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Wargames, being held in Project Xenocide Xperimental

Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 15:14
Greetings the Central Facehuggerian congress has just authorized small-scale wargames to be conducted in the mountainous region of Sectoid in the northern part of Facehuggeria. These wargames are to provide vital experience to our still green army, and to test several weapons systems that are almost ready for deployment.

Any nation who wishes to participate may, but please bring no more than 20,000 troops each.

Geographic data on the Sectoid region is as follows:
1 major city, New Voomas
2 Minor towns, Hamlet and Lear
The Apoc's mountain range is also in this region
A single river, flowing from Apoc's mountain range runs down to the city of New Voomas.
The rest of the region is primarily hilly grassland, with occassional small forests breaking up the contours of the land.

OCC: Please note that my nation is new, and I havn't quite gotten the hang of things yet. Also, The Central Facehuggerian army uses a slightly future-tech army (power armor and laser weapons, no FTL.) Lastly, please no god-moding.
Insidious Ones
01-11-2003, 15:26
Although the Insidious Ones prefer the use of covert operations to open warfare, an opportunity to test and train the combat readiness of our army is always welcome. As of now the military is, however, greatly underfunded with a vast investment programme only beginning to take effect, so a limited scale excercise would fit our needs perfectly.

(ooc: prepare to go down fhugger (devillaugh))
Insidious Ones
01-11-2003, 15:39
In an effort to seize the initiative, the Insidious Ones' Army advances, taking advantage of the absence of the Facehuggerian Army's leader, Cpl. Facehugger. One task force consisting of a green regiment equipped with obsolete weapons and without armor, have cleared the mountain range to the north-west of Hamlet and are speeding towards the minor town, hopefully in time to seize it before the Facehuggers can mount any resistance worthy of that name...
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 15:42
Lets begin then.
Currently, ROE are as follows:
1. Civilians are not to be specifically targeted.
2. The OpForces (OCC: That would be you Insidious one) must capture the Primary city of New Voomas and The secondary cities of Hamlet and Lear to achieve victory.

400 Facehuggerian General Infantry, under the command of Colonel G. Targall are roused from their barracks by a loud siren "BEEP-BEEP Attention all personell, the Wargames have begun!"

Meanwhile in a planning session in the Facehuggerian command bunker...
"Alright, we will have 200 GIs defend New Voomas, in addition, set up anti-aircraft missile weapons to prevent any aerial insertion by the Opfor." Said General Targall. "Sir, shall I send out skirmishers to harass enemy positions?" Asked one of the General's Aides. "Yes, that would be good. Also, I want you to send a small amount of forces to Hamlet and Lear to begin training militia." Replied the General.

Thus, a small platoon of 10 Facehuggerian Skirmishers, equipped with suits of X-2 power armor, several pounds of C4, and Laser Rifles silently move out searching for Opfor targets.
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 15:45
"SIR! Word has been recieved from our force heading to hamlet! It has been taken before our troops could arrive!" Said The General's Aide "Damn, well, tell our troops to take it back! Send a platoon of armor (obsolete t-34 tanks) to move on the town and recapture it!" Replied the General.
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 15:54
"Tell the men to fortify the City! (New Voomas.) I want the engineers to set up mines and prefabricated gun emplacements! Set up snipers in the city as well! Tell the anti-tank teams to deploy inside the city walls! Nothing is to get through, do I make my self clear?" "Crystal clear General"
Insidious Ones
01-11-2003, 15:56
With IO Forces on the march to Lear, a few leased XC-11 Skyrangers have secretly dropped off an elite commando squad on the river Apoc, which is making it's way towards the city of New Voomas, with stealth it's absolute priority. Equipped with Flying Suits, they hover just above the river through the desolate landscape, which appears to be a once lush rainforest cut down to make way for now abandoned mines. Armed with a few 'dirty bombs' (the Insidious Ones have cut down parts of their rainforests too) they hope to reach the city unnoticed, so they can plant their bombs (did I mention the Insidious Ones aren't really fond of RoE and choose to ignore them? :D ). We will then inform the Facehuggers of this horrendous act and demand the retreat of their forces from the region.
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 16:01
"My god sir, we have detected nuclear explosions inside the city!" "WHAT!!!?" "Sir, it seems some IO forces managed to slip a commando squad through our defenses!" "Hmm, how many went off?" "Two sir, a third was intercepted before it could be placed!" "That is it, I want recon buggies deployed immediately! Find IO positions and report back!" "Yes General"

Meanwhile, the Skirmishers come upon an airfield with a single XC-11 Skyranger on it...
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 16:05
Facehuggerian Aircraft, brand-new XC-1 Interceptors begin flying patrols around hamlet, lear, and New Voomas in an effort to prevent any more IO commandos from slipping through. Also, 100 Facehuggerian GIs are deployed in X-2 power armor to sweep the area near the three cities to prevent any more nuclear surprises. Meanwhile, the Engineers have finished deploying their mines and Prefab Gun emplacements.
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 16:13
A letter to facehuggerian Command:
"Command, we request reinforcements for the wargame, we are in danger of losing!, Please send another 2000 soldiers immediately!"

Reply: "Targall! What do you mean you are in danger of losing? 2000 soldiers? Thats practically our entire army! Bah, we will send them, but no more!"
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 16:19
OOC: I will be gone for a bit (I have to move some dirt, shouldn't take more than an hour) so Please don't do anything until I get back.
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 16:38
OCC: I am back

'Hmm, Perform a seismic scan of the surrounding area, I want to know if he Io have their forces underground."
Chao master
01-11-2003, 17:07
chao master will send 1000 troops as an experiment for our recentley aquired technologys.
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 17:15
OOC: Alright, what side would you like to be on, OpFor, or DefFor ( lets say red and blue) I am DefFor (blue) IO is OpFor (red)
Insidious Ones
01-11-2003, 17:25
After returning from their tea-break, the gathered Executrix stands in front of a detailed holographic projection of the area around New Voomas. Suddenly a courier comes in in a hurry. 'Oh exalted executrix, two nuclear blasts have been detected in New Voomas. We have received this transmission from our Saboteur Squad, but further attempts to establish contact have been unsuccesful. Replaying last message."

"Sigma Draconis, come in. Come in Sigma Draconis! The City is heavily fortified, pa...static...ssion compromise...static...unable to r...static...aking heavy losse...static...E CANNOT FOLLOW ORIGINAL PLAN, DETONATION SEQUENCE ENGAG...static..." End Transmission.

Report from General Veers:
"Apparently our team met with stiff resistance and decided to arm and detonate the bombs instead of waiting for our command, which would have only been given if the Facehuggers refuged to comply to our demands. This setback will deprive us from our advantageous negotiation position we would have had with the bombs in place. It is very likely that now the Facehuggerian populace will fight back with even more determination, and we request additional troops to continue our war effort.
Since we do not condone personal initiative in the field the members of our Saboteur Squad are now posthumously degraded, but on the positive side it should be noted that the bulk of their army which was defending New Voomas seems to have been annihilated in the blast, although these are preliminary reports and their reliability is as yet unknown."
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 17:33
The deathtoll of the nuclear weapons was staggering, over half of the facehuggerian defenders were killed outright, and many more will require medical attention. Fourtnately, the Facehuggerian reinforcements that were due to arrive at that time were delayed, due to extra airport security. :)

"All right, I want to establish listening posts all throughout the area, use spec-ops teams to gather intel, and Aerial Reconnisance drones to find IO troop positions." "Yes General"
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 17:37
"General!, the Recon drones have found something intresting. Notice that in this picture here, we have what looks like a camouflaged landing pad?, and This here looks like an abandoned arms depot, but why would there be a IO soldier standing guard if its abandoned, right?"

"Mobilize a strike force to attack this IO outpost!" 200 facehuggerian paratroopers paradrop 3 miles away from the outpost and begin their trek towards it...
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 17:43
"Sir, I have good news, our troops have repulsed an attack on lear, unfourtnately, our troops suffered 30 casualties" "So we only have 60 troops left in lear? Hmm, tell the remainder to dig in and fortify the city."
Chao master
01-11-2003, 17:46
OOC: Alright, what side would you like to be on, OpFor, or DefFor ( lets say red and blue) I am DefFor (blue) IO is OpFor (red)

ok whats the differance between the sides or is there no major differances
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 17:48
OPFor (red, IO), are trying to capture Hamlet, Lear, and New Voomas (3 cities)

DefFor (blue, CF) is trying to defend these cities. Weapon tech is essientially the same for both sides.

It is simulated (hence a wargame) so no real weapons will be used (ex: Dummy rounds, missiles w/o warheads, etc.)
Insidious Ones
01-11-2003, 18:03
The lack of a serious airforce hampers the efforts of the IO war machine, as the Facehuggerian Airforce roams freely in the skies. It is only because of their lack of ground attack aircraft that our grunts are able to hold their own. It does give the Facehuggers absolute freedom to move troops by air, an advantage we have lost since the deployment of their XC-1 Interceptors. Our troops around Lear are now in dire need of reinforcements, but the mountainous terrain inhibits the transportation of armor to the area, except by air transport. To improve upon this situation, the decision was made to modify the about one dozen UC-31 Spy Planes, the only aircraft currently in service in the IO Airforce, to the MKII variant, capable of carrying the new AAM-136 Avalanche, which has only one drawback: it is also available to the Facehuggers. They are inferior to the XC-1 in almost every aspect save two: speed and altitude, and by using the UC-31MkII mainly as a missile launch platform while staying out of range of anything the enemy has, we hope to clear the skies of enemy interceptors and troop transports alike, thus clearing the way for our leased heavy transport planes.
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 18:09
"Uh-oh, General, we have reports that IO forces have begun downing our Xc1s" "Really, with what?" "Modified Spyplanes sir." "Hmmph, deploy Surface to Air Avalanche Batteries around Lear. Also, begin deploying some prefabricated SALBs (Surface to Air Laser Batteries) around Hamlet and New Voomas. Land our XC1s, and only deploy them if you detect transport aircraft."

"Also, deploy soldiers in X-3 Anti-Grav Armor (OOC: that is a flying suit to you IO. :)) to seek and harass the IO forces encircleing Lear.

Meanwhile, the Paratroops move in on the IO outpost.
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 18:13
"Deploy some XUA-2s in the river to ferret out any sneaky IO forces that may try to hide there." (XUA-2= Underwater Powered Armor)
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 18:25
"General! We have detected an extensive tunnel network below the IO outpost we captured (BTW, 20 paratroops were lost in this attack)!" "Excellent, send spec-ops teams down to collect information.
Insidious Ones
01-11-2003, 18:33
OOC: whow, that went fast :)

According to our latest intel, the UC-31MkII/Avalanche tandem performed above all expectations and wrought havoc on the CF Airforce. Further investigation revealed, however, that most key positions are now fortified with SAM batteries to prevent any low-to mid altitude movement by air, placing the IO/CF airware in a stalemate position as neither side can now use air transport. We can only ho- just a moment, we're receiving a transmission from outpost Arrakis, Red-85/c. "Our early-warning sensor array has detected movement, possibly a few hundred soldiers. No reinforcements or troop movements were scheduled according to our table, so the only conclusion can be that these are enemy infiltrators. We are absolutely in no position to defend ourselves, and request permission to booby-trap the installations and retreat."
This is yet another blow for the IO, as this forward outpost was used for the disruption of enemy communications in the area.

In the meantime, the lack of support for the Lear assault force has led to heavy casulaties, numbering up to half of their original strength. However, since IO and CF missile systems are identical, we can utilise the weaknesses in it: they cannot fire at aircraft flying lower than 100 meters (300 feet). Our heavy cargo planes will be unable to fly at that altitude, but again, our XC-11's could prove to be extremely useful in this situation. They can only carry small quantities of troops at once though, and no armor, but if we can fly in a few dozen more troops we should be able to take and hold Lear, as we have learned the CF situation is precarious indeed. During their run the XC-11's will be vulnerable to ground fire, but if we launch a diversionary assault on CF positions around Lear, we hope the element of surprise allows the XC-11's to fly in with only minor losses...

edit: OOC: I don't remember building a tunnel network? :?
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 18:38
"General! We have a report from the Spec-op teams exploring the base, they have encountered booby traps and have experienced 50% losses." "Hmm, send in the drones." (OOC: Drones, similar to those drones that are used to diffuse bombs when it is too dangerous for a human.)

"Tell our troops to dig in and wait for reinforcements, we have a nice little surprise cooking for the IO."

OOC: You didn't, well I shall change it then! :)
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 18:43
"Hot-Drop a group of remote detonation mines into the middle of the IO forces surrounding Lear via Skyranger. That should slow them down enough for our troops to prepare."
Insidious Ones
01-11-2003, 18:51
OOC: no need, I'll incorporate it then :)

Enlightened members of the Executrix, our outpost Red-85/c has been lost to the enemy. By now they probably have uncovered our tunnel network, and they'll undoubtedly try to infiltrate our territory through it. Should we intervene?

No need to, General Veers. In fact, we want you to remove our defences from the tunnel, aside from a few token resistance posts, and make them believe there is nothing here we can do to stop them from passing through them. Inform us when our sensors indicate troop movement in the tunnels. That is all.
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 18:53
Top Secret Letter to Facehuggerian Premier:
"Premier, do I have authorization to unleash the Vulture Project in the wargame with the IO? It could turn the tides..."

"Dear General, are you saying you need one of our most advanced prototype units just to beat a wargame? Perhaps I overestimated your abilities... I will allow the use of Vulture, but no more! The next letter you write better be a letter of victory OR ELSE!!!"
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 19:15
"Deploy a small force of 20 infantry into the tunnels to scout out where they lead" "Yes General"

"And has Vulture arrived yet?" "No sir, a stupid security checkperson thinks it will blow up the plane and that our men are terrorists."

"Well, fire him!"
Insidious Ones
01-11-2003, 19:31
OOC: you send your top-secret equipment on a civilian flight? :?

"Sensors show a handful of soldiers entering the tunnel network!"

"Acknowledged, monitor their progress, and give them the impression the tunnels are poorly defended, but not totally undefended. Once they enter the tunnels in full force we will stand ready for them..."
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 19:36
OOC: Who would suspect top-secret military equipment on a civilian flight? :0

"All right, send in a force of 50 infantry, their orders are to plant c4 beneath the IO command center, resulting in its total collapse. Also, what is the status of the Vulture?" "Well, sir, since the airport wouldn't let us ship via their aircraft, we have had to FaceEx it. It should be here by the time the infantry get back from their mission in the tunnels." "Excellent"
Insidious Ones
01-11-2003, 19:46
OOC: like that tunnel will lead straight to my HQ 8)

"There is now movement in the tunnel, sir. We suspect at least 20 and at most 80 troops have entered the tunnel network. Their previous scouting mission was stopped at the first intersection, so they have not seen anything yet."
Very well, prepare for full retreat. We've made it easy for them to enter the tunnel network, little do they know it's a labyrinth! None of them will get out again, NO ONE WILL BE SPARED, NO ONE!!! Once they're all in activate the automated laser gatling guns and give 'em hell..."
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 19:52
The Facehuggerian infantry are slaughtered by IO troops in powered armor carrying laser gattling guns. Only 2 out of the 50 last long enough to send a message to Facehuggerian command:

"Comma-*static* Heavy los-*static* Casu-*static* ne-- 100% <a gattling laser is heard> *static*

"Sir, the infantry have been eliminated." "Damn it!!" "Sir, I do have good news, the vulture has arrived, the engineers are assembeling it now." "Good ol FaceEx. They always come through. When will it be ready?" " By the time you finish your Jello"
Insidious Ones
01-11-2003, 20:00
"Latest report form the sensor arrays: tunnel is clean, general."
"Good, send out the miniature drones to check on the outpost."
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 20:11
"Corporal? Corpral! I finished my jello, now where is the vulture?" "Not quite ready yet sir." "What is taking so long?" "I have no clue sir."

*2 hours later*
"Sir, the vulture is complete and ready for deployment!" "Excellent, now I want those spyplanes gone!" "Yes Sir!"
The young Corporal marched off to inspect the 'Vulture'

Capabilities report, Project Vulture:
The objective of Project Vulture was to create an un-manned combat aircraft capable of extremely high Gee manouvers, is capable of vtol/vstol flight, has a high speed and altitude, and can carry a wide range of armament. The Vulture is controlled by a basic computer system similar to the AI in many computer games, however, it possesses signifigant ecm capabilities that allow it to spoof 70% of incoming missiles. The rest are usually easilly dodged.

Currently, the Vulture Prototype assigned to the Sectoid region is equipped with 2 Gattling Lasers, and two racks of Avalanche Missiles.

Disadvantages: Only two prototypes exist, and they require frequent maintence.
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 20:12
"Delpoy the Vulture along with a squadron of XC-1 Interceptors, lets see if we can surprise those sneaky IO spyplanes..."

OOC: Be right Back.

Im back.
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 20:50
OOC: Note that the vulture carries chaff launchers as well. (Yes this is meant to bump up the topic. :))
Central Facehuggeria
01-11-2003, 21:06
Alright, due to technical difficulties and The Facehuggerian General's incompetence, the wargames are now closed. IO and CF forces are once again allies, and the wargames were concluded with no clear winner.
Much of the technology seen here will be available for sale at some point. Just keep an eye out.
Chao master
03-11-2003, 21:54
ahhhhhh nuts i was gonna deploy in the cities to defend them

oh well