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Aetheral tides of battle (private RP)

01-11-2003, 04:07
Commander Lin sat at the helm of the "Indignate Wrath", a Heavy cruiser stolen from Takian shipyards early in the Yuugi Mutiny. Lin had been its commander, and had been more than glad to join with Yuugi after becoming disenchanted by the peaceful ways of the new Takian Principality.

"Sir, Contact at oh-niner-foxtrot. . . its big sir, looks to be about the size of our battle cruisers. I'm showing. . . " his face blanched "sir, I'm showing its a Klonorian Orion. . ."

"Dear god. . . " the captain said, though his face was filled with a look of glee "we're going to have a shot at being the first to take an Orion. . . all reactors, prepare to divert everything to weapons and shields, broadcast the Takian beacon. . . they won't know the new one, lets hope they don't get suspisious."

the command bridge snapped to activity, as alerts we sounded thourhg the ship, crews going to man battle stations.
01-11-2003, 04:21
"Sir! We have an incoming transmission! It's from the nation of Takan? Tarka? Toginlemak? I can't quite make it out."

"Have we had any previous contact with them?

"No, sir. However, they seem to have all the Orion frequencies. Maybe they're from that Klonor nation we're always hearing about."

"Perhaps. Open a communication channel."

Aside to the weapons officer is a quick, almost unheard command.

"But charge the Beam Cannons first."
01-11-2003, 04:28
"Sir, coms transmitions coming in, and they are charging beam cannons. . . orders?"

"shields up to 50%, get those dorsal lance batteries charged, but don't fire untill my order or fired upon. . . also, get all pilots into thier ships." He turns to the screen and nods, opening a coms channel with the Orion.

"greetings, I am Commander Okurri from the nation of Taka, I couldn't help but notice your ship is entering our patrol regions, may I ask your intentions?"

* * * * *

In the ordinace bays below, the massive plasma torpedoes were being loaded, and the floor above that, the Longbow interceptors, pride of the Takian Air Force, and bane of any pilot who had faced them before, sat ready to lauch as soon as orders were given, Anti air missiles attached to its three sub wings.
01-11-2003, 04:51
"Greetings Captain Okurri. I am Captain --------- (Sorry, but I really can't remember the guys name right now) of the GTD Bastion. We are on a peaceful mission to gain more members for the Galactic Terran Alliance."

Info can be found at

"We apologise for intruding on Takaga space, but we need to cross immedietly. Is there any problem?"

With a quick switch to a recorded image (basically him just standing there and nodding) he turns to the weapons officer.

"What's the status on the weapons?"

"Not good. The Beams are fully charged, but there's been a fault in the Turret charging. Our Laser Turrets will take at least another 20 minutes to charge."

"Damn. Hopefully we can keep them off us for that long."

He switches the screen back on just in time to catch Okurri's response.
01-11-2003, 23:03
"no problems, just a little worried about such a large ship entering without forwarning. No problems on this end, but if you don't mind, we would like to escort you, come to a stop and depower your weapons please, or at least cut tehm to 20% while passing through Takian Space"
01-11-2003, 23:14
He flicks he recording back on while he confers with his officers.

"Should we trust them?"

"I don't know sir. We don't really know who these guys are. Maybe we should check with the government."

"Good idea. Communications, send a signal to the ship saying that we're complying with their request, but say there's some malfunction so we can't powerd own right away. Then open a channel to the Taka High Command (I'm sure we can find them in that new Star Map we bought a few weeks ago), I want to check on this."

"Channel open, sir."

"Excellent. This is Captain ---------- (Name is still a blank) of the GTD Bastion. We have been stopped by a ship in your terrioty and have been ordered to power down our weapons. We would like acknowledgemnt from a superior officer that this is necessary."
01-11-2003, 23:30
Takian command was found in the Proxima Centari system, a good thousand lightyears from thier current possition.

"be advised" the reply came "you are neither in Takian space, nor are there Takian ships wihtin five hundred light years of your possition. . . it is possible you are facing Yuugian forces. . . be alert for the following ships and captians."

Faces and names flashed across the screen, untill a profile matching the ship popped up, Captian Lin, and the Indignate Wrath, 6 billion bullet bounty for ship destroyed, 8 billion bullet bounty for ship intact.

* * * * *

Captian Lin stood at the deck, the dorsal batteries had been charged, and the third and final fusion reactor had been put into motion, the absorbtion shields and HEPD fields kicked into full ready mode. as soon as they had dropped everything, they would let the Orion have a death blow. . . they would never see it coming.
01-11-2003, 23:51
"SHIT! Helm, give me a 180 turn! Full thrust toward the Jump-Node, get us the hell out of here! Weapons, we need the Turrets, NOW!"

"Sir, they're almost done charging! 5 more minutes!"

"We don't have 5 minutes! Give me a Flak barrage between us and them, I want their sensors blinded. Have the Beam Cannons put on auto-target, once that ship gets through the Flak I want them to blast a whole through that ship so large that a Leviathan could fly through it!"

As the massive Orion slowly turns arund and heads towards the systems edge they Flak guns open fire, placing thousands of anti-fighter shots between the ships in a virtual wall of pure energy. As the wall slowly fades away 3 Beam Cannons (the rest are on the wrong side of the ship) aim rewards and open fire.
01-11-2003, 23:54
01-11-2003, 23:55
02-11-2003, 00:15
"Son of a Bitch!!" Lin screamed, seeing his prize turn and begin to leave. "All batteries, load and open fire, Flush tubes, and give them a volley of torpedos!". As the Flack guns opened fire, 15 plasma torpedos streaked out of the tubes, flying towards the ship under the cover of the Orion's own fire. The seven dorsal lance battereis locked one, the railguns charging before sending a tungstun ring flying towards the ship's most likely coordinacts. The helium started to decay within the center of the rings, leaving a streak of fusing plasma behind it. The Indigante Wrath swung around, ready to level a broadside of railgun and laser fire on the fleeing vessel. As the energy wave from the flack guns dissapated, she locked on, the Holographic interface of the AS program smiling evilly beneath its battle armor. "see you in Hell" the Fury's system broadcast to the Orion, sending a wave of energy, rail gun rounds, and further lance shots at it.
02-11-2003, 00:35
The 15 Plasma Torpedos streak in and slam into the hastily engaged shields of the Bastion. The first 4 are stopped cold, detonating in space with their energy bleeding off the shields. The next 6 hit weakened spots and blast larger holes when they detonate, leaving room for the final 5 to streak through unhindered to detonate on the unshielded hull of the Orion.

The explosion, towards the rear of the ship, actually spun the massive vessel around, throwing off its coordinates for the Jump-Node, but thankfully physically shoving the ship out of the way of the next barrage.

The tungstun rings fly by the ship, missing by a couple of kilometers at least, giving the Orion a bit of time to catch its breath.

"So, they want a fight to they? Do we have turrets yet?"

"Laser Turrets fully charged sir!"

The Captain grins a grin that would have terrified Lin had he seen it, and calmly gives his next orders.

"Okay, we have laser and rail gun rounds incoming (he's peering over the shoulder of the sensor officer), I want the ship turned staright towards that hunk of metal attacking us. I want rear shields dropped, and fill the forward shields with holes. I want a precise measurement of where those Rails will hit, leave the shields up at those coordinates, drop them where the lasers will hit. Our absorbtion armor should be able to handle those."

He pauses to think a bit, and grins another one of those grins.

"Prime the Harbinger! Engines, full power! Send us right down his throat! Laser Turrets, I want a mass fire directed at a single point. Punch a hole in his shields. Once there's an opening, I don't care how small, I want all 5 Beam Cannons to target those coordinates and burn that hull through!"
02-11-2003, 00:57
"sir, its. . . its coming right at us!"

"what? Prepare ramming speed, get boarding parties ready for grapple, Ram that bastard."

The Indignate Wrath fired her sublights to full power, diverting all shield power to the front. Her Hutchison Effect fields crackled to life, Lin knew they would not be able to hold the incoming ship, nearly twice the size of his own, but if they could change its course. . . then the boarding parties could reek havok.

the first of the shots traced off of her, the shields absorbing the enegy rounds. In engenereing, fire teams were on standby, overloading shield generators had a tendancy to react badly. Sparks burst from them as the first beam cannon lance hit, but they held, power levels dropping massivly with each shot.
02-11-2003, 01:14
"Sir, we're three km from the enemy ship! It seems theyre preparing for an impact."


There's that smile again.

"One final volley from the Beams, then launch the Harbinger!"

"Harbinger away!"

"Full stop! All energy to shields! Brace for shockwave!"
02-11-2003, 01:39
"they are turning away, a single incoming has been detected. . . FACK! ITS ATOMIC!"

"WHAT?! All AA devices, lock on and shoot it down now!"

A stream of AA shots lace out towards it, missiles, and laser towers both, making up what they lacked in accuary by shear weight of fire. All sublights kicked in moving the ship out of the way of the rapidly incoming projectile.

"no good, scramble an interceptor squadron on the double, shoot it down now!"

His face whent white as three interceptors moved off to shoot down the incoming warhead. The chances were slim, and if it hit. . . they woudl be in for a world of hurt.

"all stations, brace for impact, get shielding up on the double, I want all bulkheads closed, and doors tightly locked. . . . Adam preserve us. . ."

The lance cannons fired at the Orion as the Harbinger came ever closer, the interceptors reaching a course to open fire on it.
02-11-2003, 05:13
OOC: Fack? WTF is "Fack"?


"Sir, they've scrambled a squad of interceptors to shoot down the Warhead."

"No matter, it's within the 3 km radius. They'll be blasted whether it hits or not."

"Maybe not, sir. They're boosting their shields. It might not get full penetration."

"Shoot. Send out a wing of Ulysses's. Tell them to take out those interceptors! And bring the shields back to full strength up front, get rid of the holes. Our absorbtion armor can't handle that much energy"
03-11-2003, 00:06
((OOC: Takian curse word, should be pretty simple to figure out the closest english variant))

The interceptors flew on, their scanners seeing the fighters begin an interception course. The leader crossed himself, this was a one way trip, there was no false hope otherwise. He punched his interceptors to full, his computer's AI begining the wait till maximum lock range.

"warning, you have reached minimum safe distance, any further and we will not be able to escape the blast."

"I know" the pilot said "but if I die for the cause, then I will die a hero. . . "

He closed in on the torpedo, he would reach it first as they were heading towards it, while the fighters were heading behind it. . . but they would only get one chance. He squeezed the trigger, laces of rapid fire laser streeming infront of the atomic warhead, as his two wingmen launched thier missiles at it, he prayed it would work, as he would never get a second pass.


he felt the ship begin to bristle as enegery was fed from all non vital systems into the shields, the weapons batteries powering down.
03-11-2003, 02:22
"SIR! They've hit the Harbinger! Thruster control is down!"

"Hell! How far from the rebel ship?"

"1.3 km, it's not going to hit."

"Transmit the destruct code! Tell the fighters to get out of there, then blow the bomb! Maybe it'll knock down their shields long enough for us to get in a knockout punch."

Suddenly, where there was previously serene space, there was a roilng ball of destruction. It spreads outwards, 5 gigatons of explosive force battering against the shields of the attacking ship.
03-11-2003, 03:53
Lin sat at the bridge, and watched the fireball roll towards him. The interceptors were vaporized instantly. The shockwave hit first, rocking the ship, but the brunt absorbed by the shields, then, the plasma ball, fusing debris slamming against it. The shields overloaded, the first generator exploding in a spectacular fireball, the second sparking dagerously before shutting down, the circit boards sizzling and melting under the influx of power. The ceramite armor spread the rest over the outer skin, radiating waves of energy from the superheated hull. Though the superstructure was intact, the circitry mostly undamaged, and shields were down.

"Power, now!" bellowed Lin, holding his head, a large cut from falling off of the command console bleeding profusely. "get those guns back online, get the shields back up, and for the love of God, BLAST THAT DAMNED ORION TO FACKING HELL!!!"

The generators turned back on, switching from emergancy power to combat power. A burst of energy flowed through the wirings to the lance batteries, the gunners moving to relocate thier targets, as anouther volley of torpedoes was loaded. The weapons batteries charged, and the ship lumbered towards a side possition, ready to fire a full broadside into the Orion.
03-11-2003, 05:17
"Ship is still intact! I'm reading heavy damage to shields, but weapons are still operational. They're maneuvering for a broadside!"

"Then let's give 'em one for ourselves! 90 degree turn, I want the docking bays away! How soon for batteries recharged?"

"Not soon enough. They'll hit us first."

"All hands, brace for impact! Evacuate the docking bays and shunt power from the magcon field to the shields."

"Yes sir, shields reinforced. They're in position!"

Before the captian can issue his next order the entire brdge shakes as if a truck had driven by, then jerks as if a truck just drove straight into it. As the captain slowly moes towards his command chair he gazes at his damage display in horror.
03-11-2003, 12:37
The sublights kicked in, shooting the heavy cruiser towards the Orion, looking as if they were going to ram it while it was still reeling.

"flush tubes, but do not launce till I give my order" Lin said, Engine room, prepare for full power, bridge, prepare to roll under them at the last second, all lance batteries, lock on and give us covering fire, prepare to launch front topedo tubes when we hit my mark."

He waited, his ship streaking towards the Orion.

"wait for it. . ."

The range meter ticked away the Kilometers, soon they would be ready to fire, but not quite yet.

* * * * *

"What do you mean, can't be fixed?" the head engenere said, looking at the smoldering remains of shield generator one.

"exactly what I said, generator one is compelty shot, we might as well replace it, as for two, its going ot be down for at least a week."

"A WEEK?!?!" the engeneer bellowed, "I need those sheilds up five minutes ago!"

"I'm doing waht I can!" the tech complained "but that was a massive blast, the armor is still cooling, and the AS is down in some sectors still, we are lucky to still be alive, much less have shields! I have reports of hull breaches in some areas, minor damage, but that undermines the integrity of the ship as a whole!"

"Facking hell, you are all useless, start a requisition of what you need to get this working. . ."

he shook his head and turned back to the coms system

"captian. . . I've got some bad news. . ."
03-11-2003, 20:57
As the vessel rolls under the Bastion, Captain --------- plays his trump card. With two Beam Cannons down and 13 Laser Turrets offline he had to use a trick he'd been taught at the Battle for Vasuda Prime.

"This is Captain --------- (I really need to remember this guys name) to magcon control. Open the fighter bay doors. Tell the pilots to prepare for the Loran Spitball."

With that, 44 pilots in 44 ships (all still in the docking bay) opened their missle tubes, locked onto the ship passing in front of the docking bay, and let loose with 352 Hornet Swarm Missles.
04-11-2003, 03:26
04-11-2003, 03:26
Explosions blossomed across the hull, tearing chunks from the armor plating, even depressurizing a few of the outer cabins. Debris, like life blood, streamed from them, and the super structure groaned, but stayed stable. Now, it was Lin's turn. The torpedo bays opened, sending the silver tubes of death towards the open hanger doors. The lances turned, and fired at the ship, the batteries opened up and added thier fire. At such close range, they could not miss, sending literaly hundreds of shots into the soft underbelly of the Orion.

Lin watched, his face stone. . . his ship would not survive anouther volley. . . it was all or nothing now. . .

"Prepare the fold drives. . . get ready to make a retreat at my signal. . . damn them. . . WHY WON'T YOU JUST DIE!?!" he bellowed as tehy impacted.
04-11-2003, 04:50
OOC:Cause we take pleasure in pissing you off


As the counterstrike from the Taka rebel ship streaks into the unguarded fighter bay the brave pilots whisper one last prayer and are immeditely snuffed out, as they knew they would be. The explosion roils and grows, spreading outwards and burning through the inner bulkheads of the ship. As the the heat and flame slowly die down the damage reports begin to slowly flicker across diagnostic screens stationed throughout the bridge.

4 Beam Cannons down
22 Laser Turrets offline
Fighter Bay destroyed
Hull compromised on levels 23 - 37, and levels 46 - 50
Sub-Space generator offline

"Hell. Okay, we've got one last shot at this. They flinched before, let's make 'em regret it. Set a collision course. Drain all power from the remaining Laser Turrets, turn off life support, and funnel it all into the last remaining Beam Cannon. We've got one shot, let's blow them to hell for our trouble."
04-11-2003, 05:10
Lin's eyes widened as he saw the massive ship turn towards his limping craft.

"FOLD!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, FOLD!!" he yelled, panic overtaking him. It was too late, the beam cannon fired, ripping throuhg the tattered armor and striking through the heart of the ship. The bridge held together for a few seconds, before the massive heat crushed it like a soda can. Without a head, the ship could do nothing more than float hopelssly, its crew moving to life pods as fast as tehy could. The Orion struck it dead center, catching it and moving through it as if it never existed. The Indignate Wrath shunted to the sides, her superstructure damaged beyond recongnition, and bent at a 20 degree angle. The fold generators fired up, damaged in the impact, they containment fields for the singularity were releaced, the ship slowly folding in on itself. An uncontroled jump was every sailor's nightmare, as the laws of physics distorted around it, hellish shapes and figures prayed through the minds of everyone unfortunate enough to still be aboard. in an instant, it was gone, only floating debris and a handful of lifepods still in the area. Of a crew of 7,000 only 30 woul survive to tell the tale. . . Her head peice, a caligraphied section of neo-titanium reading "Indignate Wrath, from the bowels of hell yea were born, to the bowels of hell yea shall send your foes.", floated in space, a silent testiment to the once proud ship, and an omen to any that dared cross an Orion.
04-11-2003, 05:33
"Stand down from Tactical Alert (I've always hated "Red Alert', I'm trying out new words for it), re-engage all the ships systems, and transmit a message to Taka. Tell them we've gotten rid of a bit of their problem."

He then gives one of the hardest orders of his life

"Send out a shuttle to pick up those escape pods, and tend to the wounds of the survivors."
04-11-2003, 05:53
Within second, Taka responds "Be advised, a Takian battle group is being detatched to your possition. Hold course, your reward will be brought to you.

A gash tore itself across the heavens, space and time losing coherence as the Takian fleet folded to the scene of the battle. A battleship, nearly three times the size as the proud Orion, flanked on either side by two battlecruiers, each about 2 km long, lumbered out, the Captian opening hailing frequnceies.

"We thank you for your aid in helping us take these criminals, we are sorry taht such damage has come to your ships in the course, but hope that the six billion bounty on this ship will more than make up for it. with your permtion, we will send a shuttle, along with 602,894 bars of pure platinum as payment to your vessle. Also, for your service, you are always welcome in Takian Space, and your ship will always have a docking point at PCDI stations."