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Uprising in Mozambique

18-11-2003, 04:38
"Go go go!" Yelled a chellian soldier, kicking in a shabby door to a warehouse. Troops flooded into the building, a cool draft wafting downward through the roofless top. 12 troops quickly ran in, followed by another twenty-four. "Sir, stockpile!" Yelled out a Private First Class, waving in soldiers with his Mp1a Machine Pistol. They gathered into the room, where Eryx anti-tank guns, Famas assault rifles, PGM Hectate II sniper rifles, and other assorted weaponry. "Bloody hell... Why would anyone need so many weapons, especially not being used?" A lieutenant muttered, grabbing at a Famas.

Helicopters flew high over the site of a large blast. An area 100m round was destroyed, black and charred. Troops had been trying to get to the site, but hundreds of Mozambiquians had gathered in the city, and were assaulting the unexpecting chellians. Similar occurances were happening in multiple cities, although the capital stayed untouched by this rebellion, heavily garrisoned.
19-11-2003, 05:45
19-11-2003, 05:52

General Manzana slouched in his armchair. He'd been through enough in the last week, between the end of the Szechwitz war, and the court-martial of his rival General Narata. Now was a time to relax...

"Sir! Rebellion in Chellian Mozambique!" cried an aide bursting through the office door.

Manzana flipped on a television, and a Oyemundos Special Report displayed a charcoal crater in the middle of a city block.
"Notify Intel. We'll see if we need to get involved soon."

19-11-2003, 06:00
"Le Concorde! Le Concorde!" The words rang throught he streets. Men, women, and children, marched in the city, most armed, with various french and H&K weaponry.

"Arriving at Discal...We need to support the mechanized troops getting in here... Start firing..."Said the pilot of an H-2 Helicopter(One of the largest helicopters in the world, Very similar to the russian Mi-26) , as rocket launchers opened up, firing Smoke rounds and white phosphorus rounds. 30mm machineguns rained down on any troops who fired on the helicopters, although most light weaponry didn't have a large effect.

"Take large buildings, technicals, and large weaponry. Take no prisoners."Said a Captain, as twenty-four men began piling onto a city square, with more coming on approching H-2's. Rifle fire rang through the streets as news helicopters began scouring the area, watching chellian troops rushing through and taking out somalis.
21-11-2003, 06:35
Mortar fire rained on southern Discal. In the north, the chellian flag had been mounted on the largest city, as chellian P-3 attack aircraft flew over, with chellian national colors in the smoke behind them (White, red, and green, in that order).Of course, the P-3's also fired ATS missiles and heavy bombs on concentrations of rebels, but they tried not to damage civilian buildings. Chellians began rushing into east Discal, using chellian blitz tactics(Rushing in, quickly setting up a defensive position with machine-guns, and destroying any possible counter-attack, before advancing again) against the rebels. However, with the rebels in every nook and cranny of the city, it was slow, but working. Other cities were making slow progress as well, although many smaller cities were completely rebel.
21-11-2003, 06:53
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21-11-2003, 07:08
"Chellis expects every man to do its duty... go!" Yelled a Major, as over 75 soldiers made their way down a large street, armed to the teeth. Gunfire broke out on them, three dying. "Fire back! We are doing this for the motherland!" He yelled again, burts ripping through chellian sub machine guns and rifles. There were three very large chellian flags hoisted over the chellians as they marched down this central street, shooting at anything with a weapon.

"Crowd!" Yelled one of the soldiers, as masses of rebels were seen coming directly at them. "Charge the Bastards!" Yelled the major, as hte men got into a brisk jog, firing at the enemy relentlessly. However, the major had been to brave. Behind them, rebels began making defensive positions, and the rebels fired rocket propelled grenades at the chellians, slowing them. As the chellians finally reached an intersection, Mines from below them blew, taking out over 90% of the troops.


"We have a man down... We have a man down in South Discal... Recommend sending in an OPFOR team... Repeat..." Said a radio operator, as two men, one Mozambiquian translator, and one Chellian, sat in a small hut a little way away from the street. The door had been blockaded, and while the rebels were oblivious to their presence, they knew there were survivors. Gunfire fired upwards as the rebels celebrated this brief win, although what was to come next would be nothing short of disaster.
22-11-2003, 02:27