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Shildonian Farmers Increase Production of Rape

27-11-2003, 00:47
Due to the impending Alternative Fuel resolution, The Shildonian Farming Union(SFU) today voted to increase production of Oil Seed Rape by 20% to meet the anticipated demand that will inevitably result from the passing of this resolution.
The news of the increase in production led to a halt in the rise of the price of BioDiesel, which had been increasing rapidly since the resolution was introduced earlier this week. However, fuel prices remain at a five year high. A Shildonian Automobile Club (SAC) spokeswoman commended the SFU decision, saying that BioDiesel was the very lifeblood of the economy, and that the rising prices risked tipping Shildonia over the brink into the global recession that has hit many nations.
Manufacturers of BioDiesel conversion kits are also benefitting from the proposed resolution, many of whom are expanding their operations in preperation for the inevitable global demand. These expansions were spurred on by news of a 0.25% drop in interest rates by the Shildonian Central Bank.
27-11-2003, 00:48
LMBO, nice title..
27-11-2003, 01:01
Lucky us then for not really using fossil fuels from the word go :) (crookfur has used alcohol, synthetic fuel oil (like the vegetable oil that works in diesal engines) and biogas as main combustable power sources since not long after finally emerging into the world as we didn't really have much in the way of fossil fuels to begin with)

We wish the Shildonian people well in this unsettling time and hope they emerge from this time as a happier healthier nation.