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27-11-2003, 00:00
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Jade and Blay made their way into the Tribunal office. The Tribunal Office is the main base of operation for the Intelligence Tribunal, Tappee’s intelligence service. The building itself was huge, it’s most distinguishing feature, was it lack of features. From the outside it looked like a giant box. There was not a single window, and only one visible entrance. It had been designed to survive a nuclear blast. Once inside a vast network of corridors could be seen, with security check point place various points.

Handed Blay a name tag “Here’s you Ident card. It will give you access to most of the upper levels, but don’t even think of trying to get in the lower levels, I don’t even have the clearance to get in there.” A smile came across Jades face “You ready to meet your team?”
27-11-2003, 06:06
OOC: Sorry. This is Calnux on his friends account. He was over to look at his nation, and forgot to log out.

Taking the ident card, Blay looks it over. It was just a piece of plastic with a barcode on it.

"Yeah, let's see them." she said, walking along with Jade.
27-11-2003, 07:32
After making their way down a number of corridors, and many security checkpoints the two stop in front of door. Jade paused for a moment. “Yep this is the room.” She reached out and opened the door. Causally walking through it. As she did the people in the room jumped to attention. There were 5 men and 3 women, their age varied from 18- 21.

Jade took a seat at the front of the Blay sat beside her. “At ease.” With her words the young team all took their seats. “Now you all have to remember that you are now part of the first X, there no need for such military formality.” She paused when some raised their Hand. She let out a bit of sigh “Yes Henry what do want?”

The young man spoke up “Mrs Allenson, I would just like to say what an honour it is to be working with you, your class at the academy was our favourite.”

Letting out another sigh Jade thought to her self for a moment, she was trying to decide best how to address this. “I’m not sure how to say this so I’m just going to say it. This is no longer the academy, and I’m for sure not going to hold your hand. This is the real world, and unlike any for test people will die if you mess up. I’m not your teach, I’m your commanding officer. It’s time to grow up.” She was being a bit hard on them, but their assignment wasn’t going to be an easy one. “Now I believe that some introductions are inorder.” Jade pointed toward Blay “This is Blay, this is her mission, her command. Understand.” Pausing she waited for every one to node “Blay this is your team”

Sitting in desks the team sat four across two deep. “Blay on the right is your Computer Specialist team. They can hack almost any system, you want some thing done with computer, these are the two that will do it. They are Carrie Andrews and Scott Philips. The team sitting behind them is the Demolition team, Travis Sampson and Henry Kobe. Beside them to their left is the surveillance team, Jessica Wagner and John Conroy. Last but not least in front of them in the Counter Intelligence team of, Casey Kisenger and Arnold Tiesto.” Taking moment Jade caught her breath. “Beside that special training, all members have received training in close combat, and small arm. All have some combat experience.”

Moving to the front of the room Jade started writing on the black board. In large letters she Wrote OPERATION: SERPENTS NEST. After that she hand a series of folder to everyone in the room. “This is all the background information that we can give you at this moment in time.” She waited as every open their folder. “The first photo is Prime Minster Kao, the man beside him is a mercenary named General Heskel. Now Kao has signed on with the GDODAD. A terror group interested in world domination.” Looking across the room she let her words sink in. “We can’t let that happen. Here’s the plan. Heskel is a mercenary in every sense of the word, he cares only about money. He worked for Latitio during the last war doing special ops. Now he’s doing the same thing for Kao.” Jade reached down and took a sip of water from her bottle. “Kao’s keeping the general rather busy, and Heskel doesn’t have the man power to keep pace so he’s looking to hire some new people.” Jade allowed her self the smile for a moment “Now that’s where you come in”
“There is small group of people in Iaceo that don’t like Kao’s been doing, so we are going to get them to pass word on the Heskel that you guys are group of mercenaries looking for work. You résumé will be a number of operation done by the 2nd X, you’ll just get the credit for it. I want you to get close to Heskel. If we know what he’s up too then we know what Kao is up too.”

“Until we can setup a meeting with Heskel, I want all of you to train.” She glanced over at Blay. “Blay is in charge if training, you do whatever she tells you, no question. Once we’ve got the meeting time set all call you back for another briefing. Now I have other things to do. Unless Blay has anything for you to do your all dismissed”
27-11-2003, 08:23
Looking around the room, she noticed everyone seemed a little uneasy. These people are still children. They have no reason to be using a weapon, killing people, or blowing things up. These people should be out partying and getting laid.

"Actually Jade, I do. Everyone stand up."

As everyone stood, Blay walked across the room, looking each one over.

"Although Jade here says there is no need for the military formalities, you are all still soldiers, therefore you WILL use the formalities. Everything that the Academy has drilled into you will be used in this operation. From what I understand, Heskel loves having ex-military in his ranks. If we are going to become part of this, we need to remember that we are military. Keep those formalities. They may one day save your life."

Blay looked back at Jade and winked at her.

"I want everyone to go home, pack your ALICE pack with 50lbs of gear, and meet back here at 1800. Dismissed."

As everyone left, she walked over to Jade.

"We are going to go for a little run. I'm going to need pro-masks and rifles. Care to join us in the run?"
27-11-2003, 08:34
Jade thought to herself for a moment "As much fun as that sounds, I can't. I've got meetings all day, the sooner that we can a meeting with Heskel the sooner we can begin. Feel free to stop off at equipment and get anythings that you need." Jade started for the door. "Oh Blay, I almost forgot. Make sure not to give those kids an inch." she said with smile on her face and with that made her way to her next appointment.
27-11-2003, 17:36
The team had assembled with all their gear, but as always they where a bit early. Now was the time of the idle chatter.

Casey one of the teams counter intelligence specialist was the first to start the conversation. “Things must really be messed up if they asked Mrs Allenson to come.”

“Why?” Asked Henry with a confused look on his face.

Casey turned to Henry “Well for one, as we all know she’s an instructor at the academy.”

Henry just shook his head “So”

“So, the academy is a place for agents that can't work anymore. It’s place that they can go finish out their last days with respect. Don’t you think that it’s kind of odd that they bring an instructor back?”

John jumped into the conversation “We all know that Mrs Allenson, a special case, we can’t compare her to the other instructors. First she’s the president daughter. Second she is the youngest instructor at the academy by far. Plus we’ve all heard the rumors.”

His word where interrupted by a smack to the head from Arnold “You know as well as I do that in this business we can’t rely on rumors.” He looked over at Carrie and Scott who where both quietly sitting there. “Did you get a chance to run a background checks and Mrs Allenson and Blay." After this morning briefing the team had decided that it fun to check up on their commanders, to have a better understanding of who they where, plus it would be a good test of their skill.

“We did, but we didn’t get much” replied Scott.

Carrie picked up from where Scott left off. “We couldn’t access Mrs Allenson Personal file, it too secure, even for us. What we did find out that about five years ago there was an assassination attempt, she was shot. After that she started working at the academy.”

“And what about Blay?” Asked Travis.

Scott just shook his head “Nothing, according to the records she a ghost. There is no record of her even exsisting.”

Carrie was the first to respond. “That odd indeed, she doesn’t seem like a spook to me.”

“Your right, she seems more military then anything else. Which would explain all this” Casey motioned towards all the equipment that was lying around the room.”

A smile came across Travis face “What she doesn’t think that we can handle a run with 50 lbs of gear.” He grab his bag threw it on his back and started doing push up’s “See this wouldn’t be a problem.”

Henry reached over and pushed Travis over. “Quit showing off” laughter brook out in the room as Travis fell over land hard on his side.

After everyone was done Jessica let out a loud cough and node towards the door. The team jumped to attention when they realized that Blay was standing there watching.

“Sorry Ma’am”
27-11-2003, 18:17
Turning on the light Kao saw a man sitting on his couch. Most people would have been startled to find someone in their home sitting on their couch, but this was becoming a regular occurrence.

“What can I do for you Heskel?” inquired Kao.

“You need to ease up on me, that what you can do for me.” Haskel nsat back and made himself more comfortable. “You’ve got me doing all kind of things now, and
I don’t have the man power to keep up.” He raised the glass that was in him hand “Help myself to your bar, hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind why should I mind” there was a sarcastic tone to his voice. “Remind me why I pay you again.”

Heskel just smiled “You pay me to do the job that you could do other wises”

Kao just nodded “Good I hope you remember that if you don’t get the job done then I will just pay someone else to do it.” Kao began to raise his voice. “NOW GO, hire more people, I don’t care as long as you get the job done.”

Heskel got up from his seat and just dropped his glass “Fine, have it your way. I’ll start looking for some people.”

Shortly after Heskel left the room
27-11-2003, 18:53
"So, you ran background checks on us, huh? I can tell you right now you won't find anything on me. If you want to know something, ASK me. Now, as for this run we are going on. Have you ever heard of the country Frohair? Well, the boarder is 120 miles from here. Guess where we are going." Blay said was a big grin.

"I'll be running right there along side you all though. We will run half way, make camp, sleep for 3 hours, then run the rest. Once we get to the border, I have a friend bring us a few gifts. One we get them, we run back the rest of the way without stopping."

A loud moan escaped everyones mouth. Blay knew these kids could do it.


Calnux was pacing. He hated this feeling. There were a few times when he paced, not sure of what was happening and who was doing what. No one was hurt this time. Not yet anyway.

Picking up Makenze, Calnux thought to himself.

"Jade, please call me and tell me everything is ok."
27-11-2003, 19:20
Jade had just finished one of her meeting early, which meant that she had some spare time. Reaching into her pocket she grabbed her cell phone. Might as well check up of Calnux. She had never left him alone with Mak for this long. But it wasn’t Mak that she was worried about it was Calnux. As much as he said he was Ok with everything, he still had asked her to call him when she had the chance. Dialling the number she waited for an answer. Glancing down at her watch she saw it was 19:45, one more meeting then she could head home.


It was getting late and the team could see the sun setting on the horizon. They had been running for a while now.

Casey who by this point was getting bored of the silence decided to ask a question “Blay, do you know anything about Mrs Allenson’s background” She heard Henry speak up from the back

“Yeah I heard that five years ago someone tried to kill her. That she was ambushed by like 17 assassins. And the she took them all down single handily.”

Casey glared over her shoulder at Henry, who immediately stopped taking.
27-11-2003, 20:05
Sitting alone in his office Heskel sat there considering his options. He knew that if he wasn’t able to complete his contracts that he could stand to lose a lot of money. But then again on the other hand, if he just started hiring random people that it could open up a security risk. He had to pick one of these options, and he had to pick it soon.

A knock at the door startled the General. “Come in”

Opening the door a lone man entered the room. “You wanted to see me sir.” The man was Heskel second in commander Robert Sanders.

“Yes” There was awkward an pause “Sanders I want you to put the word out that we are looking to put together a new team. I want people with some experience not just some people that you find of the street.” In the end money talked louder then anything.

Robert nodded in agreement, then left the room to carry out his task.
27-11-2003, 23:22
Before the first ring finished, Cal had answered the phone.

"Hey hun. How is everything going? When will you be home? I love you so much."

Cal had already laid Mak down to sleep, and was loafing around the house. He hated being away from Jade. Now that Blay was back in his life, he had more then one person to worry about.


As Blay was running, carrying a 50lb ALICE pack and an 18lb M16-A1, she looked back to see how everyone was doing. They had been running for nearly 30 miles nonstop. She saw Scott lagging behind a little, which is somewhat understandable. He sits behind a computer all day. What suprised her, and made her happy at the same time, is that the women seemed to be running harder then the men, and showed no sign of slowing down.

"Alright guys, you look tired, and you deserve a break. Let's stop here."

As they ran to the side of the road, saw headlights.

"Everyone get down and load your rifles. There shouldn't be anyone on this road at this time."

As the automobile came closer, it began to slow down. Blay saw someone stick a hand out of the rar door, and had what to look like a gun.

"Open fire!" she shouted, as teh bullets started flying from both directions.

The car stopped moving, and everyone looked at each other. Blay motioned for them to stay down, and she walked towards the vehicle. When she got to the back of it, she pulled out her pistol and shot out the rear window. She saw two bodies, both slumped over, with four or five bullet holes to the head. Blay hostered her pistol and walked around to the driver side. As she opened the door, the body fell over. She searched the body for ID, and found the wallet. He had the imblem of Gijan.

"F*ck. They are from Gijan, my home country. They must be looking for Calnux and I. How the hell did they know that we are here though?"

The rest of the team approached, and stopped behind Blay. She heard Henry puke, and Jessica started to gag. The smell was already filling the air.

"Ok, let's move out guys. Nothing else we can do but get to the border."

As the team took off, Blay thought of getting back, and fast. They had just left the Academy a few hours ago, and already they had been attacked once. This is going to be a long night. Hope these kids can make it.
27-11-2003, 23:37
OOC: please don't speak for any of my people. Iaceo does not have any people in Tappee, and for that matter has no idea that this operation is occuring. however, for the intrest of the RP I will let it slide.
28-11-2003, 02:31
OOC: Actually, I just thought of something that would make it more interesting. Sorry, I think I misread what was happening when Tappee told me to come here.

edit: Post above edited to show corrections on countries.
28-11-2003, 05:56
OOC: Calnux don't worry about it keep it the way it was. I can fix it. Most people do that in the begining no big deal. Iaceo, you don't have much room to talk, you done the same thing in the past.

Now i'm going to explain this so every one is one the same page as to what going on. Calnux, Me and Iaceo are good friends in NS as well as in real life, so me talk alot about our RP. When I talk about stuff going on in Iaceo they are things that I've talked to him about, and got the OK to proceed. What yor wrote was ok and I could work with it. I understand that you where only trying to advance the plot with an interesting twist, and I thank you for that.

Calnux as you know when it comes to my characters I'm rather open, and just go with what everyou post. Iaceo tends to like to have more control over his characters, no biggie.

So what I'm going suggest so that we have no more problems is that Calnux if you want to do any plot twist in regards to any of Iaceo's people just send him a TG ask if it's ok then go from there. As for my characters as long as it isnothing serious I don't care.

There have been endless debates about this type of thing in the NS community but this is not one of them. My thread and I'll run it as I see fit.

So from here on in if Calnux wants to do anything regarding any Iaceo character just talk to Iaceo and clear it with him first.

Since I don't believe in Retcon (Taking back something that was posted) I'm going to respond to Calnux orignal post. Iaceo take a breather and relax, we'll talk later.

I feel that I must appogize to Calnux, I never really brought you up to speed as to what was going on so I'll give write you a bit of a background of the Tappee, Iaceo history.

Iaceo was once a terrorist country with the soul goal of destroying the world. For a longg time there was a cold war that occured behind the scene's. Seven years ago that war broke out in the open after a nuclear bomb was detonated in Tappee's capital by Iaceo. A formal war broke out between the two, and a number of countries where drawn in to the conflict. That war ended when Iaceo's military was crushed, and it leaders captured. Tappee then tried to rebuild the country. Peace finally happened in Iaceo after a brief stuggle. Iaceo for the past five years relyed on Tappee for its military protection. Iaceo has a small army and at the moment, no intelligence service of any time. With the help of the GDODAD they are trying to rebuild. Tappee joined the LAGD which in the GDODAD's enemy. now a new cold war is breaking out. That what we are RPing now. The start of the new cold war. the agreemnet between me a Iaceo is that in this thread we will RP the deployment of my spy's. and once he establishes a intelligence service of his own then we will switch. but that will be later. Right Tappee is under lockdown, and Iaceo has no idea of what going on here.

Ok now that I'm out of breath and everything I've had to say being said I'm going to prepare my next post, just give some time, let's all play together here and have some fun.

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28-11-2003, 06:05
OOC: sorry I didn't mean to come off as being an A$$. For what it's worth I'm sorry :cry: . Just in the future if you plan to use and of my people in your post just clear with first. Then I wouldn't have a problem with it.


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28-11-2003, 06:18
OOC: Actually, I'd like to play with what it says now. It allows me to expand on my characters a little. Bring there past actions into things a little.

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28-11-2003, 06:49
OOC: As I said I will respond the original post, not the new one. Me and Iaceo talked and we’ve agreed that the attack was part of a test put together by Jade. There maybe be other tests along the way but I will let Calnux decide what they are.


“Oh everything is fine, just got one more meeting then I’m going home. Don’t worry about Blay. She took her team out for some training. We’ve got her and her team on a live Sat feed, we can see every move they make.” Again Jade glanced at her watch. “I’ve arranged for some special tests along. They getting the first test right now” she couldn’t help but smile. “There should be a few more along the way. There’s nothing to worry about, it nothing that they can’t handle. Do you need me to pick up anything along the way home? Maybe some bread. Just kidding I’ll be home soon, just thought that would check in let you know what going on. Got to go, love you.”

Turning off the phone on the she entered the room where she had her last meeting. Knocking on the door she waited for a response.

“Come in”

Opening the door the she looked in around the door. “Must be nice having such an easy job.” She said with a smile in her face.

The man looked up from the desk. “You want to compare jobs, I think teaching at the academy is much more slack then this.” His name was Jon Anerton. Deputy chair on the intelligence tribunal. Jade and him had gone to the academy together, and were good friends. Before they graduated they had also been much more then that. However, after graduation they had received different assignment and drifted apart. “How’s your husband. He treating you well.” He said with smile on his face.

Jade laughed, she could help but take a cheap shot. When the opportunity presented it’s self “Much better then you ever did” she said sarcastically.

“Ouch, that was a low blow. Guess I had that one coming. No but serious how are things” after every thing the two where still good friends.

“Good actually, just had a little girl awhile back. Little angle, named Makenze. But we should really talk work.” Her expression changed and became more serious “Have we made contact with the General yet,”

“No not yet. Our people in Iaceo are going to sent the information to the Generals people in about two hour, from their we’ll set up a meeting between Blay and Heskel. We should have everthing inplace by 02:00”

Jade nodded “good as soon as my team gets back I’ll brief them. If that’s all, I’m going to head home. I’ll be back in the office at 06:00”
“Talk to you in the morning. Oh and Jade it was good to see you back in the game again, it’s been awhile.”

*hits head on desk* This is why i don't like Retcon, it mess the flow of the thread. I wrote my post to go with the orginal post. While I was writing it Calnux Posted, throwing everthing off. so now I have to rewrite, I don't want to do that. So this is what is going to be done. The attack just occured was not part of any of Jade's Tests, those will pop up here soon, under Calnux guidence. The attack that just occured is a sperate event unrelated to this thread, but is there for chacter development, and May come into play later. Now does every one agree on this out come. or do I have to rewite everything. Until we are all in agreement on to how to fix this there will be no more IC post.
28-11-2003, 07:04
OOc: :shock: *realize he in trouble the next time Tappee see's him* :shock:

Sorry, didn't realize that it would cause this much trouble :cry: :cry:

It fine with me we'll go with it.
28-11-2003, 07:07

*punches Iaceo in the shoulder*

You better be sorry, I'm goin to make you work your a$$ of at work tomorrow. :x

So as long as Calnux is OK then when can go ahead. :D :D
28-11-2003, 07:54
OOC: Yeah, that's fine. I'm cool with the outcome.


"Alright hun. Good to know everything is alright. See you soon."

Calnux hung up the phone, and went to check on Mak. As he walked in the room, He saw Mak sitting up in her crib. She just sat there looking at him, as if she knew that everything was alright.


As the team reached the border, Blay slowed her running down. It was a long night, but she knew the guys needed a rest. As John went to sit down, he saw a car pull up next to Blay. He decided to listen in on the convo.

"Hey fellows. How ya doing?" Blay said to the man in the driver side.

"Not bad Blay. Long time no see. Why are you out here with all these holligans?" the man said, looking at the team members.

Glancing into the car, Blay ignored the question.

"Look, you know what I want, so let's cut the sh*t. What do you have for me?"

The man in the driver seat wiggled for a moment, and glaced at the glove compartment. The women in the passenger seat reached into the hold and pulled out a envelope. She passed it to the driver, who went to open it, but was stopped by Blay.

"Not here. Too many people. I'll open it on my own time."

She took the folded paper and stick it into her ALICE pack.

"How much do I owe you?" she asked, glancing back at the team.

"This one is on us. We owed you one." the women answered.

"So you did. Thanks guys. Hopfully, you'll be hearing from me again sometime soon."

As the car pulled away, Blay motioned for John to come to her. As he approached, Blay slapped him in the face.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't listen in to my conversations. What was said is none of your business. If it was, I would have asked you to listen, got me?"

"Yes ma'am." he answered, holding his cheek.

"Now, did you think that was ackward? Anything that seemed out of place at all?"

"Ma'am, I don't know what we are doing here, or what you just recieved. The men in the car seemed to have known you, so I don't think anything was weird."

"Good answer. Soldiers, lets move out. We are going home."

As the team started to walk away, their bodies where thrust to the ground, followed by a loud explosion. As Blay stood, she saw the car she had just been near had exploded. She prayed that Jilk and Pike hadn't been in the car, but as the smoke cleared and billowed above, she saw two figures in the front of the car. For the first time in her life, she shed a tear.

Glancing over at the team, Blay says,

"There is nothing we can do. They are dead. Let's go home before we end up like them."
28-11-2003, 08:10
The entire team held it's ground, no one moved from his or her spots.

Casey was the first to speak up. "With all due respect ma’am, but we seem to have serious problem. Our one and only priority at this point is the mission.” She looked over at the other members of the team. “If there is some thing that jeopardize the mission, it is our responsibility to deal with that threat. This was not part of the mission parameter, therefore threatens the mission itself. Something that we can’t allow to occur.”

Arnold followed her lead. “There seems to be a bit of a trust issue here, we are not sure if we can trust you this moment in time. In the line of work that we do trust is everything, but then again you wouldn’t know, you never went to the academy did you. Your ex-military, they felt that we didn’t have enough combat experience so they asked you to baby sit.”

Travis was the next to speak “Time to talk”
28-11-2003, 08:36
Heskel heard a nock on the door. “Come in”

Quietly Robert entered the room “Here’s a list of prospect” he hands Heskel a series of folders.

“Thanks” He takes a moment to read them over. “Good contact them, and set up a meetings with all them”

Robert nodes in agreement.
28-11-2003, 08:40
As Blay turned around, she realized that the team wasn't going to move.

"This IS part of the mission. It's a little pre-mission checklist. Gather information. The packet I recieved has information pretaining to Kao. Ms. Allenson doesn't know I was getting it, but it is a little more information then she has on him at the current time."

As Blay sat down, the team members took lead, realized she was going to "talk".

"I told you before that if you had any questions to ask me. You are right, I didn't go to the Academy. As you know, or might not, Ms. Allenson is married. Her husbands name is Calnux. Calnux is my brother. I have military expirence, and I asked to be put into this mission. Now, what else do you want to know? My bra size?"

Blay let out a little chuckle.

"Really though, if you are going to do this mission, you need to trust me, so lets get to know each other a little. Tell me a little about yourself, and ask me anything you want."

OOC: My f*ck ass friend logged in to check his nation, and didn't log out. He was looking through my bookmarks and saw the thread, so decided to be a tosser and post in it. Just to clarify, this person posting now is Calnux.
28-11-2003, 08:49

Is there any way that you can get ride of the top post, I don't want there. Kao is the bad guy, we are using Heskel to get to Kao.
28-11-2003, 08:50
OOC: Working on it.
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28-11-2003, 09:06
There was an awkward silence among the team. Everyone turned there attention to Casey and Arnold, the team Counter Intelligence specialists.

“Well” Said a voice from somewhere in the background.

Casey thought to herself for a moment. She was trying to judge Blay’s responses. “It all good.”

There was a sigh of relief among the team. The started their run back.

Shortly into their run Travis decided to lighten the mood a bit. “Mrs Allenson married” a smile came across his face “Well Henry there goes your hopes. Henry always did have a bit of a cru..” He was unable to finish the word because Henry came to a dead stop planted himself, a drove his elbow into Travis chest as he ran by. Travis who wasn’t expecting the reaction hit the ground hard.

Every one kept running, as Travis got to his feet he could her Henry yell out to him “Hurry up your falling behind.”
28-11-2003, 09:07
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What and I wasn't invited?
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OOC: Ok, again, sorry about that. Having a little party tonight. Won't happen again.

What and I wasn't invited?

OOC: Doubt I'll get an invite, but every thing seems to be back on track now. :D
28-11-2003, 21:07
As the team came up to the academy, Blay saw Cal and Mak sitting on a bench.

"Alright guys. Good job out there. Drop off your equipment and go get some rest. The rest of the day is yours. It's only 1100. Meet back here at 0300. Dismissed."

As the team walked away, she stared at John. He was going to make this team great. He is always paying attention to his surroundings.

Looking back at Cal, Blay walks over to the bench and sits down.

"How are ya Cal?"

"I'm tired. I'm waiting for Jade to get out of some meeting, so we can go home. Mak misses her almost as much as I do." Cal says, looking at Blay.

"Cal, you know I had to take this. I miss the action. I'm the best person for this job, and you know it."

"Blay, this isn't about you anymore. I'm worried that Jade might miss it and get back into it. I know how you are, and I know you will always be doing this kind of thing, but I don't want Mak exposed to it. Odds are she will go to the Academy, but she is too young to know about this kind of sh*t."
28-11-2003, 23:31
As was to be expected getting out of the building was harder then getting in. she Had left Anerton Office nearly 40 min ago, and was now finally getting out. As she walked the thourgh the door she could see her team pass by her. Over to her left she could see Blay talking to some sitting on a bench. It took her a moment to realize who Blay was talking too. Casually she made her way over.

"Look like you out the kids through the ringer." She said with a smile on her face. "We saw the whole thing" her comments where directed to Blay, she didn't want to talk about the attack infront of Cal. "We've made contact with the general, we should have a meeting date soon. But in the mean time we should all head home and get some rest. Tomorrows going to be another long day."
29-11-2003, 01:26
Calnux stood and walked towards Jade. He reached around her and gave her a hug. He whispered his her ear,

"Promise me you won't ever go into the field again?"

Blay had taken Mak and walked ahead a ways. They were only about a 20 minute walk from the house, and Blay had a key.
29-11-2003, 06:08
She could understand his concern, it felt good to back where the action. But she would never again be on the front lines.

"Don't worry, I think that my parents would never allow it" After all her mother was the head of the Intelligence agency "Besides I could never pass the physical for field work."

She put her arm around him "In the next few days they are going to bring to equipment to the house so that I can work mostly from home. I'll only need to go in for the odd meeting." She had hoped that this would settle her husbands mind.
29-11-2003, 06:59
"Good, I would like that."

As the two started to walk off, they saw how Mak was with Blay. She was very relaxed, and being playful.

WHen they two got home, Calnux asked Jade a question.

"You want to take a shower hun?"
29-11-2003, 07:26
Letting out a sigh Jade thought for a moment. It had been a long day and shower would be nice. “I think that Blay should go first, after all she the one who went for the 240 hike. Besides I like to spend some time with Mak before I put her to bed for the evening” She took Mak into the arms. It was good to be home. Tomorrow she would give her team their mission assignments. "Plus I've still got a lot of work to do yet" She would be lucky if she would be to get three hours of sleep tonight.


Scott sat on his bunk then immediately fell back and just laid there, he could hear the others do the same. “That was a nice run” he said out loud “Can’t wait until we do it again” As soon as he finished a number of various object where thrown in his direction. But at the moment he could careless.

“How long until we are sent to Iaceo, do you think” asked Jessica.

“Probably not long” answered Henry

Hearing Henry’s voice reminded Carrie about the incident on the way home. Now was her chance to bug him about it. “I can’t believe that you didn’t know the Mrs Allenson was married.” She chuckled a bit, she could just imagine the look on his face right now “I mean come on. That’s why its MRS not MISS. What where you thinking”

Travis not Henry was the one who answered the “He hoped that she was divorced. That’s why she didn’t change her last name.” He ducked as a pillow passed over his head.

“She part of the greatest Family that this country has ever seen. Of course she was going to keep her last name. I would.” There was a brief pause “If I knew what it was.” Responded Casey.

Her words caused an awkward silence among the team. They had reminded them that none of them had any family, they where all orphans. The only family that they had was each other.

John was the first to speak up “Mrs Allenson was one of the lucky one wasn’t she”

“Enough talk, we should try to get some sleep” yelled Arnold from his bunk. It wasn’t long until they where all asleep.
01-12-2003, 02:39
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01-12-2003, 04:16
Jade looked around the door and into the barracks. Everyone was still sleeping. It was to late for her to get a decent amount of sleep so she had decided to come in early. Silently she looked around the room. There was a nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach. At the briefing today she would tell them that they would be going in behind enemy lines.

This would be their first real assignment, something that she wasn’t sure if they where up too. Looking back at it she wasn’t sure if she was really ready when she had got her first assignment. There was an innocence associated with youth, something that these eight kids would have to overcome if they were to survive the coming days.

It wasn’t until now that she fully understood what it was like to send someone out in to the field. Before all this she was the one going out, not the one who sent people out. Now she could really understand why her father had such a hard time with her working out in the field. Whether or not people want to admit it or not, people died out on the field. This was part of the job, every agent had to accept it. But that didn’t make it any easier for her, whether or they lived could depend on her actions. Jade could only hope that she would be up for the task.

Glancing down at her watch she could see that the kids still had a few hour of rest left. She wouldn’t wake them. They could use all the rest that they could, it was one of the few gifts that she could give them.
01-12-2003, 04:36
One after one the team made there way in to the cafeteria for breakfast. They where all still a little sore from the run the day before.

“So what do you have for us this morning” John asked the cook.

“I’ve got something special for you guys today” Smile a on his face the cook pulled the lid from the trays to reveal pancakes and sausages. Instantly everyone began to panic. Normally they got oatmeal, to get a meal this good could mean only one thing, they where heading out into the field.

“Relax and enjoy your meal” Everyone turned to see Mrs Allenson walk over to them. She had just finished her meal. “Eat up and meet in the conference room in 45 min. Blays will be waiting for you there. I’ll leave to your meal”
01-12-2003, 05:05
As thye entered the room, Jade could see a concerned look on all their faces. As much as they wanted to go out in the field they where still a bit scared. Reaching for a glass of water from her desk, she took a sip of water.

“Ok, we all know why we are here. Our contacts in Iaceo have setup a meeting with General Heskel. That meeting will take place in just two days.” She paused just in case anyone had any question.

“Here’s the Op. The meeting will take place between Blay, and Heskel, the rest of you will be running surveillance, or providing fire support if need be. We don’t want Heskel or his people to know that we are watching him so with the expectation of Blay you are going to forward deploy.”

“We’ve got a transport ready to take you to the Dauntless, from there you will meet up the submarine Silent Night. The Silent Night will take you to three mile off the coast of Iaceo where you will wet drop, then meet with our contact you will show you where the meeting will take place.” She could see their shoulder drop as the realized that they would have a three-mile swim to the coast.

“Blay will fly to Iaceo later to tomorrow, set up a tail at the airport and follow her to the meeting. Stay out sight. Once the meeting has occurred Blay will contact me and wwe’ll go from there. We believe the Heskel will setup some kind of test for you before he lets you in. Any Questions.”

Travis raised his hands “So let me get this straight, while we are freezing in the water off the coast of Iaceo Blay will be sitting on some plane relaxing.”

Jade couldn’t help but smile. “No not really. Buy the time Blay is Fly there, she be sitting in first class watching a moive while the rest of you are sleeping in some rat infested basement in Iaceo. To be honest while you are swimming, she be at home relaxing” Jade let out a bit of chuckle “and before you ask why, I’ll answer that. The benefits of rank. Now are there any other valid questions, if not I woiuld suggest that you get your things ready.”

“Blay we should talk in privet though.”
01-12-2003, 05:08
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01-12-2003, 05:30
As Jade and Blay stepped out of the room, Blay looked back into the room. She knew that some of these soldiers might not come back. She was used to losing warriors, but these ones were to young.

"What do you need to talk about?"

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01-12-2003, 05:39
Causally walking through the bunker Heskel knocked on Roberts, but instead of waiting for a reply he just entered. As Robert looked up from his desk Heskel could see from the look on his face that he had been annoyed by the intrusion. However, all that change when he realized who had entered.

“General, I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting anyone”

Heskel motioned Robert to sit down. Once both men where sitting down comfortably Heskel began.

“Have you done the background checks that I asked you to do.”

Robert nodded “Yes” he reached in to his desk grabbing a folder then hand it over to Heskel. “This is the team that you are meeting with on Friday.” He waited a moment for the general to read over the report. “We can’t find much on their team leader, her name is Blay. The team consists of her a eight other, mostly kids. However, don’t let your age fool you. They are all ex-military, they severed with the C.O.T just before it’s collapse six years ago, so they’ve been raised in the military. They got an excellent track record, mostly assignation, high ranking political figures. They are good.”

Closing up the folder he handed it back “This is good, being C.O.T they now the Tappee landscape, which will be good, given what Kao want us to do. When is this Blay expected to arrive.”

“In a few days”

“Good as soon as she arrives bring her to me. You’ve done good work Robert”
01-12-2003, 05:48
OOC: it's ok, it was just a friendly suggestion. I like to advance my character anychance that I get. I'm still learning myself when it come to RPing.


"when you meet with Heskel, Don't let your personal feeling get involved." Jade was more speaking about her personal experiences from the field then anythings else. "No matter what he says, or asks you to do, don't let it get personal. Like I said, we are sure that he's going to test you. So no matter what he asks you to do, you say yes. Then when the oppertunity presents itself call me, and we'll figure out what to do. Ok"

She was worried about Blay more then any of the other. Not cause Blay couldn't take of herself, cause she had more the proved that she could. But if anything where to happen to her, she wasn't sure that Calnux could handle it, or her for that matter.

"Your plane leaves in two days. So all the time in between is yours. But Blay take care of the team, and make sure to come home. I don't think Cal would forgive me if any thing happened to you."
01-12-2003, 06:17
It was a calm day, a good day to be out on the open sea. Admiral Dodalla looked out from the Dauntless’s bridge at the beautiful surroundings. The Dauntless was Tappee’s flagship, which meant wherever there was a crisis the Dauntless was the first in, and the last to leave. So it was nice once and while to just enjoy the beauty that the world had to offer in silence. However the silence was short lived. Dodalla heard her Com officer yell out to her.

“Admiral, we’ve got an incoming transport inbound. Priority three clearance.”

“There early” she said under her breath so no one would hear her. She liked things to run according to plan. But she had her orders. “Very well clear them to land, initiate the dark landing protocol.” She yelled back. The bridge erupted in activity.

There was a loud beep on the intercom, which was followed by the Com officer voice.

“All none essential personal to their quarters, I repeated all none essential personal to their quarter. The ship is now under lock down, Dark landing has been called.”

Moments later Dodalla waited on the landing pad as the Transport craft started it’s landing approach. The Transport craft was nickname Frog hoppers cause they looked like frogs. There was now little activity one the ship, as most of the crew was locked in their quarter. It was a security procedure design to maintain the secrete identities of Tappee’s intelligence personal.

The downward thrust of the frog hoppers engines forced Dodalla to take a step back. The Frog Hopper touched the deck only for a second allowing the passenger to jump out then was back in the air heading back to wherever it came from.

Seeing the team disembark, she was surprised to see how young they where. One of the young men made his way over to her.

“Arnold Tiesto first X, reporting Admiral.” He extended his hand to her.

Reaching out she shock his hand “Nice to meet you. The ship is under lock down until we meet with the Silent Night, which should be in about seven hours. I’ll show you to your quarters. You have to stay there until we reach the rendezvous site.”

The lead the team down into the ship and to their rooms.
01-12-2003, 20:38
As Blay was checking over her gear, her thoughts wandered to the team. They had a long night ahead of them. She wishes she could be there with them, but knew that wasn't possible. She heard Calnux step into the doorway, so she turned to look at him.

"Why can't I be with the team?"

"You have rank on them Blay. You know that."

"Rank? What rank? I'm not even in Tappee military. I have no rank. Sure, I have more EXPERIENCE, but not rank." she shot back.

"Look, you should be happy they even let you take this mission. You better get going or you will miss the plane."

Blay knew he was right. He was hardly ever wrong.
02-12-2003, 03:41
The gentle sound of the ocean could be heard. Night had come over the land. Beach that during the day was packed with people was now empty. All that remained now was the rolling tide, and a few special guests.

Eight heads emerged from beneath the water line. Under the cover of darkness they flicked a switch on their weapon cause the seals in the guns to open, the seals prevent water from getting to the gun. Casey and Arnold attached night vision goggles to their swim masks. With a trained eye’s they scanned up and down beach looking for any threats. When they were sure the area was secure, they gave the team a nod of approval.

Moving silently like shadows the team made their way on to the beach taking cover behind some Beachwood. With guns ready for anything thing they waited.

Seven minutes later a white van pulled in to the beaches parking lot. Arnold watched the van through is goggles. Through the window he could see a series of flashes, they could only be seen through his goggles, they were invisible of the naked eye. Reaching into his pocket he grabbed a similar device, and transmitted a series of code. Once he got the confirmation codes that he was waiting for he motion for the team to move out.

Moving in perfect unison they made their way across the open beach, then into the back of the van.

They where greeted by an older man. “Welcome to Iaceo, my name is Jeff, and I’ll be your guide.”

Arnold reached out and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you Jeff. Did our equipment arrive.”

“Came in yesterday”

“Good” Arnold took a moment to look at his watch. He spoke to the rest of the team. “We’ve got just over eight hour until Blay is scheduled to land. Scott, how long until we can expect to be up and running.”

“About two hours” answered Scott.

Arnold nodded “Ok. Jessica I want you to take Travis and setup surveillance at the Generals base. John you and Henry setup at the airport for Blay arrival. Everyone clear what they have to do for the pre arrival.” He waited for everyone to nod.

“Ok here’s the plan for the arrival. We are going to split to two teams. Team one will setup for a tail at the airport. Team two will setup at the generals. Team one will be John, Carries, and myself. Every one else in on team two. Team two will run protection for Blay should anything go wrong. Now if we do this to plan everything should be ok.”
02-12-2003, 04:03
Robert waited near the passenger exits. Standing beside him was on of his subordinates holding a giant sign with the name Blay written across it. He didn’t like this; it was too much in the open. However, the General had given a valid point at to why they should meet like this. Since he was waiting by the metal detector there was no way that this Blay could get a gun in. Also if she were a spy the metal detector would pick up any devices that she had on her. Another fact annoyed him, looking over the flight he could see that her flight had been delayed.

Beeping caught his attention. Another person had forgot to take the keys out of their pockets.

All he could do now was wait.
02-12-2003, 04:36
Staring at the reflection of herself on the mirror Jade cleaned herself up. She had just thrown up in the toilet. She wasn’t sure if it was nerves, or stress, but she had also done the same thing the night before. After talking a deep breath, she made sure she was ready to continue. Tossing the towel into the laundry basket she made her way into the office. Which was now filled with all kinds of equipment.

Looking at the Sat feed she seen that Blay’s plane had just landed and was about to dock with the terminal. There where only three people in the room her, mak, and Cal.

“Well it looks like it’s time to start this.” Pointing over at the first T.V she began explaining things for her husbands benefit. “On this T.V we’ve got a constant Satellite feed.” She pointed over at on of the other TVs. “On this one, we’ve got the schematics of the airport. Those three green dots are the team. Once they tag Blay we’ll have her on there too, but in case they search her she got not tags on her now. Also we’ll be able to hear all communications, although there will be a slight time delay. Basically we’ve got a bird’s eye view of everything that going on. All signals a encoded so no one else can watch them.”


Arnold sat at a table outside the Airport cafeteria pretending to be reading a paper and enjoying a coffee. He was wearing glasses and dressed as a pilot. The glasses where transmitting a video feed to Carrie, who was sitting in a van parked outside the Airport. From where he was sitting he could see almost every thing that was going on. While taking a drink of his coffee he quietly spoke into a mic hidden in his sleeve.

“I’ve got two men with a sign that has Blay’s name on it, Carrie run a check.”

He placed the coffee back on the table and continued studying the surronding.

“On it” replied a voice in his earpiece. After a few moment the voice came on again ”That would be Robert Sander. Heskel’s number two. Accord to intel files he severed with the Iaceo military, but joined Heskel shortly before the Iaceo Tappee War.”

Arnold took another sip of coffee. “It looks like they’re not alone. I can see three other’s walking around on security detail.”

On her Computer screen Carries could see three men just walking around. They really stuck out in the crowd.

Resting his head in his hand Arnold spoke into the mic. “Blay’s plane has just arrived show time.
02-12-2003, 05:19
As the plane landed, Blay felt a little jolt.

"A little bumpy. I hope the rest of this trip is smooth." she said, thinking to herself.

As the plane came to a stop, everyone in it rushed for their packages. Blay knew that the people she was meeting would wait, so she sat still. As soon as everyone was heading off the plane, she grabbed her own items and walked off. Seeing the sign with her name on it, she walked forward. Taking a look around for the team, she saw Arnold sitting at the table.

"Guess they got here alright." she thought.

Walking up to the man holding the sign, she intoduced herself while sitting her baggage down.

"Hi, I'm Blay. You are? I'm sorry. I'm not exactly sure who I was suppose to meet with. All I was told is that someone would be holding a sign."

She glanced around, scanning the place for a way out incase something happened that wasn't suppose to.


As Calnux listened to his wife speak, he knew she had almost everything under control. Blay was his biggest worry.

"How long till she is tagged? I want to know if anything happens. I NEED to know if anything happens."

Rocking Mak to sleep, Calnux looked at all the monitors. So much information coming in at one time. How could she do this so easily. I guess that is one of the things they teach you at the Academy. Kind of like what they teach you at San Hunda.

Thinking back to his first year there, Calnux remembered the first time he picked up a rifle. It was nearly as big as he was, but weighed almost nothing. The first time he fired it, he thought it would break his shoulder, but it had almost no kick. The first time they had a trial run of their training. He thought he would be hit by the tracer rounds flying at him, but they only came within two inches of his head. At the school, they were always drilling it into us that we had to keep watch of our surrondings. If we didn't we would die. Must be the same thing the Intel group taught at the Academy....
02-12-2003, 06:24
Arnold listened into the conversation between Robert and Blay. Listen wasn’t probably the right word; he was more reading their lips. As long as he could see them, he would know what was being said. He watched as they turned and started making there way towards the doors. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the three other men follow but they where keeping their distance. He reached down to take a sip of coffee.

“Ok people, Blay’s made contact. No one move, we don’t want to startle them. John you in position.?”

”I’m good to go” answer a voice in Arnolds voice.

John who had been waiting outside looked any to see if he could identify any threats. He was disguised as doorman. He could see that Roberts and Blay had come out of the airport. He approached them from Blay’s left. “Can I help you with your bags Ma’am?” her. With the bag in hand he threw them in to the trunk of a waiting limo. AS one of Robert men went to go open the door. John rushed to the door betting the man to it. “Allow me sir, its my job.” He said with a smile on his face. As he opened the door he placed a microscopic tracking device on the inside of the handle. As Blay went to get into the Limo John took her hand helping her inside, in doing so was able place a tracking device on her coat. “Have a good stay” said as he closed the door after.

John was startled to see that three men had come up behind him. One the men reached into his pocket. John heart skip a bet, he was caught. But was soon relieved when the man handed him a hundred dollar bill. “Here’s your tip for a job well done.”

He reached out a took the bill “Thank you sir.” Shortly after the three men got in a wait jeep to follow after the limo. When he was sure all was clear he spoke into the mic located in his collar. “All clear, target tagged and on the Go.”

Moments later Arnold emerged from the airport, and the Two joined Carrie in the van to follow after Blay.


Jade watched as a fourth green dot appeared on her screen. “There you go Cal, they just tagged Blay.”

Typing one her keyboard, the screen that had the schematics of the airport changed to a map of Iaceo. There where now two green dots. She looked over at the Sat feed to see the limo pull out from the parking lot. She typed in a few commands that caused a square box to appear around the limo. “The Sat will follow the limo no mater where it goes.” She felt another wave of nausea, but she could leave, not now, she choose to ignore it. "On that screen the other dot is the team. They follow, but not to close, they are seeing the same thing that we are, so they will stay about two mile back.”

On the other side of the room another monitor started up. It showed the heat reading from inside of build. “That’s a transmission from the second team, they’re coming on line. Last night they setup heat cameras. Using body heat we can see where everyone in the building is.”

She let out a bit of a sigh of relief, so far everything was proceeding according to plan. From the safety of home Jade watched as the limo move through the streets until it came to stop. She switched the map screen to live feed that she was receiving from the many cameras that the team had setup the night before. It was now cycling through the six cameras.


Through his sniper scope Travis watched as five armed guards made their way out of the building to meet the limo. “I’ve got five thugs on my scope, please confirm whiz kid.”

Scott took a moment a looked over the various screens that where sitting in front of him. “Copy that Thunderbolt, we got five blips on the scope. Ground team hold current position.”

Travis had taken the sniper position on a roof not far away. Scott had remained at the command centre where he got see everything that was going in the surrounding area. The rest of the team was hidden some where on the ground ready to provide fire support if needed. The building was located in a busy market, so it was easy to remain hidden. However, if a fight broke out then there would be a lot of civilian losses.
02-12-2003, 07:11
As the two got out of the limo Robert look around to see if he could see anything out of the ordinary. He thought that he was just being paranoid, but one can never be too careful. After a few glances he was sure that everything was ok. The two really hadn’t talked during the trip; Robert was a man of action not words.

“If you follow me” He led Blay through the main door and to the lobby. The building had once been a hotel until it was abandoned, but was now Heskel’s new home. It appeared that Heskel had done little to repair the building. There where numerous guards around the room. In the centre were a table and two chairs.

Sitting in one chair sat and older gentle man in his mid sixties. His hair was greying, and he was clean-shaven. He wasn’t wearing a uniform he was casually dressed.

“Have as seat Mrs Blay, or is it Miss. I take it you know why I asked you here?”
02-12-2003, 07:40
Reaching out to shake the mans hand, she answered,

"Please, just call me Blay. May I sit?"

Without waiting for a reply, Blay sat down, looking at all the guards.

"Yes, I believe I know why I'm here. The real question is, do YOU know why I'm here? Why so much protection if you don't mind me asking?"
02-12-2003, 07:54
Heskel like this Blay, she was direct, and was not easily intimidated. He decided tha he would choose his words well.

“To answer the first, I now why you’re here. You a business woman, you in the business to make money. You provide a service, a rather costly service, that doesn’t have many client’s, and now you’ve come to me in a hopes that I could give some work. As for the second in the line of work that I do I’ve made many enemies. And to be honest I’m not sure if you are one them.” He gives her a smile.

“I’m sure that we are both rather busy so I’m going to gut to the chase. I’ve got a lot of contracts, more then I can handle, so I want you and your team to come work for me. I’ll give your team 40% of all contracts, which is more then I normally do. However, if you want in your going to have to pass a test, to make sure that your as good as I hear that your are. Intrested.”
02-12-2003, 11:11
Smirking at Heskel, Blay let out a little chuckle.

"Yeah, I am a business women. Make it 45% and I'll do it. How about it partner?"

Blay said, slaping Heskels tight little tush.

Blay giggled again.

"What exactly is on this 'test' you speak of?"

Blay crossed her arms over her chest, showing a sign of intrigue.
02-12-2003, 19:58
He thought to himself for a moment. 40% was much more then what he normally offered, 45% was pushing the limit. But he was in desperate need of people. But then a smile came across his face.

Heskel nodded toward one of the guards who walked and handed the General a file, who then in turn handed it over to Blay.

“Ok 45% it is, but I want to make sure you are worth the price. That’s the test I spoke of. It one of our older contracts that we’ve had trouble completing; it’s an assassination contract. The photo on the top is your target.”

“Her name is Commander Jade Allenson of Tappee, she also the President Daughter. We almost got her five years ago, but she got away and disappeared. I want you and your team to find her and get rid of her. Your cut at 45% will be 22.5 mil. After that your in.”

Another guard came to the table and placed a small oak box on the table. The general reached over to the box and open it to revile a gun. It was a Tappee Avenger pistol, standard issue for Tappee intelligence and Special Forces. There was a giant smile of the Generals face. “Before you kill her send her this, she forgot it last time she was here. Now do you accept?”

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02-12-2003, 20:15
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Opening the file, Blay looked over the information. Jade Allenson. Oh sh*t. She has to kill her sister in law?

"I sure hope they saw this coming and have a plan" she thought to herself.

Nodding as she looked over the information, Blay looked up as Heskel.

"Presidents daughter huh? I must say, you guys did a crappy job 5 years ago. There was a huge media storm on it. Although she is lucky she lived, you could have done it a little cleaner. I'll show you what I mean."

Standing and taking the pistol, Blay pointed it at Heskel.

As the guards pointed at Blay, she pulled the trigger.

"Boom." she said, Heskel not flinching.

"Yeah, figured you don't trust me. Empty clip. You are no fun."


Cal's was shocked. Blay has to kill Jade. No she can't. She won't.

"WHAT!? I pray to Jids you have a plan for this?! F*CK! There is no way!"
02-12-2003, 20:37
OOC: Tappee glares at Iaceo. Ok that’s the way you want to play let’s play. Cal if you can’t see the picture right click on the link, scroll down to properties. When the menu pops up copy the link to the page and open it in another browser. Then you should see it.


Jade could feel the sick feeling in her stomach just get worse, looking over at Cal she could see that he was looking a little pale. Immediately she began running over things in her head. Within in second she had a plan formulated.

“Don’t worry Cal, I’ve got things covered.” She was glad that Blay had answered the way she did; anything else might have blown the operation.


Scott reached up a tapped his earpiece. “Did he just ask her to do what I think he did?” he asked out loud. There was a pause from the other team members who where also caught off guard by this sudden turn of events.

“I think so” answered someone “This is going the complicate thing”

“Cut the chatter, Blay’s on her way out, time to get our game faces back on” said Travis.
02-12-2003, 23:15
Heskel smiled.

“Of course it’s empty, had it been loaded, they would have shot your where you stood. I will take that as yes.” Heskel stood up from his chair “Now I have other appointment. Robert if you would be so kind as to take Blay back to her hotel. Come back here after you’ve done the job.”
03-12-2003, 02:11
OOC: I really hate to do this, cause its not smething i like to do but here it goes.

*clears throat*

03-12-2003, 02:18
Travis watched as Robert escorted Blay back to the waiting Limo. "Ok Target is on the move agian, destination is the hotel. Team one you in position to follow Target"

"Good to go."

"Copy" Travis took a quick survey of the area "Once their clear the rest of us will fall back, stay out of sight." He let out a sigh of relief, things where almost done.
03-12-2003, 06:18
As they drove to the hotel, the limo was quite. Figures.

When they pulled up to the hotel, Robert helped Blay out of the limo, and said goodbye.

Blay walked into the doors of the hotel and walked to the counter.

"Hi, I'm here to check in. Room should be under the name Blay."

As the lady behind the desk handed her the key, she said thanks and walked to the stairwell. Speaking into the tag, she spoke to the team.

"Ok guys, talk to me. Tell me Jade has something planned for this?"
03-12-2003, 06:41
For a moment there was silence on the other side of the line. However, Scott choose to address the question. “Umm.. As far as we now, no there was no plan. But why don’t you ask her. We cleared the room this morning, there’s no bugs in the room. In between the mattresses you will find a laptop. When you open it, a video and audio link will be created between you a Jade. So you can ask her.”

Jade sat patiently in her chair waiting for Blay to come online. She was sure the Blay would have many questions for her.


John, Carrie and Arnold entered the room, where the other where waiting. The room was filled with various electronic equipment.

“Has Blay made contact with Mrs Allenson yet?” Asked Arnold. Scott shook his head. “How about us, are we up with command yet?”

“Sorry, we should be up in a moment.” Answered Scott.

Sitting down on a chair in the corner of the room Arnold rested his head on the wall. “Well almost every thing went well. What do thing Mrs Allenson is going to do about our little problem.”

Everyone just shook their heads Finally Henry spoke up “We if anyone can get us around this problem it her.”
03-12-2003, 07:20
double post :oops:
03-12-2003, 07:30
Robert nock on the Generals door and waited for the ok to enter. He could see that the General was busy, so he would make it quick.

"I told you that I could handle the Allenson Contract. Have you lost faith in my abilites."

Heskel looked up from his paper work. "She was to much for you Six years ago, she still too much for you know."

Robert knew that he was refering to the incident when Robert first meet Jade. A reminder that annoyed him greatly.

"She suprised me thats all." There was an anger in his voice. "What makes you think that these kids have any chance."

Heskel sat back in his chair and began to adress Robert directly. "These Kids were C.O.T. From them it's presonal. Plus they know the landscape of Tappee better then any of our people. That means they can get into places we can't. Now leave, I've got better things to do then to have my orders questioned."
03-12-2003, 11:02
OOC: I'm so dead tired right now, I'm not going to post anything to do with the story. Just letting you guys know I didn't forget about you, and I'll post in a few hours when I get some sleep.
04-12-2003, 03:16
Walking over to the bed, Blay pulled the laptop from between the mattresses. Open it, the screen lit up and she could see Jade moving around.

"Talk to me Jade. What's going on? I don't like where this is going." she said with a nervous sound in her voice.


Calnux saw his sister on the monitor and sighed a breath of relief.

"Do the job and come home Blay. I have a bad feeling about this."
04-12-2003, 04:25
As Jade seen Blay comes up on the monitor she could see the team come up on the other. Everybody was watching her now, waiting to see what the next move. She took a deep breath, and calmed herself.

"Ok this changes nothing, if anything it make the whole thing simple. This is what’s going to be done. Heskel think your team in out of country, so Blay you can make appear that you are calling the shoots from the hotel, and maintain appearances. As for you guys.” She pointed over towards the monitor that had the team displayed on it. “You are going to sit tight, and keep an eye on the good General.” She glanced over at Calnux who still had a worried look on his, as did the others. He still had to address the task at hand. “As for me in about three days I’m going to have at nasty little accident, or it will at LEAST it will appear that I did.” She could help but smile, this would make thing so much easier for her down the road. “In three days, I’ll be killed in a car bombing, and we’ll have the video footage to prove it. However, the entire thing will be staged, and as far as the world is concerned from that day on I’ll be dead. After that Blay will again make contact with Heskel, and you be in, and able to see what him and Kao are up too. Now you all did a good job today, get some rest, the next few days are going to be rather busy. From here on in we are running silent until my death, so you’ll be on your own for the next three days.”
04-12-2003, 05:04
Kao sat in front of the T.V watching the new, and eating popcorn. He hadn’t enjoyed the news this much, in well ever. He reached for the phone as it began to ring.


He quietly listened to the voice on the other side.

“Yes I was expecting your call. Job well done, the rest of the money is being transferred into your account as we speak. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a show that I’m rather enjoying at the moment.”
04-12-2003, 05:33
OOC:you get the picture to work?

The screen on the television changed to a man sitting behind a news desk.

“Hello my name is Tom Riddle with the Tappee News Agency. We are sorry it interrupted your regularly scheduled program, we now bring you live to Sally Rodgers who is reporting live on scene from a late breaking story. Sally can you tell is what’s going on.”

Again the scene changes to Sally who is reporting from the field. Behind her you can see firefighters putting to a small fires. To her left you can see the charred remains of what once was a car. Little remains of the car, all that a remains is the car’s blackened frame.

“Well Tom the quiet atmosphere of this town was destroyed late this afternoon by huge explosion” Sally turned and pointed at the cars remains. “An explosion that originated from the car that you see behind me. Effects of the blast where felt as far as a mile away.”

“Was anyone hurt the blast Sally?” asked Tom from the newsroom.

“Well Tom there where a few minor injuries to people nearby, The only fatality was too the person in the vehicle.”

“Have we learned the identity of the person inside the car?” asked Tom

A grim look came over Sally’s face. “Well Tom actually we have. According to both eyewitness reports, as well as security camera footage released by the police, the identity of the person inside the vehicle was Jade Allenson, daughter to President Allenson. Now there was a previous attempt on her life just over five years ago, authorities are not sure if the two incidents are related.. We’ve tried to reach the president office for comment, but currently have gotten no response. As we get more information comes available we will let you now.”

It cuts back to Tom in the newsroom “Thanks Sally stay tuned to this station for more information.”

Jade reached over for the remote turning the T.V off. It not every day that you watch a news broadcast reporting on your death, she found it a bit disturbing. Calnux and her where at home sitting on the couch. Everything had went according to plan, it looked real enough, she only hoped Heskel would buy it. Calnux had been rather quiet the last few day, with every going on she couldn’t really blame him.

“You know, after Blay and her team get settled in I think that I’m going to hand control of the team over to Anerton.” With a smile on her face she reached over grabbed Cal’s hand and placed on her stomach “Cause you know in just under nine month’s I’m going have to take another leave of absences.” She would have told him sooner but she had been rather busy planning everything, but now seemed as good of time as any.
04-12-2003, 06:46
Calnux had been a little withdrawn from life lately. Faking his wifes death was kind of spooky.

Sitting and watching the news report sent shivers down his spine.

Calnux laid his head on Jades stomach, and when he heard the news, he sat back up.

"Whoa, you are going to have another baby?"

Jade could see the tears in his eyes.

"I'm so happy. You have no idea."
04-12-2003, 07:04
"It explians why I haven't been feeiling so well lately. So once Blay and her team are in I'm going to step down. I don't think that all this stress would be could for the baby. Plus now Kao think I'm dead, and I wouldn't have to be always looking over my shoulder. I'm going to go back to the academy. I just want to be with you and raise a family, nothing would make me more happy. I'm truely at peace right now."
04-12-2003, 07:25
These are the words Calnux had been hoping to hear from day 1. He had always wanted to raise a family, but never found the women he trusted enough to do so with. He trusted Jade with his life.

"Good. I'm so happy."

Calnux gave Jade a kiss, and hugged her tightly.

"I love you so much Jade. You have no idea how much."


Blay sat on the bed once again. She opened the laptop she hadn't used in three days, and up popped the video feed.

"Jade, are you there? What should we do now? He sent us the money, so now what?"
04-12-2003, 07:37
Hearing a Famliar voice from the libary she realized that Blay was trying to make contact. How could she have forgoten.

"Sorry Cal, got get back to work."

quickly she made her way up the stair into the office, she could see Blay face on the monitor.

"Sorry Blay, me and Cal where just talking." It was time to get back in the swing of things. "I take it you seen the news. With out doubt Heskel and Kao have seen the same thing. Just give one moment."

Typing on the keyboard she brought Carrie up on the other monitor. "What have you got for me Carrie" she asked the young woman on the other end.

"Well Heskel limo just left a little while ago. According to the tag it's heading to Blay's hotel" replied Carrie.

Jade looked back over to Blay's on the screen "You hear that you got company. Just sit down talk with Heskel for awhile, and you'll be in. Carrie you and the team setup as you did last time. Once your in the General will send you contract when ever he needs you, then we will know what they are too, in the grand scheme of thing." She let out a bit of sigh. "We're almost done."
04-12-2003, 08:55
Robert led Blay back into the Main lobby. Again Heskel sat in his normal chair with a giant smile on his face.

"Blay how good to See you. Might I say what a job well done. You have done in three days what over could not in five years. Not overly sutle, but good enough for me. You passed my test with flying colour. You now have you self a job." He point to the Sat phone lying the table. "When WE've got a contract for you we will simply call. Now unless there is anything else to you have to say i've got many thing to do today."
04-12-2003, 11:15
Look at Heskel, Blay grinned.

"I told you I could do it faster and easier then you. She didn't even know what was coming to her. Where was her precious Calnux when she needed him this time, hmmm?"


Calnux walked up behind Jade and put his arms around her waist, resting his hands on her belly. Even though the child inside her was still small, Calnux could imagine feeling the child kicking inside.

"She is getting WAY to into this. I guess it makes it more believable though.
04-12-2003, 20:09
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04-12-2003, 21:24
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05-12-2003, 06:45
OOC: I thought we had to take out Heskel. If all we need to do is get the team in, then I suppose we are done...

OOC: Could take Heskel out but the might casue a world war, and I don't want that. So I think we are done. Calnux when you firhure out where to go from here send me a TG. Ok.