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Replicants Soon To Be Sold: Reserve Yours Today!

27-11-2003, 04:24
Wolmarian robotic engineers have recently developed the necessary equipment for the manufacture and mass production of military and civilian class robots known as replicants.

"A replicant, by designation, is a machine that can move, feel, look, and seem entirely human. It is even capable of emotion," says engineers Samantha Bine. "The human species is able to feel emotions at the age of roughle three or four. After giving these robots about seven or eightyears worth of more traumatic memory events and our most advanced computer system, it has created a robot capable of feeling human emotions. Originally, we had underestimated the amount of time to develop the robotic brain.

"The advantage about replicants intermixed with the population is that it allows for the creation of laborers and soldiers when there is little to none. This is an excellent alternative because replicants are significantly stronger and faster than their human counterparts, and in some cases more intelligent. This allows them to even take higher class working positions, even put them in charge of high ranking military positions.

"The great thing about replicants is that they can be 'custom made'. By giving them a history where the nation they are working for has been good to them, the replicant will, in turn, be loyal to that nation. The downside is that these replicants also 'feel'; they know when they're being abused, as well as others. If you treat a replicant poorly, it will know it and try to do something about it. If you push it to the extreme, like any human, it will do drastic things.

"Personally, these replicants are seen as a great addition to Wolmarian society. We hope that the international space community will see the same and help to support the replicant program."

The replicants are manufactured by the Nexus corporation, and are going to be sold for 100,000 BTUs (equivalent to $75,000 USD) once mass production is capable. It is estimated within two years. Reservations for the replicants are presently open.
Nexus: Your Trusted Pioneer in Robotics
Leon: The first replicant made in the soon to be series
27-11-2003, 04:38
27-11-2003, 04:55
This is most absurd, the Democratic States of Hutu does not condone this act of playing God, and urges the nation of Wolmar to stop its production of these robots.

President George Gwer

OOC: Actually humans feel emotions from birth, hence the reason new borns cry when their mothers go out of their sight or leave completely.