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Buy, Sell, Trade: Relic Spaceports Open for Business!

27-11-2003, 03:20
Do your lunar colonists want hardwood bookcases, but there isn't a forest for lightyears? Does your ringworld desire casks of finely aged wine? Are you going slowly insane from eating nothing but freeze-dried soy blocks for months at a time?

Are you tired of being charged exorbitant fees to wait in line for days to use a rickety space elevator??

We have the solution!!

For many years, we nations of the continent of Relic have kept smooth trade going between earth and space nations. Our multitude of spaceports allows you, the intelligent customer, to conduct your business with speed and precision! No more waiting in orbit for landing clearance to some corn-field, while you burn precious fuel, we have enough spaceports(state of the art, I may add) to service any and all traffic to and from space.

There are over 30 spaceports in Relic capable of dealing with craft twice the size of a star destroyer!!

The four largest spaceports (Relic Regional, Royal Sileetris, Skydale SpaceDocks, and North Point Omni-Versal) can each dock 2 superstar destroyers each!

The Relic Continent is located in the ideal position to trade with both the Asian and American markets at super low costs! (

Pirates will think twice when they see the gigawatt range lasers trained on their pathetic ships! The Megalith Facility is perfect insurance against port crime! (


We are looking to trade 0-G alloys, rare elements, and space curiosities for earth-made luxury products, finished heavy machinery, and stable food sources.

If any nation has anything they would like to sell, they can post it and it will be added to the list below. So if you're a space nation and you just want to get rid of that 50-ton block of ununhexium in exchange for some high-grade marijuana, be our guest!

~Please note that slave trading is highly frowned upon and illegal unless proper quarters are provided to said slaves both on the ground and once aboard the ships, this will be enforced!!~

Traders List

Sileetris: 700 sheets of zero-grav forged titanium. Willing to trade Food, Lumber, Fabrics, Ritalin, Fine Jewelry or pay $3 million.

Trade Agreements
Sileetris: Willing to hear all proposals.

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27-11-2003, 17:29
*Bump This place could be really good for your economy....*
28-11-2003, 03:04
No one wants to do business???
Former Kuban
03-12-2003, 23:28
Former Kuban will soon be avaliable to Trade. Our Main Spaceport is undergoing refit.
Underwater Asylum
15-04-2004, 08:12
The materials can be sent, but only if you will send us an equivalent amount of food and the recipes for each.