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The Shambles

08-11-2003, 09:09
At the beginning of this year, the United Macronistic States constituted a dozen nations, either taken over by force or enveloped within the great mass of power that existed within the UMS regime. Whilst some states, The Shambles amongst them, continued democratic elections and the processing of laws, others were decending into oppressed playthings of the sons of sons of leaders whose power mad hunger was above the law and beyond comprehension.

After five years of being a state within a loose, mainly lawless, Union, the Government of The Shambles declared in June this year to begin independence talks with the UMS leadership. Following months of talks, UMS allowed the Dominion of The Shambles to leave for independence in 2004.

Following insurgencies on the UMS main islands, The Shambles broke away in November.

Our nation's parliamentary democracy has been temporarily postponed awaiting full elections next year. This is to ensure that post-independence Shambles does not fall apart in the uncertain months following freedom.

On a pratical level, The Shambles is fully functioning as a state for its people. Our main language, Shambolique, will feature on this site as soon as the translators can work on the releases and posts.

As far as Nationstates, the life of The Shambles will be commented upon as an "outsider looking in", and thus not every decision or move by the people of the Dominion may tally with the assumed political or social position of the nation. The decisions of the elected officials is nothing to do with this author, in other words, and any contradiction between the supposed social/political ideal and the decision is purely from the decision of the Shambolique populace.