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First terrorist attack in Feline... ever!(Currently Open RP)

07-11-2003, 00:16
OOC: Please note this is currently open... it may be closed if Allanea (who came up with the idea for the RP) requests it to become closed.


On level 82, section 3 of Arcology 1 (The capital, also known as Cat City), Georgio W. Shrub walked out of his habitation pod. He was Feline's leading conservative activist. The Conservative Party had never gotten more than 15% of the Council... but that was all about to change. He was finally launching a crusade to restore morality, personal responsibility, and security to Feline (At least, that was how he saw it.)

He walked to the lift, and took it down to the transporation pod, where he lifted off in his private aircraft for a deserted area of the Haven region, adjoining Feline. Many of his cohorts had gone there as well over the past year... this had been in the planning for a long time. Over a glass of champagne (A and not the synthetic stuff... no. Shrub hated the synthetic... he liked the real deal.) he picked up a device, and pressed a large red button.

Back at Arcology 1, the 82nd Level suddenly imploded, leaving a large gap. Emergency magnetic fields held the levels above it in place.

In the situation room, far underground, the elected monarch, King Boostei, read over the reports. It was obvious Georgio W. Shrub had commited it... a time-delay ecard had been sent to the government, confessing to the whole deal. It fit with the location of the energy implosion (Shrub's pod), the departure of Shrub, and the leaving of many neo-conservatives from Feline.

He ordered the military on high alert, and contacted the NCA, worrying that they had a part in it very severely.

He then sent a request for help to their UNAOTO allies; this was truly the first terrorist attack ever in Feline, and one of the worst disasters ever.

The death toll was staggering: No one was left alive on Level 82. Over two-thousand, killed.



Today, at 18:10 Feline Time, a Quantum Energy Implosion Device was activated on Level 82 of Arcology 1. All evidence points to this man:

Georgio W. Shrub, Feline's leading Conservative activist. He, and many of his followers, left Feline before the implosion for parts unknown.

The death toll is 2,134. We urge all nations to assist us in tracking these terrorists down. This is the first terrorist attack we have had to contend with in our history.

We thank you in advance for any assistance you may render.


In an unexplored area of the Haven region, Shrub's aircraft touched down. Here, they would form a rebel movement to destroy the liberal government.
07-11-2003, 00:32
"Oh s****!" The Allanean President shouted at the screen.

"Pavel! Get me Fantasan's leader online! And get me some UNAOTO guys! And put them damn Coulters in the air NOW!!!"

"Mr. President..."

"Don't you get it? There could be a major war here! We must stop it at any cost!"

OOC: Should we bar space-tech nations?
07-11-2003, 00:34

We are the Conservative Feline Rebel Front. We will destroy the Democratic Arcologies of Feline's liberal government. We will suceed in our crusade to return morality, personal responsibility, and security to Feline.

We are led by the great Georgio W. Shrub.

We will reject the horrible idea of non-lethal weapons that has pervaded the military of the liberal government... we will wage war with lethal weaponry. However, there has been no lethal personal arms in Feline since its founding, so we request these from conservative nations.
07-11-2003, 00:36
OOC: Sure, if you want. And yes, those guys above are mine.
07-11-2003, 00:37
Mind if I join?
07-11-2003, 00:38
OOC: No objections... this is an open RP. Anyone can join.

And just for a comparison:

Feline flag

Rebel's flag
07-11-2003, 00:44
On the Pnyx in New Athens, in the Communist Federation of Eurosoviets, the Strategos of Foreign Affairs listened to the communications flying between the various involved nations.

The request for UNAOTO aid had arrived very promptly and the CFES was the first nation to respond with the following telegram


Intercepted request for aid transmission. Please advise.


Feyedor Druslov wondered what would happen. Obviously the Communist Democratic government of the CFES had no interest at all in seeing the new conservative activists coming to power.

Ten miles away in the Piraeus, the CFES Naval Headquarters, the Perikles battlefleet and Carrier Air Group had already been mobilised, with Rear Admiral of the Fleet Sthenelaidas commanding. It set sail almost immediately, transmitting it's status and co-ordinates to the government of Feline.
07-11-2003, 00:50
OOC: This is Spauldmerica's sister nation

Telegram to the Lagian Dictator by the TLEA
Mr President:
There has been an terrorist attack in Feleine today. We are suggestion to you that we put our military troops on high alert and get ready to defend not only our bordrrs but you. Waiting for reply.

Later, in the Dictators Office

Are these people crazy? Do they actually beleive I can afford to defend another nation when I can barely support my own?

Dictators Assitant: Well Sir, I beleive that it is our duty to help a fellow nation in need. Who knows who Shrub is going to target next.

Alright, I want you to write up a letter and send it to the Feline Leader. State that we will help out as much as we can with the money we have to spare at the moment *Under his breathe* Won't get him a BigMac.

Assitant: Sir?

Nothing. Get right on that. Put it on that new paper I order yesterday. Make sure it gets their immediatly. Also call General Crimson, tell him to ready an Mobile Armoured Division and a Carrier. And may God help all those souls that have been taking.
07-11-2003, 02:00
OOC: Feline, it's actually VERY easy to manufacture basic small arms, given tools.

IC: The Allanean government offer the deployment of elite Ted Nugent Warcycle Brigade troops to help deal with the terrorists.
07-11-2003, 02:38
I a UNAOTO member will help you aganist the rebels.
07-11-2003, 02:50
Official Statement From the Barbarian Horde of Dark Terror
While we condemn this heinous act, any attack on Allanea will be treated as an attack on Dark Terror, as will any attack on an NCA Member. As of right now, Dark Terror is already on DEFCON3 due to a probable war with Nanakaland, though it is within our capacity to aid Allanea and fight Nanakaland simultaneously. As a defensive measure, Dark Terror has offered to send Bereg coastal artillery systems, BAl-E coastal missile systems, as well as mechanized shock troops to Allanea should war erupt between the Allanean Empire and Feline. It is fully expected that official NCA help will be sent to Allanea.
07-11-2003, 10:40
Official Statement from Allanean Union

While Allanea, as an NCA member, has certain respect for the rebels' goals (if not full agreement, as out current ruling party is the Allanean Liberal Party), we believe any negotiations can only begin after the surrender of G. W. Shrubb. We believe that no political goal should be achieved by killing innocents.

Again, we offer to send in the Ted Nugent Warbike Brigade, or, more properly, it's counter-terrorist platoon, to capture Shrubb if he doesn't give himself up.
08-11-2003, 01:45
08-11-2003, 01:54
As the Feline tacticians begin their debates about the best way to quell the Neo-Con terrorist uprising, the door opens. The generals gape in amazements as a woman comes in.

"Who... who are you? And how did you come in?" one of them stammers.

"Captain Jessica Crawford, Ted Nugent WarBike Brigade Assault Battallion. As to your other questoin, it is of no consequence".

"I am here to help you with your terrorists".
08-11-2003, 01:57
OOC:Is this a space rp if not i can still do it.
IC"Excellent" said Ceran looking at the view screen"I see a deal for a bargain"
He then sent an electronic message to the leader of Feline and a representative of the CFRF the message indicated that Christoniac would send some mercenaries to help either side for a small "Fee".

OOC:If i'm allowed to join could i be neutral?
08-11-2003, 02:17
OOC: No,it's not a space RP, and yes, you're welcome. :D
08-11-2003, 02:17
OOC: No,it's not a space RP, and yes, you're welcome. :D
Aztec National League
08-11-2003, 02:23
~~Offical press release of High Chief Quetzalcoatl, ruler of the United Socialist States of The Aztec National League~~

"We give our full support to the current governement of Feline and offer any assistance we can provide, military or otherwise. Please let us know as soon as possible. Good luck and may peace be established in your honorable nation again."
08-11-2003, 02:28
OOC: Our tech ranges from 2003-2050... this post might not make sense in parts if you did not know this.


RPing as the rebels

Christoniac: We will pay you well... very well. Name your price.

RPing as Feline

::Transmission to all nations that offered assistance::

Thank you for your help. Please come to our capital, where we will then bring you to the secret underground command center.

King Boostei walks up to her, and talks through his translation collar. "Hello, Captain Crawford, and welcome to our underground command center. Please excuse my generals. I thought a certain amount of secrecy was desireable. Currently, they are moving two vessels they have purchased up the coast. We don't know what they hope to accomplish by this... we have over fifty vessels in our home waters. They are also running Combat Air Patrols with four aircraft over their territory, and are massing troops with homemade firearms at the border. They'll probaly be going after our military bases and/or our port, the only areas outside of arcologies. Their technology really is primitive, by choice, compared to ours, but they appear to have refined the Quantum Energy Implosion Devices, a demolition charge used by our military, to excellent levels. Those are really the only things we have to worry about. They use a energy resonance field to make things implode at supersonic speeds, and this one was much more destructive than any we have in our inventory. Luckily, we do not believe they can make them into mobile weapons. We'll appreciate any help you can offer. While our nations are usually at odds, we thank you for your assistance. "

Back to RPing as the rebels:

The C.F.R.F.S. Georgio W. Shrub and the C.F.R.F.S. Rick Cheaty moved up the coast. Unknown to the Feline and allied forces, they were equipped with Quantum Energy Implosion Device bullets, torpedos, and missiles disquised as conventional weaponry. The King was wrong... they could make Quantum Energy Implosion Devices on a mobile scale. These two ships could wreak havoc on any fleet, despite their primitive technology level.
Almost ready to launch, ten thirty meter long, simple diesel-electric submarines armed with Quantum Energy Implosion Device torpedos finished construction... completely unknown to Feline and allied forces.

At the border, troops armed with very simple assault rifles readied to launch at Feline's port complex to capture any naval units still in dock. The military bases would come later. They also had 30 Challenger II Main Battle Tanks, and 50 XM777 Lightweight 155mm howitzer... outfitted with Quantum Energy Implosion Device shells. Air support was provided by twenty Salamander attack and utility helicopters, outfitted with Quantum Energy Implosion Device missiles.

Four F-14 Tomcats with Quantum Energy Implosion Device missiles patrolled the airspace, to stop any airstrikes.

While all their tech appeared primitive compared to the Feline Armed Forces, the Quantum Energy Implosion Devices levelled the playing field.
08-11-2003, 02:40
"Your Majesty! We must not underestimate these people. A dedicated, trained marksman with even the worst rifle is a bigger threat than an unmotivated F-16 pilot. What I suggest we do is to destroy their so-called airforce simply by injecting superior amounts of Feline, Allanean and allied aircraft into the situation. Then we would strike against anything that moves on the ground, giving time to my boys to extract Shrubb. After Shrubb is taken care of, we believe you should sign a peace treaty."

"Oh, and to other matters, I have a problem parking my Hummer around these parts. Why is it almost everybody in this country uses freaking Swatchmobiles or something?"
Aztec National League
08-11-2003, 02:42
To the government of Feline:
I myself nor my viceroy can come to the capital, however, I will send my chief Warrior-General to your capital. Troops are ready to be deployed as soon as you givew the word. The turbulent conditions of the oceans near our nation might delay us, but they will come never than less.


As prepartions are being made to assist the government of Feline fight off right wing terrorists, the ANL braces it for any possible terrorist attacks. The seas are currently being patroled by a fleet of battleships, heavy cruisers and submarines. Bases in Aztec cities are being armed and maned. It is uknown if the government will also cut back on civil/political liberites during this conflict, but it is unlikely.
08-11-2003, 02:51
"Well, considering that most people see no need to own a automobile, unless they do frequent wilderness vacations, since our cities are basically huge buildings, and those are connected by pneumatic tube subways, parking, except for a few small pods, isn't really a priority here. There is a special government vehicles parking pod, that could fit it well. It's on Level 1, Section 11. Pod number 9." He said. "As for them, you are correct, but we feel that their weapons probaly do not have that much range. As for the aircraft, some are underway now to make airstrikes."

Over the territory held by the rebels, the F-14 Tomcats they purchased locked onto the magnetic signiture emanated by the magnetic levitation based fighters. Several engineers had defected to them, with knowledge about how to make sensors to detect the aircraft. The pilots continued on, oblivious, until a missile ripped into one of the aircraft, and detonated. The ten attack aircraft sent imploded instantly.

OOC: I'll let you make the response to these aircraft suddenly being hit by weapons we thought were impossible to make.
Aztec National League
08-11-2003, 03:00
Somewhere in the submarine (Socialist Aztec Ship)SAS Typhoon , deep underneath the ocean...

Warrior-General Teraztlan read the report of the F-14's being shot down. "Dear Lord. This does not look good. We must keep our promises though, continue with our current course, full speed ahead."

(OOC: I'll be back in like 3 to 4 hours, unless if it becomes a private RP)
08-11-2003, 03:08
"WTF?" Crawford gasped out "Didn't you just tell me it was impossible?"

One of the screens flashed and the face of the president of the Allanean Union appeared on it.

"I request authorisation for 400 "Anne-Coulter"-type fighter-bombers to enter the Feline airspace!"

Before the Feline king could reply, Crawford interjected: "Look, since obviously there's nothing that me and my boys can do to help you right now, can you point me to a place I can eat in? Maybe, you know, a Big Mac or something?"
08-11-2003, 03:30
"Well, meat is banned in Feline. You'll find several fast-food companies with sales pods on Level 11, Section 3 that sell burgers that have been chemically formulated to taste exactly, and I mean exactly, like the real thing, though."

He turned to the Allanean president.

"Send them in if you want, but they probaly will not make it back out. These modified devices took out an entire floor of our arcology, built out of the strongest materials known. It took out ten aircraft at once, with much energy detected by our sensors to spare. Make no mistake, Mr. President. We are talking yields around that of a thermonuclear device, contained within the exact area they want. I would not be shocked now if they had SAMs based on these devices. Anyway, we would like technical schematics and specifications for the aircraft. It might help us somehow."
said Boostei in an improvised move, remembering all the times Feline had been unable to purchase through the international black market blueprints to the Ann Coulters.
08-11-2003, 03:45
OOC: how could you ban meat?! Oh well.

The president of Strifer had just heard of the incedent(spl?). "Why, those son's of a bitch! Send over enough money for them to rebuild. Also get a squad of F-16 down to Feline and give them control over the planes and pilots until this is over."
08-11-2003, 04:14
We thank you for your assitance.
08-11-2003, 18:21
Rows and rows of "Anne-Coulters" sped through the evening sky over Feline, and the rebels lifted their head with joy.

"These are Allaneans! The NCA! They'll save us!"

Then the air-to-air missilies and the Limbaugh EMP bombs where launched, and the cries of joys turned into screams of horror.

* * * * *

A small empty space was created around her as she walked, as mothers grabbed their kids at the sight of the huge handguns strapped to her hips. She heard a scared child ask: "Mommy, is she a robber?"

Crawford walked into a bar and ordered a drink (she has already eaten elsewhere). Then she asked: "Yo, man, got any Nugent tracks?"
08-11-2003, 18:43
From: Goobergunchian Office of the President
To: Feline
Goobergunchia offers to aid the Feline government in disaster relief. We are also willing to send a F-14 squadron into the area in question to assist in operations against the rebels.
} }
08-11-2003, 18:49
...As of right now, Dark Terror is already on DEFCON3 due to a probable war with Nanakaland...

We are? We have only threatened one nation directly since the Great Resurrection of our nation!

Please clue us in on the terrorist situation. According to Article 7, Clause 53 of our Constitution, we must go to the aid of any nation that was attacked by terrorists unless they are our enemies, they request for us not to help, or they are attacking our allies. As it is now, one thousand Elite Special Forces (the best of the Nanakan army) could be deployed to assist the terror victim via 84 SNAH (helicopters).

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08-11-2003, 18:56
...Please clue us in on the terrorist situation. According to Article 7, Clause 53 of our Constitution, we must go to the aid of any nation that was attacked by terrorists... As it is now, one thousand Elite Special Forces could be deployed to assist the terror victim via 84 SNAH....

Well, we thought we were helping you by letting your nation stay in our region. You have one day to leave our region before we force you out. Never even consider helping the ally of Dark terror. We are against them, but can't do anything about it because we have no army.

[OOC: I know we are both controled by me, but they don't have any IC relations.]
08-11-2003, 18:58
Well, Sancto, we don't need to stay in your region anyway.

[OOC: Let this be an example for n00bs. Even if you have multiple nations, they don't have to be in good relations with one another.]
08-11-2003, 19:00
Well, Sancto, we don't need to stay in your region anyway.

Well, you're too liberal for our region.

08-11-2003, 19:08
We are leaving your region, Sancto. Also, we're going to help your enemies if they need it. I just need a region of refuge before I can help them.
08-11-2003, 22:31
OOC:By the way this a very heavily encoded non traceable message so it's a secret.
IC:{Opening channel}---{Channel open}
C.F.R.F representative we will send you warheads alone no delivery system,nuclear,chemical,biological material,AK47's confiscated from rebellions in my nation,crates of ammunition,hand/phosphorous grenades also taken from rebellions and finally four harraser ground attack helicopters taken from enemy armies.

In return for your assisstance in future attacks,you never attack my nation or it's allies with these weapons,you do NOT tell anyone that we supported you,any P.O.W's you capture that are non essential will be deported to Christoniac and finally 2 million dollars paid back in packages .

If you do not comply with these terms and use the weapons you WILL BE DEALT WITH SWIFTLY AND HARSHFULLY.

{Closing channel}---{Channel closed}

Feline the offer still stands for mercenaries or weapons and aircraft.
08-11-2003, 22:40
In a top secret conference room somewhere in the Nanakan Mountains...

"Robert," asked President Michael. "Have you gotten any reply concerning whether or not Feline requires help?"

"No," Robert, the Chief of Transmissions, replied. "If they replied, I would have heard it by now."

"What is with the lack of response?" the President asked.

"I don't know," Robert truthfully said. "I'll send them another encrypted transmission."

"Wait," Michael said before Robert could start the message. "I've got an idea..."
08-11-2003, 22:56
In the conference room, several hours later...

"Are you sure?" asked Robert. "That sounds kind of drastic."

"It is the only means that will work," Michael replied. "Besides, its not like we'll be attacking anyone."

"But, still!" Robert protested.

"It is a direct order," said the President. "Now send the transmission required to move the plan into action."

"Yes, sir," the Chief of Transmissions said reluctantly. He starting typing away at his computer. Just then, their was a crashing sound and a person fell out of the vent above the room. It was a person with survalience equipment...
08-11-2003, 23:06
I am talking to Naruto(Konoha) over a secure phone.
"Yeah. I know. We should. Yeah we had problems with the idiots before, remember? Jedi are good for dealing with them. Force push the bastards into a wall and then cuff 'em, we say. You want to send a couple ninjas too? That's cool. Alright. Talk to ya later. Bye!"
I press the * key and dial King Boostei. You'll hear a young voice say: "Hello, your Majesty? I conferred with my friend Naruto, and we agreed that we will send some of our special forces to help you out with Shrub. It seems that the Anti-Force Liberation Front has been linked to your terrorist orgainization. We will appreciate it if you accept our help. A C-130 will arrive in your nation with the spec forces soon."

Forces to be sent:
1 antiterror Knight
5 ninjas
20 Rainbow 6-trained troops with M-16 laser rifles

OOC: I'll withdraw the Jedi and laser rifles if you wish it so. Don't want to be called a godmodder for the Knight and guns.
08-11-2003, 23:07
double post
08-11-2003, 23:08
President Michael, being a former Elite Special Forces member, knew what to do. He drew his gun and aimed it at the man. "Who are you? How much did you here? Who do you work for?" Michael shouted these questions at the man.

The man looked up at the President and smiled. "I was hoping you would find me. I've recorded your whole conversation for my boss. As for the rest of the questions, I'm afraid you won't be around to hear the answers." The spy pushed a button on his watch and it started beeping. President Michael, thinking fast, dashed out of the open window.

Michael landed into an army helicopter. He had been expecting this to happen. Robert was right behind him. In the helicopter was ten Elite Special Forces bodyguards, a pilot, a co-pilot, and two gunners. The President shouted something and the helicopter took off. It was at that moment that the conference building blew up. Michael's helicopter was just outside the explosion.

The explosion was so powerful that the helicopter shook and an avalanche started in the mountains.

"It appears like someone doesn't want you to help Feline," Robert stated. The helicopter flew into the horizon...
08-11-2003, 23:20

TO: Feline
FROM: Nanakaland

Transmission: We were considering helping you, but there was a little problem. Actually a big problem. Something like an exploding spy. The nation is not yet known. I would tell you more, but I am in a helicopter right now and think I am being followed. This transmission could be intercepted so I must be quick in tel@^$&#... be carefull ^$*&%*&... could be after *%#@^%#%^... watch out for #&%*#&%**&^&...

08-11-2003, 23:40
OOC: This RP is really taking off... anyway, I don't really have the time to respond today... I'll get back to it tomorrow.
09-11-2003, 04:46
The convoy moved through the terrain scout planes had confirmed not threats oor scouts on the path they were taking if they got ambushed then the troops escorting it and also back up planes would ensure there safety they approached the C.F.R.F Base and started unloading the goods.

Intell reports had told them were the base was so they delivered it there.
Aztec National League
09-11-2003, 07:37
-_-Encoded transimission-_-
Scrambler frequency Alpha 2450 Omega 5150
Source: SAS Typhoon
Author: Warrior Gen. Teraztlan

"We have arrived off of your coast in a submarine, please tell us where to dock and disembark at. Until then, we will continue to move underwater to avoid enemy detection."
10-11-2003, 01:35
Somewhere north of the Nanakan Mountains...

The radar blinked rapidly. President Michael was nervous and the co-pilot explained that they were being tailed...

"Speak up," Michael ordered. "What nation do they work for?"

"Uh," the co-pilot said nervously. "The helicopters tailing us are some of ours."

"What!" President Michael shouted.

"They are Standard Nanakan Army Helicopters," the co-pilot explained. "And we haven't sold them in years. They even have the Nanakan flag painted on them."

"I think we have some traitors," one of the Elite Special Forces stated in a nervous voice.

"Gunners," Michael ordered. "Open fire. Don't let a single pursuer escape." The Presidential Helicopter did a 180 degree turn so it looked straight at the three helicopters. "Fire!" And with that three missiles were launched at the pursuers. The pursuers fired back...

EDIT: I tried to post this hours ago, but there were server problems. During the wait, some of the post was lost.
10-11-2003, 02:36
The Presidential Helicopter swevered to the left to avoid a stream of bullets being launched by one of the helicopters. One of the pursuing SNAH was shot down and made a crash landing in the nearby mountains. The explosion was so powerful, it almost brought down the other helicopters.

The Elite Special Forces took advantage of this situation. When everyone else was busy looking at the explosion, five of the soldiers jumped from the Presidential Helicopter to one of the remaning two other helicopters because that helicopter door was blown off by the explosion. Soon, the Special Forces took the helicopter because the crew didn't know what was going on. Everyone abord the helicopter was taken prisioner for later questioning.

Only one enemy helicopter was left. The Presidential Helicopter turned around and launched a missile. There was a blast and the Presidential Helicopter and the captured helicopter headed towards a remote fortress for questioning of the captives...
Aztec National League
10-11-2003, 06:38
(OOC: Nanakaland, good posts. This post is kinda the same, but in no way am I trying to copy yours, I was going to post this when the sever went down...)

Location: 25 miles off the coast of Veracruz

A small patrol fleet consisting of an patrol boat, Ticondergoa class heavy cruiser SAS Montezuma and the flagship of the ANL fleet, the Iowa Class Battleship SAS Aztlan detected something unusual.

---Location: Bridge, SAS Montezuma---

Radar officer:
"Lt. Commander, I detect something odd. It seems like 3...wait, no 4 boats, no larger than fishing boats. This can't be right, fishing season is over!"

Lt. Commander:
"Hmm, that is odd. Try to establish communications with them."

The Communication officer begins to send messanges to the ships. He waits a couple of minutes, and begins to speak:

"No response sir."

Lt. Commander:
"This could be a major threat, though unlikely. Continue your attempts at getting communications set up. Also, warn the other ships to set a course to intersept. If they don't reply, then we go by oursevles. Helm, set a course, 3/4 speed."

As the ships change their course, the 4 "fishing" boats continue on, pushing closer and closer towards the coastal metropolis of Veracruz. As the ships get into firing range, the general of the fleet comes to a big desicion, to fire or not to fire. What to do? If you destroy/capture the ships, you eliminate the threat. However, what if they are your own? What if they are an ally's ships? If you do nothing, the threat remains there. "Let them fire at us first." He said. They waited, but got really close the the ships.

Then all of the sudden, the small boats fired on the Aztec fleet. Men gathered on the decks and shot at the Aztec ships with machine guns while others threw granades and molotov cocktails. Then, all of the sudden, the patrol boat blew up. The same weapon also damaged the Monetzuma. Could it be C.F.R.F ships? The Montezuma began to fire at the smaller boats. Once it began to fight back, the battle was sealed to be a victory for the ANL. In a few short minutes, one of the boats was crippled and one was destroyed.

Then, the slow moving Aztlan commenced its attack. It's massive guns sent a volley of explosive shells into air, some landing on the enemy ships. Instantly the enemy ships blew up. Only leaving one severly crippled.

The fleet general ordered the ships to capture the smaller vessel.
"That is why tug boats or fishing boats do not make good warships." The general said in triumph. "Tell me, are there any survivors from the patrol boat?"

Second officer:
"There are only 3 survivors. The 12 others are dead. The Montezuma is reporting severe damage and have taken heavy casualites."

"Tell them to disengage immeadiatly, but to pick up the three survivors from the patrol boat. A injured warrior is useless on a dangerous battlefield. Tell our marine boarding parties to prepare for capturing the enemy ship."

"Today, a naval engagement proved to be a sour victory for the ANL. Despite the fact that our fleet won the glorious battle, one of our ships was severely damaged and a patrol boat was destroyed. In total, 25 crew men were killed and 40 were injured. It is unclear if the ships were part of the C.F.R.F, but one ship was captured and the crew of it is under arrest. The three other ships were destroyed."
Aztec National League
10-11-2003, 06:58

It has been detremined that these were NOT C.F.R.F ships, but rather an rebel Aztec group that sympathized with the C.F.R.F. The Supreme court has yet to decide on the rebel's fate and the govnerment has not announced any plans to try to crack down on the rebel group.
11-11-2003, 01:31
In the remote Fort Freedom...

"Who are you?" the interrigator asked. The bound man would not say a word. "Tell me who you are!" the interrigator shouted, his patience falling fast. The prisioner would still not say a word. "Now will you talk?" the angry interrigator asked the prisioner as he pulled a dagger out of his belt.

"No!" the defiant captive responeded. The interrigator raised the dagger to the man's throat. "Alright. I'll talk," prisioner said...

Meanwhile, in a conference room in a higher level of the fort...

"Mr. President," one of the men around a huge black conference table said. "Who are they?"

"Their nation isn't yet confirmed," President Michael explained. "However, I have reason to beleive that they are part of a new cult that is taking root in our nation. They call themselves a Christian group, but that is just a cover story." The Michael paused. "When they go to their 'churches' they spread brainwashing tactics. They have already had several attempts to grab power of the government. The cult spreads propaganda that the nation is not giving enough power to the people. They have also had several terrorist attacks like that exploding spy. I expected them to do that." He took a deep sigh. "When they found out that we were considering helping Feline, they jumped on that issue. They claim that we should be fighting against Feline, not for them. In their fake churches they continued their brainwashing. The brainwashed then get friends and family to join the cult and the people have their loyalties in the cult instead of the government. At a single word, the cult leaders could spark a revolt." The President then explained a plan to stop the cult...

[OOC: I base this bit on a dream I had last night, nothing more. I did not steal this idea from anything. I had it planned all day. Also, this is not anti-Christian, it is about a cult that pretends to be Christian.]
11-11-2003, 01:43
OOC: Wow... Great posts!

IC: King Boostei listened as the news came in. "Transmit to Nanakaland our condolences. Tell them that we would appreciate their help, but that they are probaly needed more at home. Transmit acceptances to all the other nations who have offered help.


The CFRF lost about a third of its forces. Suddenly, imploder SAM batteries opened fire at the Allanean forces... they were in for one big explosion unless they got out of the area quickly... the explosion could be quite huge, but weak, or quite small, but powerful.
11-11-2003, 01:59
Dear Nation of Feline,

We would help you, but we are having a problem. I am sure you have heard about the terrorist attack in a conference room, but what you don't know is that there is a cult trying to tear apart the unity of my nation. I didn't think they were that big of a threat, but they have attacked us, so I have declared a state of emergency in my nation during a meeting in Fort Freedom.

My millitary has entered a state of occupation in areas where the cult is known to be, to try to stop it from spreading. We have reason to beleive that the cult is forming an army. If your issue is not solved by the time the cult is defeated, we will help you.

Best Regards
President Michael Smith,
President of the Resurrected Lands of Nanakaland
Aztec National League
11-11-2003, 07:20
We are glad that you accpet our offer for help. Our submarine carrirng the Warrior General (WG) will dock soon. Eventually, if it is alright with you, we will send an armed naval convoy to drop off:

100 Jaguar Warrior Infantry Men (the JWMC is an elite army force)
A number of infantry in the Red Gaurd (army)
Medical support volunteers
Any other sort of support, military or non-military.

The submarine that was transporting Warrior-General Teraztlan docked at an well guarded, secret dock. As he and his team of tactians ans strategests disembarked and began to walk to the door of the dock. As he was about to leave, the WG muttered to himself...

"I hope this "conflict" goes in Feline's favor. If the nation of Feline falls to these fundamentalist neo-cons, we will have the biggest threat that our nation has ever seen."

He and his party exited the dock, walked into a government car and was escorted to the secret location.

As the submarine crew began to make preparations to depart, they recived new orders. They must patrol the coastal regions of the nation under the cloak of being submerged. They would be accopompanied by 3 other Los Angeles Class subs. And they were not to fire on any other ships except those of the C.F.R.F.
Aztec National League
12-11-2003, 01:01

(OOC: This topic was like on page 8 )
12-11-2003, 04:41
As the convoy moved back they heade explosions in the distance within seconds all of tyhe troops had dispersed into the terrain the vehicles hiding best they could they picked up there pace and ran for the cargo planes.
12-11-2003, 23:02
In the capital city of Nanakapolis...

The cult members smashed into gun stores with clubs and stole guns. The angry mob, armed with just about anything they could steal or find, including kitchen knives and stolen pistols, marched through the streets destroying anything that came upon their path, shouting, "Death to President Michael! Death to the evil government! Death to Feline!"

Military soliders were brought in via helicopters. Marines, Commandos and Special Forces were shooting at the crowd to prevent them from reaching Government Castle where President Michael lives and the government meets. Scattered throughout, regulars were trying to protect public buildings. The reserves were called unto duty.

The mobs were coordinated. In every major city, there were revolts. Most of them were put down pretty quickly, but the cleaver cultists had organised the largest mobs in the two major cities of Nanakapolis and Port Nanaka. Both mobs raised on, so the military also blocked the highway that linked the two mobs, hoping to issolate them. The revolution had begun. It was the government versus the cult...
Aztec National League
13-11-2003, 02:02
High Chief Quetzalcoatl sat at his desk and looked at two grim reports. One with the situation in Feline, the other in Nanakaland. He looked at these reports with a worried look. He thought to himself: "Damn, two revolutions. And yet, we are threatend by both." He thought for a long time. Then, he called in his advisors. He sat down with them and began to talk.

Quetzalcoatl: "You know of the situation in Feline. Well, there is now a new situation in Nanakaland. Well, I shouldn't say new, it has been going on for as long as the Feline situation has been going, but it looks like both situations are grim. If one nation falls, it threatens all the nations helping Feline. I don't want to get even more involved with this mess, but at the same time, I don't want one nation to fall and possilbly cause a cold war, or worse. I don't believe we have the right to, or even have the ablilty to be a "policeman". But, if we do nothing, we could be facing a terrible thing."

Advisor #1: "Well, you could send some of the troops guarding our local bases to Nana..."

Advisor #2: "That is not a wise decision. Even though the majority of our people support our actions and support the union, we know that there are rebel groups that have tried to attack us before. My advice, keep the troops that are here stationed here. If Nanakaland needs help, then maybe we should reconsider. However, like the High Chief said, we are unable and should not to protect our neighboors like a policeman. I too hope that this conflict does not end up in a coup de ta, but we can not have our thumbs in every pie."

Quetzalcoatl: "I agree. I will not send troops to Nanakaland unless if they truely need them. And even then, there will only be a few, we are already running sparcely."

Advisor #1: "Or how about we send them supplies. Last time I counted, we have small surplus of supplies. While not in the millions, I'm sure I could find a hundred or so things. Also how about helping them in non-military action. The international community will feel better about that anyways."

Quetzalcoatl: "Now that sounds like a plan! Tell the Nanakaland governement our offer, any supplies they need and that we have a surplus of they can have--payment will probably not be an issue."
Aztec National League
14-11-2003, 02:55
14-11-2003, 22:17
Over the Rebel Positions
The Coulters are in range. Soon enough, hundreds (literally) of LRAAM's fill the air, heading out towards the enemy F-14's.

In the Feline capital

Crawfor walks into a restaurant. She's wearing her TNB uniform, and a gold-plated Desert Eagle in an open-carry holster under her left hand. The diners look at her with terror and disgust in their eyes. Whispers are heard.

"Allanean Special Forces.... gun nuts... fascist scum..."

As she start eating her Big Mac, as slim teenage girl walks up to her and asks:

"Is it true that your country is run by the arms manufacturers?"

Crawford squeezes out a faint smile

"Didn't see any on the ballot last year."
15-11-2003, 18:12
The cultist movement collapsed. Hundreds were rounded up and taken to Fort Nanaka (near Government Castle) in Nanakapolis and Fort Freedom, the remote fort where the President was hiding out. In Fort Freedom, however, not everyone was celebrating...

"Mr. President," said one of the military officials. "Cheer up. The revolution is finished. We've beaten them!"

"Don't celebrate too soon," the President replied grimly. "This just proves that the cultists can start and stop mobs at their free will. We are going to have to go to extreme measures."

"How do we do that?" asked another official around the conference table.

"Easy," Michael explained. "We have to send spies to suspected churches. Any church that does brainwashing is not really a church, but a cult outpost and should be burned to the ground by night. We have to use counter-revolutionary tactics before more mobs come. The damage was already enough." And with that the meeting was dismissed and the Nanakaland Spy Organisation was given a task. They had to hurry before the next mob was organised...
15-11-2003, 18:38
15-11-2003, 19:03
In Nanaka Forest, there was a hidden bunker half covered by the side of a hill. It had two above ground floors and ten below ground floors. The metal bunker was painted brown and covered by leaves for camaflouge. However, the bunker was not owned by the Nanakaland Government, nor did it have anything to do with them. The bunker was Cultist Headquarters, where the most elite cultists lived and where the leader hid. It was where the cultists commanded the revolution.

Cultist structure worked like this. There was a leader. He commanded every cultist, those brainwashed and those chosing to serve him under their own free will. The leader went by the names the Supreme Commander, Liberator, and Master. The next most powerful people were three High Generals, serving under the Master with their own free will. They made sure that the Supreme Commander's wishes were kept and sent the orders to the Commanders. The Commanders also served under their own free will. They ran the brainwashing in their area and commanded their fake churches pretending to be Priests and Ministers. Anyone who listened to any of their false preaching would be brainwashed. Under the Commanders came the normal cultists who were brainwashed into joining their cult. The cult didn't go by any name because they cleaverly disguised themselves as churches.

Commanders and High Generals occasionally went to their hidden headquarters to get new orders from their Master. There were also those whose purpose was to defend the hideout and their "Liberator" from outside forces and to keep the bunker hidden. Anyone who was suspected of leaving the cult was assiasinated by these Cultist Guards.

One foggy morning, the day after the so called collapse of the revolution, five hooded figures in dark brown cloaks walked through Nanaka Forest with a mission. They were going to see the Supreme Commander for the date of the next revolt and return to the others to spread the news...
15-11-2003, 19:34
The hooded men walked along the forested path for a long time before they stopped. They looked at a huge, ancient oak tree. Thinking for a moment, they walked off the path, in the direction of the oak tree. When they reached the tree, they searched the side of the hill behind it, until they found a metal door.

They looked at the door for a while and then entered a code in a consealed pannel to the right of the door. The door slid open to the top and the men walked in. Once all five were in the bunker, they entered the same code into another pannel, this time on the inside of the bunker. The metalic door slammed shut and they walked along a straight silver colored hallway until they reached an elevator.

One of the men slid an access card in a slit on the wall and the elevator doors opened. All of the men entered the large elevator and after a few more seconds the doors closed. They stared at the wall in the elevator. It had thirteen buttons on it, one being red and labeled ALARM. They pressed the button labeled -10 and the elevator decended into the depth of the bunker...
15-11-2003, 19:46
Everyone, sorry for the delay in posting. I planned to do it last night, but this has taken off so much and involved so many subplots I have no idea what is going on. Could someone post a summary?
15-11-2003, 19:48
Unknown to the five mysterious men, they were being followed by a team of Elite Special Forces. The Elite Special Forces team had followed their enemy until they had reached the bunker. Due to the fact that they didn't know the passcode, they could not persue the enemy any further.

The soldiers were not alone, however, as they soon found out. A legion of Cultist Guards were on top of the large hill on lookout. When the Nanakan soldiers were seen, an alarm was pressed and a group of cultists surrounded the Elite Special Forces. Sensing defeat, on of them threw a can of sleeping gas as the Special Forces put on gas masks. The soldiers may have escaped, but the bunker was now under heavier security.

The exausted Elite Special Forces ran out of the forest, where several SNAHs were waiting for them. They got in the helicopters and took off, heading for Fort Freedom with the news and request of reinforcements. However, two could play the game of tailing the enemy, as another SNAH, captured during the revolt, took off, full of cultistsm tailing the Elite Special Forces...
15-11-2003, 19:56
Everyone, sorry for the delay in posting. I planned to do it last night, but this has taken off so much and involved so many subplots I have no idea what is going on. Could someone post a summary?

A summary of my subplot is that there is an evil, brainwashing cult that is brainwashing many people in outposts, desguised as churches. They led a revolution against Nanakaland pouncing on the issue of offered help to Feline, however the revolt disintergrated several days later. The cult is really planning a new, more powerful revolt in which they will steal airplains to fly cultist troops to Feline. The Nanakaland government will soon learn of this plan and attempt to stop it (It hasn't happened quite yet).

Currently, President Michael is hiding in Fort Freedom, the Nanakaland military is still stationed in cities, puzzleded about the revolt, five cloaked men entered the cultist bunker in Nanaka Forest, and Special Forces tailing those men were forced to retreat after an ambush. Unknown to the fleeing soldiers, they are being followed by cultists in a captured helicopter. To make matters worst, the soldiers are retreating to Fort Freedom and thus could unknowingly lead the cultists to the President's hideout.

That is a summary of my subplot.
15-11-2003, 20:08
15-11-2003, 20:31
The elevator (that's lift for all you British out there) came to a halt and the door opened. The five men walked into a darkened room. When they saw the Supreme Commander (aka the Liberator and the Master), sitting on a throne of bones, they bowed down to him.

"You may now stand," the Liberator commanded.

"Master," one of them said as the men rose. "We must know your plans so we can start soon."

"Here is how it goes," the cultist leader explained. "We must kill two birds with one stone. When the next revolt is staged, you must go onto Nanakapolis Airport and steal three airplanes that are staying in the airport. We are building a secret landing strip. Land the airplains on that landing strip, which is nearby, and it will be loaded with soldiers. After that, we shall attack Feline! I have already told the guards of the forest. Now go to Nanakapolis and do your task. The next revolt has almost begun!" The Supreme Commander stopped and the five men turned to leave. "Wait!" he added. "Go by way of the Great Swamp, it is quicker."

"Yes, Master," the men replied and with that they went to the elevator and left the room. They were on their way...
15-11-2003, 21:01
The five men left the bunker and headed into the swamplands.

Meanwhile, near the forest, there was a captured helicopter persuing the three military helicopters...

"Excuse me, men," the co-pilot of one of the SNAHs said. "We're going to have a bumpy ride. We're being followed." He said this over his radio so the other two helicopters also knew.

Within the confusion, shouts ("Gunner's ready!", "Fire at will!"), and beeping of radar, some of the Elite Special Forces decided to take the law into their own hands. They fired their rifles until the door of the enemy helicopter broke off. They then asked the pilot to pull along side the enemy helicopter. The soldiers jumped in the persuing helicopter and captured the crew, but before they could silence the pilot, he singnaled his headquarters saying, "The enemy is heading towards a nearby fort (Fort Freedom). We are in need of reinforcements."

The cultist leader now knew where the Nanakaland hideout was...
15-11-2003, 21:16
In the embassy of Feline in Corcyra:

Addressing the diplomat of Feline, "Send a notice to your government that the Nation of Phyrric offers a SeaBee Battalion and the sum of 50 million amc to help repair and replace any damage that resulted from this terrorist attack.

A force of 250 MP is also available for any police action that may be required to maintain peace, law and order in the vacinity of said attack. There is no need for reimbursement of expenses, Phyrric will pay the tab of services sent by Phyrric."
15-11-2003, 22:10
President Michael had finished his conference and left the room. When he went out to one of the fortress' many balchonies, he couldn't beleive his eyes. There were four SNAHs returning, but he only sent out three. One of the Standard Nanakan Army Helicopters was damaged; it was clear that it was pelted with bullets and a door even was off.

When the helicopters landed, Michael found out what was happening. After the explanation, the Elite Special Forces dragged the prisioners off of the captured helicopter, to take them to the Interigation Room. Even though criminals are interigated in the nation of Nanakaland, they are never executed. Sometimes, however, the criminals find ways to kill themselves.

The enemy helicopter was captured, but the fight was not won because unknown to the people of Fort Freedom, the cultists knew where the hidden fort was. Also, five cloaked terrorists stole (snuck) their way through the swamplands, heading toward Nanakapolis...
16-11-2003, 00:00
16-11-2003, 00:59
The five cloaked figures went through the swamp with ease. It took them several hours, however, until they reached Nanakaland's capital city of Nanakapolis. Sure enough, the revolt had started up again. The soldiers, distracted by mobs of angry people, ignored the seemingly peaceful cloaked strangers. The mob also didn't attack the cloaked men because they knew who they were.

It was easy to break into the airport during the revolt. The doors were already broken and three airplanes were easy to get. Two men went in one airplane, two in another, and one in the third. The airplains took off high over the sky and left Nanakapolis to the southwest of the country, where the forest was...
16-11-2003, 14:49
16-11-2003, 16:39
The airplanes landed in the forest. The five men left the three airplanes and contacted the Supreme Commmander. Within a few minutes, the area was bustling with action. Cultists were loading the planes with supplies and weapons.

After the supplies were loaded, six hundred cultists boarded the stolen airplanes. Everything was in place. They were waiting for the right moment to launch their attack on Feline. Nanakaland would also be rendered useless do to another revolt. They were almost ready to attack...
16-11-2003, 16:51
Over the Rebel Positions
The Coulters are in range. Soon enough, hundreds (literally) of LRAAM's fill the air, heading out towards the enemy F-14's.

In the Feline capital

Crawfor walks into a restaurant. She's wearing her TNB uniform, and a gold-plated Desert Eagle in an open-carry holster under her left hand. The diners look at her with terror and disgust in their eyes. Whispers are heard.

"Allanean Special Forces.... gun nuts... fascist scum..."

As she start eating her Big Mac, as slim teenage girl walks up to her and asks:

"Is it true that your country is run by the arms manufacturers?"

Crawford squeezes out a faint smile

"Didn't see any on the ballot last year."
16-11-2003, 18:51
Everyone, sorry for the delay in posting. I planned to do it last night, but this has taken off so much and involved so many subplots I have no idea what is going on. Could someone post a summary?

A summary of my subplot is that there is an evil, brainwashing cult that is brainwashing many people in outposts, desguised as churches. They led a revolution against Nanakaland pouncing on the issue of offered help to Feline, however the revolt disintergrated several days later. The cult is really planning a new, more powerful revolt in which they will steal airplains to fly cultist troops to Feline. The Nanakaland government will soon learn of this plan and attempt to stop it (It hasn't happened quite yet).

Currently, President Michael is hiding in Fort Freedom, the Nanakaland military is still stationed in cities, puzzleded about the revolt, five cloaked men entered the cultist bunker in Nanaka Forest, and Special Forces tailing those men were forced to retreat after an ambush. Unknown to the fleeing soldiers, they are being followed by cultists in a captured helicopter. To make matters worst, the soldiers are retreating to Fort Freedom and thus could unknowingly lead the cultists to the President's hideout.

That is a summary of my subplot.
17-11-2003, 09:02
Where's Feline?
17-11-2003, 10:13
After an Emergency Meeting with Government Officials the Dr_Twist Government has ordered a Mobilization to go to the Defense Feline. Presently we are still waiting for a reply from the Feline Government.
17-11-2003, 22:27
"What!" the President exclaimed. "The Bigtopian crisis can go on hold. This is serious!"

"That is right," added the interrigator. "The cultists are preparing to send troops to Feline to fight against them! They would be disguised as Nanakaland troops and our nation would look like we are double crossers!"

"Alright," ordered President Michael. "Send some troops over to intercept the stolen planes."

"I can't do that," the interrigator replied. "Most of our troops are holding our cities stable from the revolts. The others are either defending the Colony of Upper Bigtopia (, fighting in the desert (, or defending you in Fort Freedom."

"Fine," Michael said. "If no one can stop them, I will stop them myself. Send for eleven of the best Elite Special Forces and the Presidential Helicopter. The cult is going down - even if I have to do it myself!"
17-11-2003, 22:37
"This is better than I thought," the Supreme Commander of the cult said excitedly. "That fort is the only place the President could be. We will take over the fort, kill the President, and attack Feline. That is the first step into world domination! Make sure the airplanes take off on schedule. I want our focus to be on two fronts, Feline and Fort Freedom. Prepare more brainwashing centers. We, and when I say we I mean I, will have complete control of Nanakaland and Feline soon!"

"Yes, Master," said a man standing in front of him. "I will rally the troops. The war, hidden for so many years will now surface..."
17-11-2003, 23:01
The President took off in his helicopter with eleven brave Elite Special Forces, two gunners operating the helicopters guns and missle launcher, a pilot, and a co-pilot. All of them were the best of the best.

The helicopter headed toward Nanaka Forest, where the troops reported the hidden enemy bunker. The troops were equipped with the best weapons Fort Freedom had.

However, as the Presidential Helicopter took off to stop the cult, a fleet of stolen Standard Nanakan Army Helicopters had almost reached Fort Freedom. The cultists in the fleet had two purposes - take over the fort and kill President Michael...
17-11-2003, 23:20
The fleet of helicopters approached the main building of Fort Freedom, a 500 year old huge castle that was recycled and used as a base of commands for the Nanakaland fort.

At least a dosen helicopters were shot down by AA guns, but the fleet continued, firing missiles and destroying the fort area. Several buildings in the area were destroyed, but the brown-painted castle remained standing with only a few dents.

The fleet was massive and Fort Freedom could not handle much more. Orders were given of evacuation and helicopters were taking off, cars and Jeeps riding away, and airplanes loaded with cultist captives taking off. The defenders could do nothing more than destroy small portions of the fleet.

The cultist helicopters started destroying every single building in sight and attacked some of the fleeing troops. Soon, the only building remaining was the huge castle. The evacuating people fled the area, but the cultists weren't concerened. They didn't see the Presidential Helicopter take off, so they assumed that President Michael was still in Fort Freedom - with his helicopter.

The cultists ignored the fleeing people and kept their attention on the castle. They aimed their missiles to the casles and - with a coordinated launch - launched all of their missiles at the same time. The castle colapsed.

With the destruction of the entire fort, cultists starting getting out of helicopters. They were going to attack everyone fleeing the area...
17-11-2003, 23:39
The Presidential Helicoper flew over the forest looking for the cultist headquarters. As they looked for it, they saw cultists loading three airplanes near a hidden runway. The helicopter prepared to land, but as they did, they were shot at by AA guns.

Making an emergency landing, the helicopter landed in the middle of the forest. No one knew where they were or where they enemy was. The President stepped out and looked at his helicopter. It was totalled. He would have to get a new one later.

The eleven Elite Special Forces, two gunners, the co-pilot, and the pilot went out of the helicopter - first taking anything of use. The soldiers provided some spare guns to the four unarmed crew. The fifteen met up with President Michael (who had two pistols) and they left the clearing in the forest, leaving the helicopter behind. They had to move fast so the cultists didn't find them...
Aztec National League
18-11-2003, 01:27
Everyone, sorry for the delay in posting. I planned to do it last night, but this has taken off so much and involved so many subplots I have no idea what is going on. Could someone post a summary?

OOC: Nanakaland is having a revolution in which evil cultists are trying to take over the country. My troops are ready to land in your nation to help you and my military general is ready to be sent to the secret command center...
We are still offering:

100 Jaguar Warrior Infantry Men (the JWMC is an elite army force)
A number (you can decide on the number) of infantry in the Red Gaurd (army)
Medical support volunteers
Any other sort of support, military or non-military.

IC (sort of):
~~ANL Soviet News Wire~~
As the situation in Nanakaland degrades and there has not been in news from Feline, the ANL experiences trouble as well-of the economic kind. Although not as bad and dangerous, the economy suffered a down turn, and the economy went from being "good" to being "reasonable". Even though that the government remains committed to assisting Feline, the High Chief today expressed his concern for the economy in the coming months. It is unclear what legislation caused the down turn, but at the first opportunity to help the economy, he will take it.
18-11-2003, 03:48
The President's radio buzzed. It was a message from the Vice President.

For the information he was sent, click here (

The President now waited in the forest with the fifteen other men for Belem's help...
18-11-2003, 04:05
The President's radio buzzed. It was a message from the Vice President.

For the information he was sent, click here (

The President now waited in the forest with the fifteen other men for Belem's help...

two squads of Inquisitors are inbound from Belem. They specialize in Terrorism and Counter Terrorism.
18-11-2003, 04:09
The cultists swarmed the ruins of Fort Freedom. They had destroyed the area and won a major victory. They were sweeping through the area to kill or capture the survivors. However, there was something they didn't expect.

There was an ammunition storage in the fort and all of sudden, it exploded - killing hundreds of cultists. Seeing the surprising turn of events, the soldiers fleeing from the fort turn around and started attacking the cultists.

Unexpecting this, the cultists were surrounded. The cultists tried to get back into the helicopters, but many were left behind due to the damaged helicopters suddenly retreating. Many remaining cultists in the area were captured or killed.

After the unexpected victory, the Nanakan soldiers of Fort Freedom headed out toward Fort Nanaka on the outskirts of Nanakapolis so they could leave the area before cultist reinforcements came...
18-11-2003, 04:12
The President's radio buzzed. It was a message from the Vice President.

For the information he was sent, click here (

The President now waited in the forest with the fifteen other men for Belem's help...

two squads of Inquisitors are inbound from Belem. They specialize in Terrorism and Counter Terrorism.

There are four plots going on within my subplot: 1) Revolts in cities; 2) Fort Freedom survivors evacuating area; 3) President Michael attempting to stop the cultists; 4) The cultists preparing for world domination (by eliminating Feline, Nanakaland's government, and attempted attack on the Pope).
18-11-2003, 04:15
the Inquisitors would be more concerned with 3 in stopping the cult and 4 stopping the assasination.
18-11-2003, 04:15
Riding atop of one of the 800 T-34's General Dosokva Vlemedsky proclaims, "We have come to participate in the cleansing of the Rebel Scum!"
With these words the Dictatorship Of United Marxist Hobbits swears alligence to the coalition.
A meeting of generals is taking place and a strategy plan will be formulated in the near future
18-11-2003, 04:16
The President reached a forest road and went up the road until he reached the bunker area.

The bunker has heavy security. It would be hard to enter it. However, there is an airfield in the back - a much easier target. Remember, the cultists are loading the planes to prepare to attack Feline. There is also a retreating fleet of damaged helicopters heading back to base from Fort Freedom.

[OOC: That's enough for me for the night (it is a weeknight). Don't break into the bunker until I'm back. The airplanes, retreating helicopter fleet, and assaisins are fair game for attacking.]
18-11-2003, 04:26
500 T-34 tanks are hele-flown into Nanakaland to attack a cultist contingent responsible for terrorist activities within United Shire Counties.
The cultist force is atop a large cliff with beach dunes on one side and forest on the other.
5 squadrons of Apache helecopters fly in and carpet bomb the ridge. No casualties are taken although there was return fire. 3 brigades are dropped 2 miles into the forest from the cultist camp. The other 5 are flown in a mere 400 yards and attack immediately. Cultist EMPs knock out 120 of teh first tanks thus yielding their crews vulnerable. According to defence estaimates there were 400 cultist infantry and 60 armor units. Tanks engaged in lightening paced warefare and within minutes our tanks knocked out all 60 armor units while only losing 5 of our own. The infantry began to scatter in all directions. Those who fled to the ocean were caught between the first wave and the water. Those who fled into the forest found themselves surrounded by the second wave and were promptly elminated. Our forces took 200 prisoners and have estimated that we lost 40 tanks and 65 men. This is viewed as a military success.
18-11-2003, 04:35
At his motherland's request General Dosokva Vlemedsky wishes to know if the United Marxist Hobbits Armed Forces (UMHAF) has permission from Nanakaland to use our highly destructive nukes. They are based on uranium and plutonium compounds and have total destruction radiai of 500 miles. As of now these firearms are in compliance with no U.N. restrictions and thus may be illegal. UMHAF waits for approval.
Aztec National League
19-11-2003, 01:09
:? Permission to use nukes? Will these nukes be targeted at Nanakaland territory? Even though the situation is desperate, I think it would be highly counter productive to resort to that measure. If you bomb their land, it will be an radioactive wasteland for years and will no doubtly harm the people of Nanakaland. Although the decision is up to Nanakaland, I would highly adivse against it!
19-11-2003, 01:20
At his motherland's request General Dosokva Vlemedsky wishes to know if the United Marxist Hobbits Armed Forces (UMHAF) has permission from Nanakaland to use our highly destructive nukes. They are based on uranium and plutonium compounds and have total destruction radiai of 500 miles. As of now these firearms are in compliance with no U.N. restrictions and thus may be illegal. UMHAF waits for approval.

I am sorry. The forest is a national park. Besides, the President is in there! Do not use nukes.
19-11-2003, 02:11
In the forest, Michael's troops stared at the bunker door. Due to the United Marxist Hobbits' attack, the cultist guards around the forest bunker were distracted - for the moment.

"How are we going to get in?" asked the former pilot.

"Easy," replied one of the Elite Special Forces soldiers as he pulled out a odd looking electronic tool from his backpack (everyone was carring a backpack of supplies). The soldier walked up and placed the device on the code prompter. There was a lot of short beeping noises and then the door opened.

Astonished, the sixteen men walked into the hallway. They didn't want to close the door behind them because they didn't know the passcode. When they went forward they ran into an elevator door. However, it had a slit in the wall to slide an ID card into. They stopped dead in their tracks.

"Does anyone happen to have one of these?" asked one of the helicopter gunners (the crew of the helicopter were with Michael and the soldiers). They stared at each other. They didn't come this far just for a dead end...
19-11-2003, 02:17
As the luminant full-moonlight streaks down through the night air of an isolated region of United Marxist Hobbit's lush rainforests, an unusual chopper streaks across the sky and settles itself through the dense canopy; landing among the vine covered surface.

The R-14, personally designed by Hebrew National's cheif engineers for the escort purposed of top secret projects.

R-14, or Janga, as it was commonly called throughout design and construction, was completely black, a strange, eerie jetblack that seemed to ABSORB light, totally negating the effect of the hundred maintenance floodlights surrounding it among the dence undergrowth. The surface was absolutely clean, despite the crude entry through the thick tree growth, and as smooth as a boling ball.

Though unusual for helicopters, this bird had a long, needle-sharp SST-style nose and sharply and cockpit windows. Janga also had pointed feul tanks, more stremlined cockpit windows, smoothed and polished skin, and no external TV or infared cameras; all to help increase top speed and feul efficiency.

List was just the begining on the birds modifications. The helicoper was made from radar-absorbing fiber steel: a composition of fiberglass and carbon steel, stronger than aluminum but as radar transparent as plastic. Of course it's not invisible, but it can get 100 to 200 miles closer to assault targets and destinations without being detected. Also even the most advanced fighters have to get another 70 to 90 yards closer to get a decent missile lock, and thats IF they can hit this baby. If they do move in for that missile lock, Janga has awesome chances of getting HIM first. The paintjob is so well developed that this bird is virtually invisible at night, a fighter can be flying right alongside her and never see it. Plus, it looks cool.

Along the wings of Janga lays 6 sleek Scorpion 12s: Desaterously Advanced Any-Range Missiles. Radar guided, yet radar-repellant, with terminal infared and automatic home-on-jam guidance radar. Minimum of 200 yards(closer depending on pilot) and a maximum of 60 miles.

Inside it's sleek interior is a fully equiqed battlestation. A command center. With the latest electronic warfare compacity. Not even old Scorpions models are equiped onto Hebrew National's top, advanced, frontline and special ops fighters. But we live for secret missions....

There is one lower computer guided tailgun for short range bursts. The land mines is what keeps enemies away. Small canisters porpelled outta this birds back containing scensors. When auto or manually activated hundreds of thousands of steel fragments the size of half dollars errupt from the lids in every direction.

This monster was armed to the tooth and ready for anything. Millions of reserve money was poured into these escorts. Sombody very important has arrived....

The front doors slid open and a blinding light from inside emerged followed by a small squad of silhouettes that dashed out and planted themselves among the perimeter. After a few moments a heavy figure in a suit casually stepped down the R-14s steps and walked into the overgrowth. He had an Uzi slung across his chest and a set of binoculars hanging out of his right hand. His heavily wrinkled forhead beaded with sweat from the hot climate and the warm night air.

Standing there, squinting in the distance he heaved a large breath and one word escaped his lips, "Perfect."

A small figure bearing many medals and stars came striding up, beaming with pride. As automatic shotgun was slung across his left shoulder and a gernade in his right hand, we suddenly tensed up into attension.

"General Secor, the construction units are ready and-" Before he could finish his sentance General Roy William Secor, Tyrant and Federal Ruler of Hebrew National dropped his binoculars and started quickly mumbling into his radio.

Seconds later the sky roared with construction crafts soaring through the air and smashing into the canopy.
19-11-2003, 02:24
I have begun construction of a highly advanced inpenatrable base in the dense forests of UMH. This facility will be a universal military outpost for caravans, refeuling, planning, and hiding of government members. The location is unknown to everyone but the workers and planners.

Some workers have escaped my grasp and wandered into the forrest. I am offering a large price on their head for they contain information valuable to terrorists and enemies.

If this base falls into the wrong hands who knows what evil use it may fall into....
19-11-2003, 02:27
United Marxist Hobbits leader and I are holding a meeting as to the usage of this base.

If anyone finds those workers and brings me their head I will equip and supply them with them with any technology I have. Including some recent projects like my R-14s...
19-11-2003, 02:40
Nanaka Forest, the place where the cultists are, is in Nanakaland.
19-11-2003, 02:53
One cultist guard noticed the Nanakaland soldiers. The guard of the bunker climbed down the hill to where the entrance was. The door was wide open. Because of this, the guard decided to enter it. Bad move...
19-11-2003, 02:54
Apache helecopters are now running regular patrols over the borderlands of UMH. Any escaped workers that find there way into any neighboring countries are requested back to UMH. If they are found then the nation that returns them shall recieve a grand reward.
Cultist activity within United Shire Counties has decreased and we would like to thank all those in the coalition for helping us crack down on terrorism.
19-11-2003, 02:57
OOC: I was told UMH shares a border with Nanaka Forest... does it not?
19-11-2003, 02:58
OOC: I was told UMH shares a border with Nanaka Forest... does it not?
19-11-2003, 03:02
If these workers come into the wrong hands our facility will be up for grabs, we fear the worst that the workers have wandered outside the borders of UMH and right into Nanaka Forest....

...we NEED to find these workers before any Rebels or Terrorists do.....
19-11-2003, 03:52
UMH generals have decided to investigate the Iliorion River, which runs through the Hendiech Forest of UMH. The soil is rich with plutonium and thus a major site of nuclear materials excavation. It was rumored that a group of unidentified men had used plutonium extraction tools to sift through the river banks. Also the nearby Venedsky Nuclear Activities Plant missed their quota by an astonishing 12 pounds. All evidence points to cultist activities within UMH. It is also possible that cultist cells may have nuclear arsenals. All nations in the vicinity of Nakaland and UMH are highly advised to watch for possible nuclear attacks.
20-11-2003, 03:45
OOC: That's off topic, sorry Lino, but it's about Nanakaland and Feline...
20-11-2003, 03:48
OOC: The workers aren't the enemy... why would they access uranium?
20-11-2003, 03:48
OOC: The workers aren't the enemy... why would they access uranium?
22-11-2003, 00:11
Final Chapter in Cultist Story (Must Read!)
The cultist guard was gunned down by on of the Elite Special Forces. His security card was taken out of his lifeless body.

"I think we found our solution," commented the soldier. He walked over and slid the card down the slit. The elevator opened. The sixteen men crowded into the fairly large elevator. One of them pressed the button labeled -10 (saying "I think this is where they are!") and the elevator desended into the depths of the bunker....

When they reached the bottom, the doors opened. The twelve soldiers and the four crew scattered in scout/protective formation while President Michael looked around the room.

There was a sudden laugh. All sixteen of them turned their heads to the center of the large, darkened room, where at the far end against the wall, barely visable through the mist (produced by mist machines; the cultist leader did this for a creepy effect on those who visited him) and sitting on a throne of bones, was the Supreme Commander. "I have been waiting for you," he said.

At the lift of a finger, the cultist leader had twenty men come from hidden side-rooms. The fifteen Nanakaland soldiers and the President started shooting all over the room. The cultists fired back. The final result was that all of the cultists and five of the soldiers (one gunner, four Elite Special Forces) died. Considering the situation, the Nanakaland soldiers acted fast and efficient (they are the best trained in the nation). That was nothing to be surprised about as these were some of the best of the Elite Speical Forces; the highest ranking and trained Nanakaland field soldiers.

The cultist leader just laughed even harder and pushed a button on his throne. The far wall flipped and the cultist leader was gone. The remaining Nanakaland men left the bunker. There, they were greated by a helicopter and its crew, that had fled from Fort Freedom.

After the helicopter was boarded, they turned around and shot a Bunker Buster Missile at the bunker. The whole structure colapsed. Then, the helicopter took off for Nanakapolis.

The brainwashed cultist members came to their senses and the revolt stopped. There must have been something in the bunker that was controling them. All of the higher ranking cultist leaders (who weren't brainwashed) were rounded up. The planes were stopped halfway to Feline. The assasins in the Vatican were killed.

"What happened to the cultist leader?" you may ask. The truth is that the cultist leader escaped the bunker right before it was destroyed. He was caught fleeing Nanakaland by boat. His arrest would have never happened if it wasn't for Belem, who provided the Supreme Commander's real name.

The helicopter that rescued the President and his brave soldiers would have never been there if it wasn't for UMH's attacks on AA guns.

No cultists were left on the street. They were either de-brainwashed or, if not brainwashed in the first place, arrested. Many cultists, however, were killed before the issue was resolved.

However, the story is not yet over. Nanakaland's issue may be solved (for the moment), but the overall issue is not solved (After all, the cultists were a subplot in Feline's thread. The actual thread is not over until Feline says so.).

[OOC: Nanaka Forest does not border any nation. Nanaka Forest is on the east end of the nation and is surounded on all sides, except by the west, by swamplands and wastelands. It is possible, however, for people to get lost in the borderlands and wind up in Nanaka Forest.]
22-11-2003, 03:23
22-11-2003, 04:08
Aztec National League
22-11-2003, 08:55
High Chief Quetzalcoatl sits at his desk, reading the most recent report, and gives a great sigh of relief. "I am damned glad to see this crisis is over. Even though the issue it's self has yet to remained resolved, at least some sort of security and safety has been resotred." He sits down and writes an letter:

I am glad to see that your crisis has been temporarily resolved. While the cultist have yet to be stopped, there is hope yet. Now we may focus our situation back on to Feline. Hopefully, there has been no word from Feline in ages. That concerns me because my chief military advisor was in Feline. Well, lets hope things settle down soon.

-High Chief Quetzalcoatl

(OOC: Where are you Feline?)
22-11-2003, 18:11
Aztec National League
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im gonna send a diplomat over there, we need to talk
24-11-2003, 05:29
diplomat gets out of plane, "now where do i go" he wonders
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I just realized that this roleplay was never completly finished!