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EHT Fires Into Parade

26-11-2003, 18:41
This is Linda Rogers reporting inside a safe house in Deswell. There has been a recent shoot just outside of this building killing hundreds of people that watched as the Deswell marching band went by. Just when President Gary Seaburg drove by, a sniper up in an apartment building fired down at him. Three shots were tooken, all aimed for the President. The last shot was the only shot that struck him peircing his right shoulder. He has been rushed to Deswells hospital. Almost right after the shots were fired at the president, around 20 "EHT" members took out heavy machine guns and started shooting randomly into the clueless crowd. People ran for their lives as these Terrorists fired. The police force finnaly showed up and began to return fire. The police finnaly made the Terrorists take foot. All that was heard was people screaming and moaning in pain. One hour after this, the new Vice President Joe Carthy demanded that these terrorists be found but there has been no trace of them. The vice President now is asking for help. He needs to find these men before they hurt anyone else. This is Linda Rogers signing off.