered islands north of that.

We are peace loving, however agree that peace must sometimes be found in nessecary force. "Only act on those who have cause you great pain" is part of the Verbum Ingentae (Word [creed] of Ingentis) We are greating great new technologies, of which is funded by lake gold deposits, and our (about) 40 % tax rate (20% to social wellfare/well being 5% to education 5% to war 10% for as needed activities [subject to constant change]) We recruit men from their second year of what you would understand as college, to serve 2 mandatory militant service years. After their service they are given the opurtunity to continue in the service (our "voluntary service people" are of some of our highest paid.) or continue their study and possibly continue military work later if they choose (however not with equal pay as "right away service people")