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Imperial Army Training again

Imperial Guardsmen
26-11-2003, 14:49
"Today Imperial Army Units began intensive training in the Bocar region of the home Islands, Naval and Air forces are also taking part in the exercise with landing and paradrops occuring daily. Official Sources have refused to comment on this large exercise that is practising for many different senarios including those already mentioned. Government officials however have said that there is no risk to public safety and that this training is not related to any significant threat or danger to national security. This is the largest exercise in Imperial Guardsmen history, and after the recent dramatic enlarging of the military, some opponents of the Emperor believe that a war is getting ever closer. With the critical shortage of oil that hit last week coupled with the finding of huge reserves in the waters between Imperial Guardsmen and the coast of the Southern area of Africa tensions are at a high.
This is Jane Akadovich for Imperial News."
Imperial Guardsmen
26-11-2003, 18:52
" Today saw an Mi-8 Hip of the Imperial Army crash into dense forest with the loss of 7 lives. The government has said that this was an accident that occured because of the rigourous training program currently under way in the Islands. Tensions with Mozamique continues to rise."

This is Rob Jenkins for Imperial News.
Imperial Guardsmen
26-11-2003, 21:42
Marshal Yuri walked into the Emperors study. The Emperor looked up at him.

"Sit down Yuri" he said

"I am only staying for a moment Emperor" he replied "The Operation is coming together niceley. The pieces should be in place in 2 weeks."

"Thank you Yuri" the Emperor said in a low voice as his General left.
26-11-2003, 21:49
Secret IC: if the help of our forces are needed in any operation, just tell us.
Imperial Guardsmen
26-11-2003, 21:59
Encoded Reply:

We thank you for your offer of assistance, although we do not think it will be needed for the upcoming operation. However if we do need it we will not hesitate to ask you.
Imperial Guardsmen
27-11-2003, 21:11
It has now been confirmed by Government Sources that the Empire of Imperial Guardsmen's first EEP or Empire Enlargement plan has been put into effect. Earlier this morning Imperial Army forces seized control of Mozambique on the East Coast of Africa. Army planes dropped troops into the capital and major towns and airports whilst the 142nd Infantry Division landed amongst the Southern Port Towns. MIG-29S Sea Fulcrums launched from one of the Imperial Navy's carriers provided air support for the AN-225 aircraft used for the paradrops. More information is still coming out of the Government headquarters but no casulaties are thought to have been sustained by either nation and the newly discovered oil fields are in our hands.
Yuri Plantovich for Imperial News at Government Island HQ.

OOC: This is the start of colonisation of different parts of the world, no resistance for this stage please that will come later.
Imperial Guardsmen
28-11-2003, 14:44
The nation of Mozambique is now part of the Empire of Imperial Guardsmen. They will be able to elect their own parliament and these chosen people will answer directly to Emperor Constantine. An army is expected to be raised soon so that the 142nd Infantry Division can return home to continue training for the next major step in the EEP. Currently army units are distributing food and water to the needy throughout the country and helping inprove transport and other essential ammenities.
28-11-2003, 14:46
we applaud our allies' steps forward
-the Emperor JC Alcanzar
28-11-2003, 20:40
OOC:Didnt see this thread sooner. I own mozambique, you should have checked who owns what in the stickied thread. I will defend it with my vastly superior forces.

IC:"To arms! To arms! The evil imperial guardsmen want to come here and oppress you! We helped defend the people in the rebellion, do not turn your backs on us here!" Said a chellian to the majority of a mozambiquian youth division. They cheered and fired their guns, as they headed down towards the front.

The elements of the third chellian air began to heavily bombard the oncoming forces, and shooting down anything in sight, or trying to.

The chellian 2nd foreign division and 11th airborne began mobilizing towards the guardsmen, all mechanized.

Chellis scoffs at the propoganda of the imperial guardsman, claiming how far they are in mozambique, when the lines have been completely held.
28-11-2003, 20:45
Ok, go call on some mates... You might see i have some mates too...
Imperial Guardsmen
28-11-2003, 20:47

Upon learning that all of the known world seems to have been conquered Imperial Guardsmen units fall back to their transports and leave. To spite the Mozambique people they destroy the ports on their way out and fire SAM missiles from the ships to deter Chellis aircraft.

OOC: I have no quarrel with you i didnt see that u had claimed it.
28-11-2003, 20:50
OOC:lol, no problem

IC:No chellian aircraft are fatally damaged, but a few of the ports are destroyed. Chellians are secretly said to say "Meh, they were just a few ropes and wooden bridges into the ocean".
28-11-2003, 21:33
can someone give me the web address to that stickie saying who owned what nation?please?