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Forest troops for hire

28-10-2003, 22:07
the Turanic empire is presentaly hiring its elite ranger units out for hire for one year tours.(note this INCLUDE EQUIP) they are on loan for about 30000. RUs. (when international trade worth is set you price can be afirmed and a bill sent.)

There are 10 units of 20 men trained in forest combat and infiltration action.
Standard Equipment is, Sil pistol (Glock) Assault rifle/W combat knife. binoculars/IR/NV/TM, laser targeter for CoOp operations, C8 exploive compounds, and benington Assault raft.(must launch from support craft. not capable of oceanic trips.short range only.) 2 HiFi Groundhog system cypher units (hacks into hostile comp shuting it down. Need Direct interface!) repeat buyers recive discount. NOTE THERE ARE ONLY TEN! BUY NOW! :idea:

status = 10 rented

Four more units are aviable for hire
status = 4 avial
28-10-2003, 22:29
The Armed Republic of Boomness thinks these rangers would be perfect for its current rebel problem
We will take all 10
Thank You
29-10-2003, 18:18
All ten cosigned to the armed republic of boomness for a One year term (RT One week.) payment recived shiping EXpress to Nearest seaport. On location in 24hours (one minute/Hour RL).
29-10-2003, 18:21
If you have to pay if someone is injured that sort of defeats the purpose of renting them.....